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The last few days? Not too eventful, though I both have a cold (now fading) and slipped on the ice outside about an hour ago and banged my leg. Luckily it doesn't appear to have been a joint I hit, and we iced it almost immediately. It's a bit red (possibly from the ice), but it doesn't hurt when I put weight on it.

I'm also getting a flu shot tomorrow if all goes well, just as assurance since school starts up two weeks from now.

Sometime before Monday I'm going to be back in Boston if all goes well. How I'll manage to get all my stuff back will be interesting, though I did get my larger suitcase closed with help from an act of God. I did take out some stuff I don't need immediately since I'll only be gone for a month and be back to see Rufus Wainwright in concert. (yipee!) We're playing it by ear this point in terms of when I'll go back.

I also drove my car up to Greenfield and back today, and despite the fact that it started snowing on the way back and I decided not to put snow tires on it this year I made it back in one piece and white knuckles, and ironically the most trouble I had was getting back into the driveway, but I pulled it off eventually.

*sigh* Time to get back to business, whenever I get back to the city. I do have a feeling that once I'm all done with school and have my degree and everything I'm going to flee to some remote area. There are some nice things about the city, but it can't beat the country if only because this is what I'm used to.
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This afternoon as I was going down to Amherst to run some errands I saw that there were a bunch of turkeys in the road, by which I mean about a dozen of them. I slowed down and waited for them to pass... but they didn't. I ended up moving forward and honking my horn just to get them to move off to the side so I could pass. Yup. Country life.

I can also tell that I was very tense while driving during the storm the other day by how sore my shoulders are today, though luckily my anxiety was unwarranted. I'm also proud of myself for not having a panic attack during that due to the fact that I have a level of Post Traumatic Stress when it comes to driving, especially in icy conditions. I guess the trick is just to concentrate really hard and go slow, though now I'm sore as a result.

I went down to Jonathan's party early and found that Amherst was basically deserted because of the weather, so I ended up showing up at his house a bit early. Luckily other people did end up showing up later on, and we had a good group there. Once the snow had mostly stopped we went out caroling, which ends up being rather hilarious on occasion when people didn't know the words to certain songs. I also had to keep contending with the fact that trying to pull my scarf up over my mouth made my glasses fog up.

I'm also finally done doing the holiday shopping, and I think I'm at the point when this whole business stops being fun and just turns into another chore. I will be looking forward to when my cousin opens one of his gifts, which is a GameStop card in a little case that looks like an XBox 360, if only for the "What the?!" reaction I'm sure he'll have before he figures out there's a card inside.
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Oh, and a few hours before the power went out I found out that I won my accident appeal, meaning that I wasn't found responsible for it, and in theory the insurance company will send me a check and lower my premiums. That was a relief, but it was sadly curtailed by the whole nearly-5-days-without-power thing.

I also helped our town clerk make blueberry pies for the firefighters and utility guys this morning at town hall while my mom was helping out at her weekly stint at the library. I hope the pies turned out well, and I found myself repeating a lot of what Sharon, one of the volunteers at Arlington St., was doing when we made a bunch of them for the church's bake sale. I'm playing with the idea of trying to make something this Christmas for the family like I did at our end-of-summer get together.

The Australia movie was pretty good, though I think they could have chopped some of it out. In terms of the villain by the end I was saying "please just shoot him" and Mom and I were saying afterwards that we weren't sure that Hugh Jackman's character ever got a name (he didn't according to IMDB). It was entertaining, at least.
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Don't drive. I'm moving out to Boston tomorrow and not bringing my car, so that'll save me a pretty penny on gas.

In all seriousness, I grew up in an area where you couldn't walk to the store (the nearest is about 5 miles away, the nearest gas station even more, all over hills) but people can still buy better cars with better mileage and ditch the gas-guzzlers. And I mean the big ones. I used to drive a 1997 Rav4 that go 25-30 mpg, so it's possible to still have utility without high fuel costs.

It's not entirely the fault of the consumer, but no one really needs a Hummer if they're not in the Army and need all that stuff. And I think pretty soon they'll have plug in hybrids and people will catch on that we really can't keep using oil and gas in the same way for much longer.


Jul. 9th, 2008 07:23 pm
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I once again appear to be upholding the rule that I can't go on a trip anywhere with something going spectacularly wrong at some point. Case in point: I'm still at the public library, waiting for AAA to show up and jumpstart my car, since I accidentally ran down the battery and can't start it!

I'm still trying to figure out how I did that, but I think I might have done something like left the lights on but not noticed, since I didn't move outside of my car and just worked in the front seat on my laptop, so I couldn't have heard the "lights on" indicator. D'oh! At this point I think I've done just about every blockhead automotive move in the book except for popping a tire.

And *late breaking update* it turns out that they sent a truck to Hardwick (which is more like our house!) and not Harwich on the Cape, so I have to wait even longer. The guy on the phone said the "do this crap" all the time, but it makes me want to bang my head into something. And before this I had been having a very fun day. *headwall*
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I didn't manage to get anything done the other day that I'd meant to do, but that turned out to be perfectly alright. I'd planned on going down to The Plant and getting my paycheck, but it turns out that the only time I left the house was for a quick jaunt to the library to get some books for the Cape.

Most of what I ended up doing the other day involved plants, both inside and out, and moving stuff around in my room. I wound up trimming back one plant that had started to get unbalanced and putting the frons (or whatever they're called -- the bits you cut off that you put in water to make new plants, Dad can't remember the exact term either) up on the windows, and then planting some of the other frons from a coleus plant in a pot that I'll eventually put up in my room. I also need to trim off part of the ivy at some point, and decide which plants I'll take to Suffolk with me. At the moment I'm thinking of one of the coleus we have around and maybe a spider plant.

I also started moving stuff around upstairs, and am probably going to take the vacuum up there later to get to some of the corner areas. Annoyingly, last night a cricket had somehow gotten out of Ryu's food supply and was actually in the wall making noise, so I had to actually wear earplugs in my own room just to get some sleep. I eventually managed to drive it out, at which point I tossed it in Ryu's cage and the rest is history. Speaking of Ryu, I also moved around the bedding in it and cleaned it out, something I'd been meaning to do.

Later today we're going down to Alison's for Fourth of July stuff, and then tomorrow off to the Cape. It also looks like we'll be taking my car down with us to the Cape as opposed to Dad's truck for several economical reasons, so I need to take some stuff out of the trunk.

On a random note, listening to Disc II of The Foo Fighter's In Your Honor has proved that Dave Grohl has an incredible range and is certainly not a one-trick-pony. Case in point: A duet with Norah Jones. Definitely a chocolate and peanut butter combination, but hey, it works.
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Remarkably I managed to get everything done today I needed to do, unless I had a massive oversight that I've yet to realize *knock on wood*.

Woke up around 10, trolled around for a bit, then went out at one to take care of things. In approximate order, I got my check and cashed it, got my car inspected for the new insurance company (and was a day late on it, my bad), got bus tickets to Boston for Sunday's college orientation, and finally met up with my flute teacher for our (possibly last) lesson. *Whew!*

As far as the bus tickets went I was pleasantly surprised to find that they'd reduced the rate because I'm a student, and when I asked them if they needed a student idea the girl just gave me a look like "Come on, of course you're a college student!" Well, I guess technically, but...

*Phew* x 2

May. 31st, 2008 01:34 pm
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Well, that solves three of my problems. First off, I had to renew my vehicle registration that expires on the first of the month, but luckily it showed up today. I left the RMV two weeks to take care of it, but they cut it kind of close. *understatement*

The second one is a lot more joy-worthy as it has to do with money. I ended up appealing my insurance surcharge for the November car accident, but I hadn't yet managed to contact the police officer who had filed the report, but he called us this morning, and sure enough he did note that there was oil in the road that I slid into. In other words, my chances of winning the appeal went up exponentially with that information.

Mom actually told me about the second one earlier this morning before I went back to bed, so when I finally woke up for real I checked to make sure I hadn't dreamed that, just because it sounded too good to be true. But luckily, something (that, granted, has a pretty twisted sense of humor) is looking out for me up there.
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Oh geez, where did all this paperwork come from all of the sudden?! Actually, it's not all of the sudden, it just built up over the last week, and now that I have the time to look at it there seems to be a lot. Eek!

Did the auto insurance mileage form (still have to call them about this "student away at school" discount they were advertising when they're open and I'm home) and working on the Suffolk housing application. I'd already thought about that before it showed up, so I won't lose too much time thinking about what I want.

I'll try to get a room in their newer hall that has suites of a few rooms together as opposed to the one that we had a tour of, which was a little less nice and a bit more crowded. If I get it in the mail quickly I will probably get my first choice. I'm also wondering if I should attach something about the gay thing, just to avoid possible problems later on. I did a rough draft of what I'll attach to the application, and anyone with stuff to add is free to comment:

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I'm trying to be as diplomatic about this as possible and prevent problems before they happen. If someone's not comfortable living with me I'd much rather give them the opportunity to do something else and save both of us some trouble. I'll try to get it sent out by Monday.

Also, I only have two weeks of GCC left. Where did the time go?! It seems like I just started there, and I still can't navigate the main building without getting lost! *sigh* Time flies when you're having fun, I guess.
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I'd say it was some guy who was tailgating me the entire time I was driving home last Tuesday. He kept weaving over the center line, coming up on my butt, and generally being an ass -- and worse, he wouldn't pass me despite having ample opportunity to do so. Now I know these roads, so I know what speed to go down them. He disagreed, apparently. I later saw he had New York plates and wasn't surprised. (Apologies to any New York readers, but cars with NY and NJ plates have a reputation for giving Boston drivers a run for their money)

And the icing on the cake was when I finally signaled to turn into my driveway -- and the guy waved at me in what was obviously supposed to be "good riddance" gesture! I was half tempted to either flip him the bird or write down his plates, but I resisted doing both. But still, what a jerk! If I was ever tempted to do something impolite that was it. And I'm usually pretty calm while driving.


Apr. 27th, 2008 08:14 pm
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(Yes, there are titties in my icon)

The other day a commercial for cell phones came on that had them blooming out of flowers. Impossibility aside, what cracked me up was the fact that the phones were on the flowers' *a hem* reproductive organs (the stigma and the stamen, the female and male parts respectively).

Only one person out of 10,000 probably got that, and I wonder if the producers knew what they were doing. *snort* Probably not. I start to giggle whenever I see that one now. The biologist in me dost protest too much.

Oh, and besides the horrible day I'm a bit loopy because I ended up clonging my head against something while I was waiting for my oil to get changed. I went to unplug my charger and was at just the wrong angle to hit this thing on the counter dead on. Luckily I have a hard head, and it's not bleeding any longer. But yay head trauma! Perfect addition to that day!

Just pray it rains tomorrow so I can get a day off.
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Don't ask about the subject line, it just seemed appropriate.

So I obviously got back with both me and the car in one piece if I'm typing this, and remarkably I managed to get there and back in almost exactly 10 hours.

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Oh, and the single funniest thing I saw in Boston? A restaurant near Fanuiel Hall that has a sign that says "Established before you were born." That's so Boston-ish.
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So since it looks like no one is going to get back to me about going to Boston in my car I've reached a mental compromise after a day of feeling sorry for myself:

I'll go in on my own to Newton station like I did with my parents, park there, get on the T, go to the Supreme Judicial Court and come back, effectively getting the best of it (the SJC) without the worst of it (inner-city Boston traffic).

I actually ended up doing a tarot spread last night after this was keeping me up, and in retrospect of what I decided it makes a lot of sense:

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Alright, so at 7 tomorrow we'll get going. I can do this. *nods*


Feb. 1st, 2008 04:27 pm
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It should be a calm day for you on the job. You'll likely get what you need from people if you use a gentle approach. You're probably in a happy mood, so it's a good day to socialize with people. Enjoy your leisure by doing something artistic, perhaps playing a musical instrument.

Not sure about the "calm" part, but today was certainly interesting at work. Due to the gigantic ice storm we're having right now we closed down early, and before that the new manager (named Adam, not to be confused with The Chump who also happens to be named Adam) the new big guy Cody and I had to clean out the pits. That is not a fun job, and involves moving a lot of water and mud and trying to keep from falling into them. Through most of that I felt rather useless since, due to my lack of upper body strength compared to the two guys, I couldn't do as much as quick.

When we finally got the call to close down I went and closed up shop rather than do the pits, and WD-40ed the hell out of the overhead door that we've been having trouble with, by which I mean I can get all 150 pounds of my weight on it and it still won't close. I think I managed to do something with that, so hopefully it'll be easier to deal with now.

After I was done with that I went back out to Cody and Adam (still doing the pits) and told them that I'd taken care of that, and they were thankful. They told me that I could leave at that point, and Adam actually thanked me for trying to help the two of them out even though I couldn't really do much, since The Chump wouldn't even do that. So that made me feel good and like I had actually done something to help them out.

Once I got out I cashed my paychecks from yesterday and made my way (very slowly) home. I couldn't help but be flabbergasted by the road crews in our town, since when I crossed the town line I went from all-sanded and clear roads to ones that hadn't even been touched, and as of yet there's no sign of the sand trucks. HELLO?! But at least I had the snow tires, so that made it easier, but still... what are those guys doing?

But luckily I don't have to go anywhere until tomorrow. *huddles under blanket* Welcome to New England...
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Maybe the little jade Buddha statue I have on my dashboard is bringing me good parking karma.

I got to GCC this morning and saw the front lot was full, so I was getting ready to go back and find a spot in one of the other lots, which wasn't very appealing since I had to slog my old books up to the bookstore to trade them in.

But then, lo and behold, a car pulls out right near the entrance and leaves.


Something similar happened the other day when I used the old "follow the person leaving the building to their car" trick, and it worked.

I apologize for nothing!


Jan. 28th, 2008 05:20 pm
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Found a video for the song "Two Ton Paperweight" (a song about a guy with a car that gives him nothing but trouble) done with footage of the Warthog jeep from Halo... and I laughed my ass off.

Back in the day us Halo players used to do horrible things to the Warthogs (just Google "warthog jump" if you want an example), and I think we were the reason that in the second game they made the cars actually take damage. Oh man...

But the good news is that Hotaru the car is still working fine, and because I'm weird I actually do stuff like pat the dashboard if we go over a bad pothole or something like that happens. I do love my little Saturn so...

Embedded video under cut )


Dec. 13th, 2007 02:33 pm
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I am not leaving this house until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Because of the snow they closed GCC at 12:30 (but I left around noon), and only now (approximately 2:30) did I manage to get back, twice the usual amount of time. Even just getting out of GCC up the long driveway took 15 minutes. *collapses* Granted, I did stop for a mental health break about halfway through at Dunkin Donuts and got some coffee, but that only took about 15 minutes and probably did me some good in the long run.

But yeah, my nerves are shot for now. And silly as it sounds, I just sent an email to Lazer 99.3 (a local radio station) thanking them for being on the air and giving me some psychological support as I was driving back. Now this is bad driving, but both Hotaru the car and I got back, probably thanks to the snow tires. *shiver*

Now I'm going to curl up somewhere and not leave the house until tomorrow morning.
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Jeremy and I have determined that at our job we're contractually required to only hire crazy people. We figured this out after Andy, the new guy, turned out to be a chatterbox. Not that he wasn't nice, but he just kept talking and by the time he had left I realized how tired I was from trying to keep up with him. Working there has made me realize just how quiet/laid back I am compared to most people. And just like Jon before him Jeremy actually admitted to appreciating that about me. ^_^;

Today at work was rather crazy, though people were just not buying extra services (especially underwashes) since they knew it was going to snow tonight. I got out of work just before it started and the roads got too bad, which was good considering what almost happened to me last week. For some reason I have a knack for getting jerks behind me when I'm driving home who have those really bright, eye-scarring blue headlights (on high, of course) who drive too close me and get annoyed when I don't do double the speed limit like they do. Two accidents has been quite enough, thank you. But yeah, another one of those tonight in a gigantic SUV next to my little Saturn. *sigh*

Speaking of Hotaru the car, we decided to spring for a Clarion CD player that I had installed yesterday. It works pretty well, though unfortunately when they were putting it in they hit a check engine switch that I'll have to have turned off by the garage I bought it from. After it was put in on Saturday I swung by there to ask about it and make sure nothing was actually wrong with it, and assuming The Plant isn't closed tomorrow due to the weather I'll pop down and have them turn that off. The balance on the car audio is a little off, but once I have some free time I'll fix that too. Plus Dad just gave me some R&B to listen to, so I'll be able to burn CDs of that or put it on an MP3 player... not that I have one right now... and play it directly though the AUX port on the front of this thing. Technology is fun. ^_^

I has snow!

Dec. 4th, 2007 08:55 pm
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... Tires, that is. We ended up getting four of them since that's supposed to help prevent fishtailing, which is what nearly did me in on Sunday. After we finally got my car out of the driveway we made a beeline down to Amherst Tire center, and on the way saw... a sign. One of my classmates had somehow managed to turn over her car on the side of the road, and though I wanted to stop she waved us on while talking on her phone. I'm still trying to figure out how she did that. 0_0

So anyway, once we got to Amherst tire the (very nice) guy told us that it would be a 3 hour wait since lots of people had come to the same conclusion about the snow this season and wanted snow tires too. So Mom, who had followed me down (or I'd followed her, technically) and I ran some errands around town until the car was ready. And I must say, after I got it back there did seem to be a difference, though it might have been my imagination. Either way I certainly feel more mentally secure about the whole situation, and I still have my other tires that I can put back on in the spring for a fairly small fee.

So hopefully with those I won't have any more problems of that variety getting out of the driveway. Incidentally I never ended up getting up to GCC, but I've only been out once so far this year, and this was pretty important (what with not being able to even get there in the first place). I also bought socks, but that was less important (what? I didn't have any I could comfortably wear with tall boots!).


Dec. 4th, 2007 10:00 am
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I'm stuck in the driveway. This absolutely indicates that I need snow tires, and, in fact, after the AAA guy gets here and we get me out (we might just have to resort to pushing me with two people) I'm going down to Amherst Tire and I'm buying snows. This is ridiculous!

And of course we didn't get plowed after the snowstorm because it "wasn't deep enough"... never mind that the real problem is the ice. Dad could get out this morning, but he has a truck that is a lot heavier than my little Saturn. Mom and I literally spent about 45 minutes trying to get me out before I said "screw it" and we decided to call AAA. Even if we just have another person to push we'll probably be able to get it out. It's the damn lip at the front of our driveway (it goes up to the road) and the fact that my car is so light that's doing this. If I had more grip on the front tires this would be no problem.

So yeah, screw the day I had planned, I'm going to Amherst Tire as soon as I get out of here. And incidentally, North Carolina is staring to look really appealing...


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