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My brain is running on fumes right now. And yet I somehow managed to get the quarterly report we have to do at work done. Even I'm surprised I pulled it off, but hey, if I have to go I'll go out with a bang.

This morning I met with someone at a staffing agency, and she's going to submit my application for a position at a small insurance company. Turns out it's a temp-to-hire position, and she explained that they're specifically looking for a recent college grad. She also explained that a lot of companies that weren't hiring for a long time are now doing temp-to-hire as a "test drive" of sorts, and it also allows them to get someone in quickly since it sometimes takes a while for the HR paperwork to get done and using a temp-to-hire means they can do it while the person is working for them. 

I think my discussion with her went pretty well, and I've got two more meetings like that next week. Once that my meeting was over I had some time to kill before I had to be at work, so I went into Macy's and was snatched up by some of the ladies there for a makeup consultation. I'd actually been meaning to do that, but I was still a bit surprised because they effectively pounced me. They actually convinced me to get some stuff, mainly some concealer (to hide that I look as tired as I feel right now) some eyeliner and some eyeshadow. They also convinced me to get eyeshadow that's green-tinted despite my initial reservations, since I'm more "subtle" than "Wicked Witch of the West", but it didn't look bad and actually does bring out my eyes. They actually said that hazel eyes are neat in that you can wear practically any shade of eyeshadow and it still looks okay, though it was a bit weird when they lady got right up in my face to see what color they were.

I also discovered that Macy's makes the types of bras I like, so that's filed away for future reference. I really, really hate underwire bras, so I was glad to see they have the type that don't have them. Underwires feel like having a steel cage around my ribs, and they tend to have additional padding too, which doesn't appeal to me since that is not an area I care about emphasizing. I usually prefer sports bras, but I can't always wear those with certain things, so I was glad to see Macy's has the type I actually like.
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