Apr. 4th, 2012

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Now that I've had a smartphone for about a month I can tell why once you get one you never go back. Especially since I've been using more and more things on it, like a grocery list, a pedometer (mostly because I was curious just how much I really do walk around here) a checkbook*, apps that tell you when certain MBTA buses and trains will arrive, calendar, alarm clock, and of course Google Maps and Navigator since I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to getting anywhere, including not being able to tell left from right most of the time**. Though it was kind of funny when I was trying to get somewhere and the GPS was apparently a little wonky since it was convinced I was walking in the middle of the Charles River. Not quite. Oh, and I also have something that can identify what song is playing in the background of somewhere like a store since if I recognize it but can't place it exactly it will drive me nuts.

Besides the disaster yesterday, tomorrow I've got that doctor's appointment and then Friday I'm trying to figure out if I can get in both an interview and hopping on the bus back home for Easter. At this point I definitely am going home, it's just a question of when and whether it's the long way or the short(er) way.

* which for the record is not actually connected to my actual bank account, so anyone who stole it wouldn't be able to get my account information
** apparently this also happens to my grandmother, so I wonder if it's genetic


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