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I know I promised pictures of the new place and have yet to follow through, but there's a good reason. Mainly that I'm moving stuff around again. My room is about 90% done by now, but I need to consult with Nadia about the living room. I think I managed to free up a good amount of space in my room and in the living room by moving one of the storage chests, but some of Nadia's stuff still needs to be moved and I don't want to move it without her permission. I'm also going to add a sconce lamp to the living room to make it brighter and add more ambiance.

I also figured out why our "living room" is smaller than some of the other ones in the building when I got a look at the apartment across the hall when its tenants were having a hard time unlocking their door and I helped them (the keys here are counter intuitive). We have one more closet in this place than the other apartments, so my closet takes off several square feet of the living room. But given that it means that Nadia and I both get a closet and also have an extra to store other things in I think it's worth it.

Sara got me addicted to HGTV (designers and the like) so that might be why I'm doing this now. I do think it's an improvement, so after that I'll get pictures up.


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