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So The Secret World of Arietty was really good, and I think Ghibil was probably the perfect studio to make it since so much of it depends on little tiny details that people normally wouldn't notice, like how water would behave differently if you were that small. The only real complaint I have is that it felt short, like there was more to the story that didn't get told, but it's pretty minor all things considered. I also vaguely remember the books from when I was a kid, and it felt very faithful to them. I was impressed by the fact that Arietty really did sound and act like a 14 year old girl.

It was also kind of funny to see the split of people in the theater since it was about 40% families with small kids and 60% obvious nerds like myself and the ground I was with. And Carol Burnett of all people is a voice in it, and when I saw her name in the credits I tried to guess who it was. I was right, since she has a very unique frantic energy that came across in the character she played. The score is also really nice and very Celtic influenced, which makes sense since the woman who wrote it is French Canadian.

Afterwards the group was kind of indecisive so I took the reins and declared we were going to a pizza place by my house, so we all trekked up here and wound up watching the end of the hockey game that was on TV. I hadn't known there was a hockey game, but luckily it wasn't here or the place would've been packed. We then went to Bova's for pastries and I got the (delectable) pecan pie square they have, and from there we split.

All in all a good day.


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