Mar. 22nd, 2012

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I realize that it's probably a bit shocking for people who don't know me well to suddenly hear me drop a swear like the subject, but I'm not as delicate a flower as I look. Especially when dealing with bureaucratic bullshit.

Long story short, spent quite a bit of time dealing with the Unemployment Insurance website, and then when that didn't work used the phone. Which then flaked out on me. Twice. And then when trying to setup direct deposit the thing kept cutting me off as I was trying to enter the account number, even though I was pausing to make sure I had it right. It took three tries.

And then not five minutes later I get a call from my mom saying that the health insurance division sent them something about how I needed to pay my continuation fee or I'd be cut off. Even though I mailed the fucking thing weeks ago. So I checked my with bank, and nope, for some reason the check hasn't cleared.

So now I have to mail it again.

And the irony that I went from trying to get money from the state to giving money to the state in the course of five minutes is not lost on me. I keep expecting them to ask which arm they should take the blood out of next.*

*Despite my ranting, I know exactly how important both of these things are, but I could do without the bureaucratic bullshit.
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Well, I think I've solved one mystery. Including why I've been a bit of a raging bitch lately.

A few months back I went in to get a blood test because I occasionally get periods of low blood sugar, even when I've eaten things that logically shouldn't cause it, and with my family history we wanted to make sure it wasn't due to me developing diabetes. The tests were negative and I showed no signs of developing it, and we figured there must be another reason, so they told me to keep track of it.

Well, I have, and I think I figured it out. Because since I've been tracking it, I've seen that it tends to happen right around the time I ovulate. And apparently that's a fairly common thing that might mean I have low progesterone. When I was a teenager I occasionally got really bad ovarian cysts, so it would line up.

I've been looking up OBGYNs in the area, and there's one right down the street covered under my insurance and she has good reviews, so I'll give her a call later. Plus I'm about due to got to an OBGYN anyway, since it's been a few years. They're closed for today, but I'll give them a call tomorrow.


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