Apr. 3rd, 2012

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If I wasn't already an alum I would seriously resign in protest over this.

I was told that the DJ equipment would be downstairs and set up. It was not. So I had to get it myself. And I cannot get it to work. None of these things were supposed to happen, and I specifically asked if it would be down here so this would not happen. They still fucked it up.

I am sending a very angry letter to the radio station when this is over with, since they cannot treat people who volunteer their own time like this.

ETA: I temporarily jury-rigged it, but that sound quality was pretty horrible. And it's ironic that this is a health fair, so I have had half a dozen people coming up asking me if I need any help because I'm obviously stressed out. I've been saying I appreciate the thought but there's not much that can be done at the moment until someone who knows what they're doing arrives.
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I’m only now realizing how strange my day actually was since at several points someone dressed in a banana costume asked me if I was okay and/or needed help. For the record the banana costume made sense in context (basically, this was a health fair and for some reason one of the groups had someone dressed as a banana, I'm pretty sure they were handing out condoms or something, was too busy trying to get the damn equipment to work), but yeah, that was kind of strange. If I was anyone else or in a different situation I might've wondered if I'd accidentally ingested something I shouldn't have, but the weirdness of that only sunk in just now.

Needless to say, the radio station staff got sent an email where I basically told them that alums like me are one of their most valuable resources but if they let stuff like this happen they're basically squandering it, since guess what? I'm pretty unlikely to ever say yes to helping them out with an event like this again! Because this did nothing but stress me out even more than I already was stressed out, to the point that I was being far less kind to people that I would've liked, humiliated me both personally and professionally since I was there not as a student but as an alum and a supposed independent adult, and basically wasted three hours of my life that I could've been using to do stuff like look for employment. Not cool. And for the record I managed to avoid using any words like "fuck" in my email though you can be that's what was going through my head. Although I've noticed that with me I seem to cycle from not using profanity, to using profanity, and finally if I'm angry enough my use of it just kind of tapers off. I think I was at that point. Also, I repeatedly tried to contact the people who are supposedly in charge of the station, but they either did not answer my messages or proceeded to suggest stuff I'd already tried, i.e. they collectively helped exactly nill. Oh, I also tried looking up the manuals for it online, but that didn't help much either since I needed to know how the room's audio setup was configured and no one, not even the school staff, could answer that. Fail all around.

Eventually even the coordinator of this event said that I could just go since I was basically staring at a jumble of cables with no idea what to do, and I agreed and packed the stuff up (better than it had been packed by the last person who used it, I should add). One person (not an official staff member, mind you, just a nice kid I know) from the station did heed my call and tried to help, but he was just as stumped as me. I later sent him a message thanking him for just showing up since it made me feel a little less abandoned. And the worst part is that this exact situation already happened once to us at Halloween, where we had no idea how to set up the equipment and it took over an hour for half a dozen people to get it up and running, and that was mostly through trial and error. At the time I suggested taking the time to outlining a step-by-step guide. I was told this was a good idea.

Obviously, they proceeded to learn nothing and never did it, so one person trying to do the same thing in three hours failed miserably. Figures. I know I've only been out of school about 3 months, but seriously, it's like dealing with a bunch of kindergärtners. I also put a message on the public Facebook wall of the group saying that someone, I don't care who at this point, needs to do this because besides being personally humiliated this made the group itself look really really bad. Inexcusable.

So after I left I started home, and then decided to go into a local brew pub because I was hungry, didn't want to deal with making lunch for myself and frankly wanted to be pampered. I managed to accomplish all three, and by the time I left I was considerably less stressed out. Also, beer, which I desperately needed after that (for the record I only had one, and it sufficiently took the edge off). And when I got home I took a nap, and now I'm much more clear headed.

So as Mom put it, I guess you could say today was totally bananas. *rimshot*
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One more thing about the radio disaster.

Here's what one of the staff members just said in response to my suggestion about the problem I had with the equipment.

"That equipment was broken it wasn't supposed to be used [group that was supposed to bring it down] was aware of this. Sorry about that well discuss it at our next meeting and take action ASAP."



On the other hand, my technical skills feel vindicated since if the damn thing was already broken that explains why I couldn't get it to work. It just would have been nice to KNOW THAT.


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