Mar. 25th, 2012

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Since I found a recipe for the curry they made in Mawaru Penguindurum (a series a friend of mine got me into) we decided to get a bunch of nerds together and make it. It was quite good, and despite the fact that I burned the roux at one point because I wasn't used to the stove at the friend's apartment where we held it the curry turned out really tasty. I even managed to get the right kind of curry and avoid setting my mouth on fire.

Also I managed to get up there with relatively few problems, except my phone battery died and it turns out I took the stupidly complicated way instead of the more straightforward way. Oh well. I also have to remember to maybe look for apartments up there in the future, since this person's apartment was huge and really nice for the price. I think the bathroom alone in that place was larger than my bedroom right now.

We also watched the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie, and one thing I came to realize is that in Utena, if you think something sounds kind of fucked up, it’s probably exactly as bad if not worse than you think it is. Mainly, if you think that it kind of looks like her brother’s sexually abusing her, you’re not only right but it’s worse than you imagined. I would also announce “incoming mindfuck!” at certain points.

We also determined that if you decided to make a drinking game out of everytime there was a rose on screen or they said the word “rose” you’d be dead in five minutes from alcohol poisoning.

Also, it’s best to watch that movie with people who have no idea what’s going to happen because seeing their faces when the acid really kicks in is absolutely priceless. The part that had me rolling on the floor was when my friend made a comment about the sketching scene with the joke from Titanic about “draw me like one of your French girls” and then it really did turn out to be exactly that since Utena was actually naked, but it took a minute for them to actually show that. And what’s even funnier is that Utena and that movie came out in the same year.

Oh, and the car scene had exactly the reaction I expected. Mainly, two different people said that their brain checked out right about then.


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