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Since I finished Puella Magi Madoka Magica last night and am not at all reactionary I put a mix together.

So yeah, spoilers, even if I don't go into detail. If you've been watching and haven't seen the end, don't click this unless you want to be spoiled. ^_^;

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It's request month over at [ profile] fst , and when someone requested Rider from Fate/Stay Night (see icon) I couldn't resist.

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It's that time of year again, folks, when I go through my data and try to figure out just what I was listening to month by month so I can assemble them here. I got the original idea from [ profile] jyuufish and this is fourth year I've done it for those keeping track.

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It's "Anything Goes" month right now at [ profile] fst , and I've been sitting on this one for a while. The final movie came out a little while ago, so I was finally able to flesh it out fully with one or two songs for each of the seven movies.

I know some people on my f-list know about this series, but if you like kickass women and really incredible animation I'd recommend checking this out, if you have a weak stomach I'd recommend caution, since it can get pretty gory.

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Another requested FST, this time for one of my pet fandoms, Tsukihime.

Oh yeah, Major Spoilers for the game, so don't say I didn't warn you.

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A few people at [ profile] fst wanted Rurouni Kenshin for requests month, so I delivered! This was in part salvaged from a Tomoe fanmix that never went anywhere, and I realized while composing this that these songs are all very depressing, but given the nature of the story that's probably inevitable. Especially track 10, which is one of the saddest songs ever recorded in my humble opinion.

Enough babbling, music.

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Done for the "together at last" theme at [ profile] fst seeing as these two aren't together... yet.

How to sum up these two? Well, we'll start with frustration, denial, unwillingness to admit that they care about each other, but loyalty despite all of that. Which must be why I really like these two.

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Thanks to the lovely [ profile] hyujin reminding me, I now bring you the second annual Year In Music Mix! From my brain to your MP3 player. I did this the same way as last year's, by looking back through the archives and picking a song I was listening to that month. They're basically random, but I think there's a certain amount of relevance to what was happening at that time. I also put a small note on the cover about the main things that were happening, more as a reminder than anything else.

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Since it's request month at the FST community, someone asked for anything Shakespeare, and I just happen to be reading Othello in one of my classes, how could I not?

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I've been bad, neglecting my crack pairing like that. I've started to put together an FST due to it being Crack Pairings month over at [ profile] fst. I'm talking about Hokuto and Tomoyo, whom I've been nursing a plot bunny for but forgot about for a few months. I just really want those girls to be happy, damn it. So maybe I'll get back to that in the near future.
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Had this on the back burner for a while, but finally done with it. These two are so screwy, I just love it.

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Someone's post of another Utena FST finally convinced me to get off my butt and finish this off, so here it is. I'm taking the approach of showing Anthy's development throughout the series, so needless to say, spoilers through entire series. All is my interpretation, and just given what type of series Utena is, there are lots of ways to see it. Nonetheless, enjoy!

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A bit different from the usual Year End Post, I decided to throw together a music mix made of the song I was listening to in the first post of each month, with the exception of repeats of artist/song. Not going to attempt to assign any specific meaning to them, but won't leave that out of the range of possibility.

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Fanmix people:

Believe it or not, but Rufus Wainwright does in fact other have songs besides "Hallelujah" -- which is a song he didn't actually write himself in the first place -- and these other songs are actually quite good. What about "April Fools" for instance? Or his cover of "Across the Universe"? Or "Going to a Town", which is absolutely heart breaking? Or all the Judy Garland covers he's done?

Because really, it's becoming a cliche to use that one. And I say that perfectly aware that I myself once used it. But really, will a little diversity kill you?!
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Finally got around to doing the preliminarily parts of the Anthy fanmix I've been tossing around in my head for a while, and I realized something:

I have a hell of a lot of Anthy music. In particular, when "God of Wine" by Third Eye Blind came on I actually shivered because it was so eerily perfect. Ironically most of the songs are sung by men, but that's to be expected since most of my music library is made up of male singers, though I do have a decent number of girls there too, including Sarah McLachlan, Vienna Teng and Allison Krauss. I've got 17 so far, though that'll probably go up and down.

And just because I'm bored, I'll go ahead and outline the steps I go through just in case anyone's interested and because it's good practice in describing how I do things and why.

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And that's how I do it. I like doing it because it combines three of my favorite hobbies: graphic design, music and writing. And hey, it's fun. :)
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Oh man, I'm finally done with this thing. It's been in the works for a long time, but I finally got a free period today to slap it all together. It's split into three parts.

The Light Format, non-my-journal-background version

Mix about the two of them )

Fay Disc )

Kurogane Disc )
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Yes, second one of these this week. But hey, if I get an idea I get an idea. Spoilers up to episode 8 of Gureen Lagann, given the "Dead characters" theme.

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Over at [ profile] fst the new prompt turned out to be "Dead Characters", and I happened to be reading part of the X manga a few days ago and of a particular character whose death could probably be characterized as being the moment when all Hell breaks loose. I'm purposely not saying who above the cut to avoid spoilers (an actual guideline for this challenge) but the icon is a clue for those who know the story. Anyway, spoilerific fanmix underneath.

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