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I wound up talking to our landlord today about something unrelated, but I mentioned the stove since it continues to confound us since it only gets as hot as it needs to be intermittently, and we've found that we can only get it hot enough about once a day.

She was pretty sympathetic, and said that I should get an oven thermometer (they're only 5 bucks) so I can document that it doesn't heat up and by how much, since otherwise the oven will be a sadistic little bastard and decide to work when the tech's here. So I got one and have done a few temperatures so far, and at least initially it looks like it's running 50 degrees less than it should be. The landlord also said that they might consider just replacing it. I hope so, because it has been a tremendous inconvenience for us.

When I got the thermometer the guys at the hardware store were funny, since they've seen me a lot lately. When I mentioned why I needed it they just kind of nodded and said that gas stoves can be tricky like that, especially if they're old. I think that one I get enough evidence that it's fucked up they will either fix it or replace it, especially since the city code states that they have to provide us with a working oven and refrigerator, but involving the city is the nuclear option and it's not yet to that point. It's more the technology being sadistic.

Speaking of technology, I finally called the counselor again for another appointment, since losing my cell phone derailed that since I had lost all my numbers. Luckily I had the 20th century device called a business card, so I left him a message today.


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