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I think now that I'm on this hormonal stuff I can actually feel my ovaries trying to pop out an egg but not being able to. And given that it's my ovary it's not going to give up without a fight.

The good news is that I didn't have the usual bout of dizziness that tends to go with ovulation, so I think it's working.
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Oh of course, printer, you can just decide that you'll not print anything, even something in black and white, because you've run of cyan. And of course replacement ink is practically highway robbery.

And I haven't even used the thing that much, it's mostly been Kurt. Unfortunately I can't ask him to fork over money since this isn't actually his fault since his stuff has also been in black and white, since he did as I asked and made sure he wasn't using the colors unless he had to. So I have to go get some tomorrow so I can make a copy of our new lease and get it signed and all that jazz.
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So I’ve been sitting here wondering why the hell I’m in such a funk today since I have no goddamn reason and should be celebrating finally getting a job.

Then I had a look at my new medication and “depression” is listed as a possible side effect.

Fuck. At least I know why now.
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Good news! The thing I interviewed for yesterday worked out in my favor, so I'm starting (paid) training on Tuesday. Right now it's classified as a summer assignment that runs until sometime in August, but if they like me enough they might extend it to perm. I'm also glad that they're giving me 2-3 weeks training first since, as much as I liked my previous job, they essentially tossed me in feet first and told me to figure it out on my own.
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Glad I installed that pedometer app on my phone, since it can help shed light on why I'm both so damn exhausted and why I've lost about 10 pounds since moving to Boston. For instance, I walked close to 3 miles today. Damn. I know I'm a bad judge of relative distance, but that surprised me. Also explains why when I got home I lay down for a minute and then proceeded to fall asleep for a few hours.

I think that interview went pretty well today. I very much overestimated how much time it would take on purpose since I'd never been to that area, so I just kind of fucked around and got some coffee before I went in. It's a call center that has several of the medical places in the area as its customers, and despite my apprehension about phones I know it's much easier for me to switch to "on" mode when I'm getting a call rather than making it. They also explained that while they're not a 911 line they do get cases that are pretty serious, so being able to work under pressure is a must. At one of my last interviews I actually said that I think I work better under a bit of pressure than not, since I know my own mind and that I can get distracted if there's not something keeping me focused. I was also cracked up by the informational movie they showed which was very, very 90s. The computers in particular were hilariously out of date, and when I asked about that they explained that the new computers actually make things slower in some ways since when it was just a DOS system you didn't have to deal with different windows or tabs and all that. I also asked if doctors still use pagers like in the video since it's been years since I've seen someone with a pager, and they explained that almost all of them do since other types of frequencies aren't as reliable, and hospitals use a special frequency. Learn something new every day! Hopefully we'll know by the end of the week if they're interested in me, and if they are I'll start a 2-3 week training course. This is temp-to-hire, so at the very least it'll hold me over if it works out.

Also one of the smoke detectors on another floor has been doing the "I have a low battery so I'm going to chirp every 30 seconds" thing all afternoon, and the people in that apartment are either not home or too dumb to know how to change it (hint: it involves a ladder or a chair and a fresh battery). Since this is the same apartment building where someone set off the building wide fire alarm last week and then booked it, both are distinct possibilities. And yes, I'm the type of person who will be kept awake by sounds like that. At my parents' house I sometimes get woken out of a dead sleep by things like the furnace turning on. It might be lessened if I close my window, since for now it's opened a crack, but I hope they fix that.
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So my week filled up unexpectedly. In addition to the phone interview, which I think went well, I also have that interview for tomorrow set up, and then when I went out for a walk I got a call for another one in Waltham on Friday. When it rains it pours.

And some of the Italian guys in one store were quietly snickering when I butchered the pronunciation of “gnocchi” (apparently it’s “knock-ee”) and I was tempted to pull my very pale arm out of the sleeve and ask if I looked like I knew how it was pronounced. I think it's pretty damn obvious when you look at me that I'm primarily Irish.

And since it's about 80 degrees out this is the time of year when I start to get reminded just how very very pale I am, and I admit that I'm a little self-conscious about it since it causes people to make judgments about my lifestyle, for instance assume I never get out. As a matter of fact, the pedometer on my phone shows that I walk around a mile on most days, and today it was more like two and a half. And no, I will not subject myself to a concentrated dose of radiation just so I fit some standard of beauty. My family has enough of a history with cancer, thank you very much.
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So the place that they didn't think was interested in me actually is interested in me, so I'm going for an interview tomorrow. That was a pleasant surprise. They didn't say as much, but I suspect the delay was due to Patriots' Day, aka Marathon Monday.

On top of a phone interview today this has turned out to be a pretty productive week.
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Put some of my heavy winter coats away and changed my sheets to the bamboo ones, since we have a mini heat wave up here. I also took out one of the skirts since it's "too hot for pants" weather. It’s supposed to get up to the 80s tomorrow, but it’ll go back to the 50s or 60s after that.

I’m also gonna make soba noodles tonight and chill them, since it’s too hot to cook normally. I also feel better than I did earlier after I went out to get some ingredients. The guy at the vegetable store (it's not quite a stand since it's indoors) was nice because when I asked for spinach he asked if "a handful" was good, but what he actually gave me was closer to the size of my head. That's the "I know you and like you" discount you can get in the North End.
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Oh, and I got a call from that staffing agency where I took that test last week, and apparently the company they submitted my scores to is "not interested in moving forward" in terms of interviewing me. Just great.

Also it's really hard to concentrate on applying to jobs when just going to to get milk feels like it takes more energy than I have. As annoying as it is, the fact that DUA makes you apply to at least 3 things a week does light a fire under my ass even when I don't feel up to it, like today. Luckily I have that phone interview tomorrow and I applied to one thing today, so I just need one more for the week. Normally I do far more than required but thanks to the aforementioned crappy feeling it's harder than usual this week.

And Kurt seems to have disappeared again, and I need him to pay me for last month's utilities. By now I'm just used to the fact that he tends to vanish for days at a time when he goes to visit his girlfriend, and she does the same thing when she stays here for several days at a time. I also need to consult with him about whether we should lock in our electricity rate now and risk it going up or take a chance in case it goes down. I have a feeling his response will be "whatever" but I figure since he's paying for half of it he should have a say.
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Have that "someone tied weights to my limbs" feeling again today. Also had it yesterday and barely did anything as a result. I can't tell if it's allergies, a reaction to my new medication, or if it has something to do with how it's suddenly hot. Considering I also have a headache I suspect allergies, but I'll give my doctor a call if it doesn't go away.

The good news is that I haven't seen any ants since I put those traps out, so those seem to have worked.
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Well that didn't work. Went to take a walk to clear my head, and thanks to a combination of dumbfuck tourists, an overcrowded subway and the fact that the entire city turns dumber than usual thanks Marathon weekend and the Sox game I came back more pissed off than when I left.

Turns out I clocked in about three and a half miles total, which I can see thanks to a pedometer I installed on my phone, so at the very least I got some exercise.
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I think I might be coming down with something, since it was even harder to get up than usual and it feels like someone filled my limbs with lead when I wasn’t looking. Might just be the seasonal allergy crap and something piggybacking off it. Although I'm doing better than one of my friends, since his nose has been bleeding on and off for a couple days now. I told him he should probably see a doctor about that (and resisted making a snarky comment about how women don't tend to whine as much as he does when they bleed for several days at a time).

I also had a dream where a red-crowned crane showed up in my parents' backyard, and I was trying to get a photograph of it. Even in the dream I knew how improbable it was that a crane native to Asia would show up in New England. This was interesting since my great-grandmother did a painting of red-crowned cranes that's in my parents' living room, and she's a definite presence in our lives even though she died before I was born. I'm hoping it's a  good sign.
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Well I have a phone interview sometimes next week. Still coordinating the details.

The one problem was that when I first got the email asking for time I'd be available, I couldn't remember the details of the actual job. Luckily I save everything I submit job-wise in a folder on my computer precisely so I don't get caught in this situation, and because I've applied to so many things that I know there's no way I can remember all of them. I did in fact save the cover letter I sent to them (labeled with the name of the organization so I knew which one it was) and just grabbed a copy of the job description off their website for my own reference.

Thankfully I predicted my own shortcomings on this one and set up a paper trail that's easy to follow, or I'd have serious egg on my face. In fact, I could probably even spin that into a weakness I'm working on if they ask that question.

One benefit to saving all the cover letters I send is that I can then cross-reference which ones got responses and which ones didn't, and in the process figure out what did or didn't work. I think I'm much better at writing them now than I was even a few months ago because I've been doing that.

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I'm not sure I ever really woke up today due to allergies. I also can't tell if my face is puffier than usual or if I'm just noticing it more than usual. The good news is that I was with it enough to go to the staffing place and do a computer test, so they can submit my scores to this one job. It was some basic stuff like if you can copy a passage, listen to a story and then remember some important details, and know the difference between certain words like dessert/desert*. According to them I did a lot better than most people, including the spelling part, even though it had a few words that always trip me up like (ironically) embarrassment. I can never remember how many Rs are in that word.

When I went out to do some laundry I also had a surprisingly deep conversion with a local guy who works at the laundromat about that Zimmerman asshole, since the news conference where they announced the charges they're bringing against him was on while I was in there. This local guy had a great line when the reporter said that Zimmerman's gone set up a webpage asking for donations and talking about how scared he is, to which this local guy responded "That's funny, I bet that's how that 17 year old black kid felt right before you shot him!" The Italian folks up here do not seem particularly sympathetic towards that guy, including another guy who works in that same laundromat who looked up from his paper just long enough to say "fuck that guy" the last time I was in there, and I agree. We also made some snarky comments about how we wouldn't trust a Fox News poll further than we could throw it.

Right now I'm catching up on the second season The Wire since it's OnDemand, and I watched the DVDs of the episodes before the ones OnDemand while I was out in Western Mass. Cross-referencing a lot of things I like, including Games of Thrones,  I seem to be drawn towards stories with huge casts full of characters with complex motivations and relationships and very grey morality. Makes sense considering that's also the type of story I tend to write. And since I'm working on the backstory of one character who's more or less an antagonist I realized that I'd started picturing him as Jimmy McNulty from The Wire, which makes sense since this guy is basically what would happen if McNulty got away with everything. I actually came up with the character long before I ever saw that show, but they're definitely in the same mold.

*The trick I always use with that one is "I'd rather have two desserts than one desert."
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Had a surprisingly easy time getting home for Easter weekend. To my great surprise I managed to from where I had my interview (which I think went really well) to South Station in 20 minutes so I could catch the express bus home. I'm shocked I pulled that off.

And like I said, the aforementioned interview went really well. At this point I'm trying not to get my hopes up since I've been massively let down every time before, but I really liked this place. It would be a challenge, that's for sure, but it would also be a good opportunity. And they liked me well enough that one of the people sent me information on a case of theirs they were telling me about after I'd left. I hope that's a good sign.
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*puts on Arnold shades*

It's exterminating time.

I've had this problem before with little black ants going after the cats' food when D and Thomas were here, so today I got more of the traps that killed them last time. I know those traps worked since I didn't see any ants at all from around July until yesterday, so hopefully they'll work again, and I already sealed up a lot of the obvious cracks the last time this happened. I just have to warn Kurt about them so he doesn't pick them up by accident, and I strategically placed them so a certain feline can't get at them.

It's also funny timing since the ants like the cat food we leave out, but Mari usually cleans her bowl thoroughly... except I'm going away for Easter tomorrow and have to leave food out for her. D'oh. Oh well. Not much I can do about that now.
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Had that doctor's appointment, and was pleasantly surprised by how well and how quickly it went.

Read more... )

Oh, and yet another nurse commented that the veins on my arms are very visible, which made her happy even though they didn't do any blood work today. I've probably heard variants on that half a dozen times from different health people.
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Now that I've had a smartphone for about a month I can tell why once you get one you never go back. Especially since I've been using more and more things on it, like a grocery list, a pedometer (mostly because I was curious just how much I really do walk around here) a checkbook*, apps that tell you when certain MBTA buses and trains will arrive, calendar, alarm clock, and of course Google Maps and Navigator since I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to getting anywhere, including not being able to tell left from right most of the time**. Though it was kind of funny when I was trying to get somewhere and the GPS was apparently a little wonky since it was convinced I was walking in the middle of the Charles River. Not quite. Oh, and I also have something that can identify what song is playing in the background of somewhere like a store since if I recognize it but can't place it exactly it will drive me nuts.

Besides the disaster yesterday, tomorrow I've got that doctor's appointment and then Friday I'm trying to figure out if I can get in both an interview and hopping on the bus back home for Easter. At this point I definitely am going home, it's just a question of when and whether it's the long way or the short(er) way.

* which for the record is not actually connected to my actual bank account, so anyone who stole it wouldn't be able to get my account information
** apparently this also happens to my grandmother, so I wonder if it's genetic
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One more thing about the radio disaster.

Here's what one of the staff members just said in response to my suggestion about the problem I had with the equipment.

"That equipment was broken it wasn't supposed to be used [group that was supposed to bring it down] was aware of this. Sorry about that well discuss it at our next meeting and take action ASAP."



On the other hand, my technical skills feel vindicated since if the damn thing was already broken that explains why I couldn't get it to work. It just would have been nice to KNOW THAT.
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I’m only now realizing how strange my day actually was since at several points someone dressed in a banana costume asked me if I was okay and/or needed help. For the record the banana costume made sense in context (basically, this was a health fair and for some reason one of the groups had someone dressed as a banana, I'm pretty sure they were handing out condoms or something, was too busy trying to get the damn equipment to work), but yeah, that was kind of strange. If I was anyone else or in a different situation I might've wondered if I'd accidentally ingested something I shouldn't have, but the weirdness of that only sunk in just now.

Needless to say, the radio station staff got sent an email where I basically told them that alums like me are one of their most valuable resources but if they let stuff like this happen they're basically squandering it, since guess what? I'm pretty unlikely to ever say yes to helping them out with an event like this again! Because this did nothing but stress me out even more than I already was stressed out, to the point that I was being far less kind to people that I would've liked, humiliated me both personally and professionally since I was there not as a student but as an alum and a supposed independent adult, and basically wasted three hours of my life that I could've been using to do stuff like look for employment. Not cool. And for the record I managed to avoid using any words like "fuck" in my email though you can be that's what was going through my head. Although I've noticed that with me I seem to cycle from not using profanity, to using profanity, and finally if I'm angry enough my use of it just kind of tapers off. I think I was at that point. Also, I repeatedly tried to contact the people who are supposedly in charge of the station, but they either did not answer my messages or proceeded to suggest stuff I'd already tried, i.e. they collectively helped exactly nill. Oh, I also tried looking up the manuals for it online, but that didn't help much either since I needed to know how the room's audio setup was configured and no one, not even the school staff, could answer that. Fail all around.

Eventually even the coordinator of this event said that I could just go since I was basically staring at a jumble of cables with no idea what to do, and I agreed and packed the stuff up (better than it had been packed by the last person who used it, I should add). One person (not an official staff member, mind you, just a nice kid I know) from the station did heed my call and tried to help, but he was just as stumped as me. I later sent him a message thanking him for just showing up since it made me feel a little less abandoned. And the worst part is that this exact situation already happened once to us at Halloween, where we had no idea how to set up the equipment and it took over an hour for half a dozen people to get it up and running, and that was mostly through trial and error. At the time I suggested taking the time to outlining a step-by-step guide. I was told this was a good idea.

Obviously, they proceeded to learn nothing and never did it, so one person trying to do the same thing in three hours failed miserably. Figures. I know I've only been out of school about 3 months, but seriously, it's like dealing with a bunch of kindergärtners. I also put a message on the public Facebook wall of the group saying that someone, I don't care who at this point, needs to do this because besides being personally humiliated this made the group itself look really really bad. Inexcusable.

So after I left I started home, and then decided to go into a local brew pub because I was hungry, didn't want to deal with making lunch for myself and frankly wanted to be pampered. I managed to accomplish all three, and by the time I left I was considerably less stressed out. Also, beer, which I desperately needed after that (for the record I only had one, and it sufficiently took the edge off). And when I got home I took a nap, and now I'm much more clear headed.

So as Mom put it, I guess you could say today was totally bananas. *rimshot*


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