May. 21st, 2012

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So girl who won't stop using her cell phone at work has been replaced by guy who won't stop using his cell phone at work. I leaned over and whispered that he really does need to put that thing away since people get fired for that, and one person just got fired for that (among other things, but I was trying to make a point so forgive the slight hyperbole).

Five minutes later guess what he's doing. Again. At one point I was tempted to say something like "put that thing away or I swear to God I'll break it" but I decided to just drop it. Guess he doesn't value this job after all. *shrug* I tried, but you cannot save people from their own stupidity.

Also anecdotal evidence suggests that I have a calming effect on people, since I seem to get a lot less angry people, judging by me overhearing other people talking to them and how negative those interactions sound. I don't know if it's just luck, but that doesn't tend to happen. I noticed this at my last job too, maybe my tone of voice or something else just has a disarming effect, but whatever it is people seem to react less negatively to me. Maybe it's because I make an effort to sound pleasant and friendly, and I know people react to tone of voice and if the person you're talking to sounds bored and disinterested and you're already in a bad mood it doesn't help.


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