Apr. 16th, 2012

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Have that "someone tied weights to my limbs" feeling again today. Also had it yesterday and barely did anything as a result. I can't tell if it's allergies, a reaction to my new medication, or if it has something to do with how it's suddenly hot. Considering I also have a headache I suspect allergies, but I'll give my doctor a call if it doesn't go away.

The good news is that I haven't seen any ants since I put those traps out, so those seem to have worked.
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Oh, and I got a call from that staffing agency where I took that test last week, and apparently the company they submitted my scores to is "not interested in moving forward" in terms of interviewing me. Just great.

Also it's really hard to concentrate on applying to jobs when just going to to get milk feels like it takes more energy than I have. As annoying as it is, the fact that DUA makes you apply to at least 3 things a week does light a fire under my ass even when I don't feel up to it, like today. Luckily I have that phone interview tomorrow and I applied to one thing today, so I just need one more for the week. Normally I do far more than required but thanks to the aforementioned crappy feeling it's harder than usual this week.

And Kurt seems to have disappeared again, and I need him to pay me for last month's utilities. By now I'm just used to the fact that he tends to vanish for days at a time when he goes to visit his girlfriend, and she does the same thing when she stays here for several days at a time. I also need to consult with him about whether we should lock in our electricity rate now and risk it going up or take a chance in case it goes down. I have a feeling his response will be "whatever" but I figure since he's paying for half of it he should have a say.
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Put some of my heavy winter coats away and changed my sheets to the bamboo ones, since we have a mini heat wave up here. I also took out one of the skirts since it's "too hot for pants" weather. It’s supposed to get up to the 80s tomorrow, but it’ll go back to the 50s or 60s after that.

I’m also gonna make soba noodles tonight and chill them, since it’s too hot to cook normally. I also feel better than I did earlier after I went out to get some ingredients. The guy at the vegetable store (it's not quite a stand since it's indoors) was nice because when I asked for spinach he asked if "a handful" was good, but what he actually gave me was closer to the size of my head. That's the "I know you and like you" discount you can get in the North End.


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