Mar. 11th, 2012

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The other night the church had its big fundraiser, and I missed it! I was going to help, but it snuck up on me this year. Plus I'd been away the previous weekend when all the planning was happening. Oh well, it was a success and the auction raised around 30k for the church, and so today we were serving the leftovers. Including jambalaya, something I didn't think I'd like on account of it having peppers. It had chicken and sausage in it and was really good, so I was pleasantly surprised. They also gave me some leftover bagels, because it wouldn't be a UU event without bagels.

And even though my phone and computer automatically updated for daylight savings time, I didn't notice until I noticed that Mari wasn't begging for food at the usual time. I usually feed her at 5. I fed her at 6 tonight. I don't think she noticed.

K's in Canada for a few days visiting family so I have the place to myself, not that it means much since we usually stay in our respective rooms unless we're watching something or making food. I also found out this week that my rent is going up again, and at some point I need to figure out what I'm doing about the apartment. I'd hoped at this point to be making enough (read: anything) to be able to pay rent on my own and take that off my parents, but that hasn't happened yet.

Oh well, I have an interview tomorrow, and maybe I'll get lucky. Tonight I need to wash my dark clothes, since I did the whites on Friday, and I need to have an outfit ready. I was told that this wasn't the sort of place that requires suits, but I figure a skirt and nice shirt will do. Oddly enough it's supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow, which is ironic since it was snowing a few nights ago. New England weather is like that.
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I know some people (no one on here, don't worry) think I'm overreacting when I say that the perfumes in most laundry detergent make me itch and that I have to be really careful about cosmetics and soaps to make sure I don't expose myself to them.

But really, I'm not. Even though I use hypoallergenic stuff on my own clothes, just being in a laundromat or even the detergent aisle at a store makes me itch, and I'm at home now after washing my clothes and still feeling it.

I might take an antihistamine to try and calm it down. There might also be allergens in the air that are making it act up.


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