Sep. 5th, 2009

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No pictures yet since we still have some things to move in the living area, but yesterday Jen, Nadia and I spent a good part of the day making this place look more civilized. We went out to lunch in Chinatown with Jen's dad (who insisted on paying for us and made sure that we have enough leftovers for several days, good guy) and also brought some new stuff for here, including a new shower curtain and some other amenities including more artwork. Most of the pictures are up, including the ones I bought from Randall in Cape Cod, and a paper flower picture in the kitchen.

In terms of the problems we inherited from the last people there's a light at the end of the tunnel for them. The last folks in here were teachers on an exchange and apparently did not speak English well or use the stove, and so Nadia suspects that they either didn't know about some of these problems or just never bothered to report them, so now everything looks like it's broken. Apparently maintenance could have gotten in here to fix them, but Nadia wanted to make my moving in less chaotic than it could have been (and trust me that's saying something!) so she chose to get her stuff in almost immediately after the old people left, leaving no time for the maintenance people to get in and fix these things.

It was a trade off, in other words. They'll get to us on Tuesday, and we're going to ask about the shower and the like when they give us the new stove, but for now it appears that they're swamped and are slowly working their way up the building (in fact I just heard Donny, the maintenance guy, two floors below trying to fix the smoke detectors in one place). Considering what some other people I know have been telling me about their apartments and the problems they inherited (like the girl who says that there was a literal hole in the floor) we seem to have gotten off easy.

Also, I ran into Luis, an extremely sweet guy I went to school with last year when we went shopping for food the other day. He lives right around here too, and I'm glad I ran into him when I did since he actually graduated and thus wouldn't be around Suffolk. So now I have Krys and Luis living on opposite sides of me, so I'm flanked by adorable gay guys. :D


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