Apr. 29th, 2012

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I really hope whoever came up with the tent layout for the Japanese festival gets fired. Or at least gets a stern reprimand. Because it did not work. AT ALL.

I understand it's the first year they've done it, but really, it was impossible to get anywhere or see any of the booths, to the point that my group gave up and decided we'd just go get something to eat instead. And apparently they ran out of meal tickets, not that it would have done me any good because I couldn't even get to the food booths through the crowds. So the lesson I hope they learn seems to be threefold:

1. Don't hold it in Copley Square, and I really don't see why they couldn't have used the Common since as far as I know nothing was happening, and it works fine for the Greeks whenever they have their festival
2. Put the tents in rows or otherwise space them so people can actually get to them through the crowds rather than leave a big space in the middle
3. Have more meal tickets than you think you need

And it doesn't fit into the above, but their port-a-potties were absolutely disgusting. And not just in the usual way, I mean to the point that I ran out of it rather than use it. Ugh. Why do people use them as trashcans?

But I got to talk to some friends when we went to get food at Fire + Ice. And I wound up literally eating my words in some ways when one guy put what I think was curry and barbecue sauce on his and I commented "Holy heartburn Batman!" considering that I overdid it on the garlic and now have actual heartburn.


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