Jan. 18th, 2012

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So I think I've mentioned that a friend of mine gave me Left 4 Dead 2 over the holidays, so I've racked up some experience playing since then. Tonight I was playing with two real life friends of mine in the Hard Rain campaign, and right at the end you have to run to the boat while a horde of zombies comes at you.

So I was running when one of the other guys gets knocked down, and in the game if you get knocked down another player has to help you up. My other friend is already knocked down, but was on the boat, so he counted as safe, but couldn't get up either. So I could either ditch the guy still on the ground, run to the boat and save my own ass or turn around and get him. I decided to turn around. Two seconds after I make this decision a Tank (i.e. the strongest damn enemy in the game) comes the hell out of nowhere and punches me almost clear off the map. I'm then knocked down and we have no one left to revive us, so we all lost and had to start the last stage again.

We were all laughing our asses off about this because the fact that I chose to be nice and not abandon my buddy got us all killed. In this case choosing to be the selfish bitch would have been the better decision. We replayed it and won this time, and this time left the one AI controlled player behind, having learned our lesson.

Talk about a family unfriendly lesson!
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Just got back from, of all things, a movie screening. A friend of mine is part of a site that sets you up to go to free ones and his other friend couldn't go, so I used her ticket. I also had to pretend to be a Hispanic girl in order to do it since the friend's name was on the thing, though luckily they didn't look close enough to see that I do not look Hispanic in the least. I did once have a roommate who was Puerto Rican but did not look it, but it would be pushing it with me. And minor subterfuge aside they care more about filling the theater than who sees it.

The movie itself, Man On A Ledge, was pretty good, though my friend and I begged to differ on how good. He thought it was predictable, I disagreed. Some stuff we both saw coming, but other bits were a surprise. The one real complaint I have is a pretty gratuitous scene where one of the women strips down to her underwear. It had something of a reason, mainly that she had to change, but really? It also had Ed Harris, and it wasn't until I got home that I figured out where I'd seen him: he was the German sniper in Enemy At The Gates.  And he once punched James Cameron in the face when James Cameron almost drowned him, so I'd say Cameron deserved it.

So when I got home I signed up for my own account with this site, since it seems like a good idea and gives me an excuse to go out. Plus, free movies. The only catch is you have to get there really early to get a seat.
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So something that happened this morning was that my alarm went off at 9, but I decided to be a lazy ass and stay in bed a while longer. The fact that Mari was sleeping on my chest did not help at all. But when my phone went off about an hour later I figured I should answer, so, with cat still on chest, I picked it up.

It was a woman from a firm recruiting people who speak Japanese, and she had seen my resume on Monster.com, since I recently updated it. Right away I knew this was trouble, because while I do list it on my resume, but would not say I am skilled enough to really apply it yet. So she started asking me questions and asked me to speak a little Japanese.

Keep in mind I had pretty much just woken up. I have enough trouble speaking English, but I think I pulled it off reasonably enough. She politely informed me that they didn't have anything at the moment, but would keep me in mind. And again, all this was happening while Mari was still sleeping on my chest. I really hope nothing in my voice gave it away. I also changed my Monster.com profile to more accurately reflect how well I actually speak it since I realized after that I was over representing my skill. It's certainly not good enough for me to relocate, which is not something I want to do anyway, at least at the moment.

Also, next week I'm talking to two separate recruiting people who called me, which is promising. I know one of them because they're right around the block from the school, so I'm still hopeful. I feel a bit two-faced talking to more than one group, though it's probably normal, and it's probably accepted to do that. Still feels weird.

(The subject, by the way, means "this is embarrassing" which is what I was thinking after that phone call)


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