Mar. 31st, 2012

Well then

Mar. 31st, 2012 09:39 pm
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I forgot to mention it, but the whole renewing the lease thing worked out, since the landlord is (as I suspected) willing to work with us if something happens that means one or both of us need to move out before the end of the lease as long as there's adequate notice.

And I'm already looking to have a busy week next week, since I'm DJing a school event on Tuesday (which for the record is not something I'm getting paid for except in reputation and seeing people I might not have seen for a while) since the particular timeslot for it is hard for people with classes to cover, and that's not a problem for me! And then Thursday going to this new doctor to try and get some answers on the low progesterone thing.

Oh, and an interview on Friday with a place I submitted and application to this week. That was a nice surprise.

I've spent most of this weekend cleaning up the apartment, especially since with this lease nonsense worked out it looks like I'll be here for a while longer. The other day I had a coupon that I used to get a tablecloth for the new table, but when I got it back home and put it in the room it was too dark! So today I went back and exchanged it for a lighter colored one, and it looks great. It was also two bucks cheaper than the one I originally got as a bonus, so they gave me that back (ironically, that savings comes out to just about what the fare to get out there was).

After I exchanged it I then went to my friend Lisa's and we watched a few movies, including Airplane! which neither she or her other friend Steven had ever seen. As soon as I found out they hadn't seen it I knew we had to watch it, and they seemed to enjoy it. Lisa was then going to meet up with some other friends of hers in Davis, and I considered going along but was too tired, especially since I walked from Bed Bath & Beyond to her place since it was a nice day (and to say T fair since it would only be two stops). I've also noticed that my sore throat seems to get worse at night, and I think it probably is allergies at this point, so that's the other reason I decided to go home instead. Plus I have stuff I have to do tomorrow. 


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