Jan. 29th, 2012

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I'm rather proud of myself for managing to install the mobile version of Opera on my phone, since the browser AT&T provides you with is a piece of shit and they've now decided to charge you for checking your Yahoo mail. I said "fuck that" and through this I found a workaround. I did have to play around with the Java settings to make it accept the security certificate and not tell me every time I went to a new page that it needed permission, but I eventually got it to work. It's a lot better than the default browser on the phone, much faster and displays stuff right. Now I just have to figure out if I can get Flash onto it. I'm glad because I was getting annoyed at the limited capabilities of the default browser, and this has added some life onto this phone before I get a new one.

Today I met up with my friend Sam and two of his friends in Chinatown where they were having the New Year's celebration. There were lots of people in the dragon suits going around to the different businesses and blessing them, and fireworks. Later on we went into a Japanese Shabu-shabu restaurant as a late birthday lunch for Sam, since his actual birthday was when we were all on break, and it was funny when one of the dragons actually came into the restaurant itself. The meal itself wasn't too expensive either, though it was kind of funny when the guys were trying to figure out what the vegetables they'd given us were. Luckily I knew and could help them out.


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