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Oh yeah, and it was extremely hard to keep a straight face today in my sociology class when my professor started talking about -- off all things -- fanfiction. I'm serious! He studies pop culture and apparently fandom is one of his focuses, and so he started talking about CSI Fanfiction and I practically died.

One thing he's dedicated to tearing down the idea of is that if you're a fan of a particular person, work, etc. then you're using them as a role model. According to him this is nonsense since it makes things like women liking slash not make any sense, and I agree with him. I also pointed out that someone like me, a lesbian who likes slash, doesn't make any sense in that view either.

But still, I could not stop giggling about the fact that my college professor was actually talking about fanfiction. I love sociology.
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Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The Mindgamer

Everything is possible, nothing is ever really over.

Fanfiction is a creative outlet for you. You don't intentionally write it, it just happens. You find inspiration in several fandoms, but are not obsessed with only one.

You like to explore "what if" situations. What if this character had never made this very choice? What if this event had taken place sooner, never, elsewhere? What if these people had never met?

You are likely to write Alternative Universes, fan seasons or sequels and just follow your (sometimes pretty strange) plot bunnies.

Take The Fan Fiction Personality Test at OkCupid

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Top Scientists Get to the Bottom of Gay Male Sex Role Preferences

In fact, survey studies have found that many gay men actually self-identify as “versatile,” which means that they have no strong preference for either the insertive or the receptive role. For a small minority, the distinction doesn’t even apply, since some gay men lack any interest in anal sex and instead prefer different sexual activities.

They have scientifically found that the whole seme/uke personality thing is crap and backed up what I've been saying for years (that most men switch). So stop using those damn stereotypes.
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Put up the fourth bit of Mai-HiME Origin. I actually did it two days ago, but I was in the middle of something else and wasn't able to follow through with anything else. So yes, I'm still working on it, it's just fallen by the wayside lately.
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Finally satisfied with part III of Origin, so I put it up on le writing journal here. Hopefully now that I'm not occupied with school work things'll get easier from here.

Also, in light of the California Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage I feel vindicated that the prediction I made three months ago that they'd use equal protection as a reason the law was unconstitutional proved to be correct. Just out of curiosity I found the court's ruling and read through (most) of it, and they more or less did what I thought they'd do.

It's also nice to see the justices strike down a lot of the arguments that have been presented against it rationally and using law as their basis, as it means in the future other people can use them to back up their claims that this is unfair in other states, and effectively starts a chain reaction. In particular I thought it was interesting that they affirmed that giving same-sex couples an institution that's not marriage inherently implies that there is something wrong or less valuable about their relationships and justifies people treating them badly. It makes sense, I just hadn't heard it put like that before.

Said document (which, dial up users beware, is a 172 page PDF) is here for the curious. I'm also tempted to email it to Stella (the teacher) to see what she thinks if she hasn't seen it already.
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So what have I been up to?

Got to disc 2 of Metal Gear Solid, and am definitely seeing why it is sometimes referred to as "The best movie I ever played." Also... stairs! The last hour of disc 1 seemed to be made of nothing but stairs. Gah... You also know things have gotten weird when you realize that you just beat a Hind D helicopter on foot, with only a bunch of stinger missiles. I'm good. -3-

Also making some progress on writing Mai-HiME Origin. I think I've gotten to the point that I can stop with the exposition and get to the good parts -- IE the fighting. I'm torn between wanting to get to the good bits but wanting to develop the characters adequately so what happens to them actually means something on a deeper level, but it's getting easier. Ironically the chapter where everything starts to go bad in the fourth one, which is rather appropriate given the Japanese association of four with death. That wasn't intended, but it turned out that way.

I'm also finally focusing on the character of Mashiro after only a brief mention, but that's at least partially intentional. My Mashiro is more or less a blank slate, and what happens later shapes her into what we saw in the series. I'm also trying to make a point about where the term HiME may have come from, since real princesses were more or less political pawns who were manipulated for other's purposes, and most of the HiME we see are in the same boat. I'm also aware that what I'm writing is dark, but that's just a reflection of the time it's set in. Tokugawa Japan was not a nice place.

So anywho, that's how I've been spending my time. That and working and meeting up with the family for Mother's Day Chinese food, which went over pretty well with the usual weirdness. And I have to open up again tomorrow, so I'm going to take a bath (since we have a new water heater and the water is actually hot again -- as in turn you into a lobster hot) and crash out.

Also, if I haven't mentioned it before, Stella-cat came home a few days ago and is doing well. They think she had some sort of intestinal problem, but she has her appetite back. We have to space her meals out and give her medicine, and with the latter she's gotten her claws into me a few times. Cats don't take getting medicine well, but it's done out of love. Not sure she gets that, but luckily holding grudges isn't her strong suite. ;)
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Before I get to the awkwardness, here's part II of the Mai-HiME thing, and thanks to the people who took a look!

Now, awkwardness. Today in Sociology class we briefly skimmed over sexual and gender identities, and that's always fun. *sarcasm* I could actually see the guy next to me go into "deer in headlights" mode as soon as we got into the area of transsexual vs. transgender. It doesn't help that the genderqueer community hasn't even figure out all of its definitions yet.

Oh, and I thoroughly confused everyone with my explanation of bigender. As progressive as Greenfield is, they still have trouble thinking outside of the gender binary. I kept from saying that I identified as bigender (though some might have picked up on it) just so no one would come up to me and ask if I had testes or something like that.

Yup, this area's a minefield. I should just direct people to online articles from now on if they want to know what I mean. *headdesk* Though it was pretty funny when someone referenced "Stupid Sexy Flanders" during the sexual orientation discussion.
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... I started finally working on the Mai-HiME prequel fic that I've had up in my headspace for a while now. Or in other words, my monkeying around with the HiME-verse and putting in references to Edo Japan. And kick-ass chicks. Yay!

I put the first chapter here and have a couple in the works at the moment. Knowing my procrastinatory tendencies (is that even a word?) I'm trying to get this done fairly quickly before I lose interest in it, so I've set a deadline of sorts for it to be finished, mainly before I actually go off to Japan itself.

So anywho, some of you might have that be relevant to your interests. Who am I kidding, I just want feedback. But in all seriousness, I'm glad my muse is apparently still alive, she's just been in a coma for the last few months. I didn't name her Inconstante (literally "fickle") for nothing.
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Would usually put this on [ profile] fanficrants, but I don't want to spam them twice in one day.

Fanfic author? Lime green text on a grey background? Bad idea. Very bad idea. This is why on my writing journal I have it go to the non-journal format under the cuts. Blinding your readers is not good business. >_<

*shakes head* That was an unpleasant surprise.


Mar. 20th, 2008 10:40 pm
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Humanity has made me very sad.

There is a Bible section of And it is full of Mary Sues.

I am not making this up.

You may weep now, and/or provide snarky commentary.

And yes, I realize Dante is a Canon Sue. But he was actually decently written.

And we've been metaquoted now. I'd feel like an idiot, but it's not worth getting upset over. :?

In short, there goes the last of my innocence. *faints*
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I've been bad, neglecting my crack pairing like that. I've started to put together an FST due to it being Crack Pairings month over at [ profile] fst. I'm talking about Hokuto and Tomoyo, whom I've been nursing a plot bunny for but forgot about for a few months. I just really want those girls to be happy, damn it. So maybe I'll get back to that in the near future.
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Picked up Gunslinger Girl volume 6 yesterday, and man... That series really taps into the pathos of the reader, and that's why I find it so intriguing.

Wherein I wax philosophical and give spoilers up to the current volume )

In related news, I've managed to get a few more chapters of the [ profile] 30_wounds challenge out, and on I've gotten a few followers who comment just about with each one. A couple I'm not satisfied with (and neither are the readers) but the entire thing's a learning experience in the first place, and overall I've happy with it. It's certainly unlike anything else I've ever done.
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I don't usually get worked up over [ profile] fandomsecrets things, but this one got under my skin:

"I don't think it's unreasonable to be skeptical that someone is a lesbian when all they read/write is yaoi... why do people get so defensive?"

And you, my anonymous friend, have just shown yourself to be someone who has never had their sexuality questioned by someone else. Say that out loud to yourself a couple times. Really.

Rant beneath )
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I just found a Funny Aneurysm Moment in one of my own fics. From "98.6 Degrees Of Separation":

Anyone else would have lost their arm for that, but Tomoyo was his weak spot, and all he could do was ruffle her hair and smile wickedly at her. Good times, back then, which made them all the more easy to miss.

*twitch* That was from May. Ah well, at least it's sort of funny in retrospect. ^_^;

In other news, did a ficlet for xxxHolic over at Ye Olde Writing Journal that I actually started a while ago. Finally finished it up and stuck it up there.

And randomly, it's going to get under my skin every time I see an airbag go off on TV or in the movies where they don't have the white powdery propelant come out. That stuff gets absolutely fucking everywhere, and it smells horrible. So yeah. New pet peeve.
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Well, in an attempt to remedy the severe lack of Hokuto/Tomoyo I did my own thing over at Ye Olde Writing Journal after thoroughly failing to make progress on anything else. The fact that I have a headache that seems to be getting worse by the minute doesn't help, but hey, Shoujo-ai fixes everything.

It's probably part 1 of 3, and I have a rough outline of the story in my head. It's mostly

(A) an excuse to write Hokuto and Tomoyo together using the Tsubasa verse (which just seems to be asking for this sort of thing)
(B) an excuse to try and explain why Hokuto hasn't shown up in TRC yet, though my fingers are crossed that she'll at least make a cameo
(C) give two of my favorite questionably and canonically lesbian characters ever some love and
(D) because I really want to write some femslash and these two are my crack pairing.

Might even submit it to if I finish it and think it's good enough. Really, why isn't there more CLAMP Yuri? There's not just gay guy subtext!

And random observation: The bass of the Vast track Japanese Fantasy sounds almost exactly like the one on Nine Inch Nails' Closer when heard on very low volume. Huh.
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JK Rowling outs Albus Dumbledore - He's gay!

"Oh, my god," Rowling concluded with a laugh, "the fan fiction."

Only up at this hour since I can't sleep. I thought maybe I'd find something interesting, and there you go! I can just about hear the internet erupting in gasps and cheers.

I always had a little bit of a suspicion about him that I could never quite explain, and it only makes the fact that Ian McKellan was considered for the role even funnier (he's an outspoken gay activist). I guess she couldn't say it in the books themselves, but good for her for making a multi-faceted gay character even if she didn't reveal him as such in canon.

Reminds me of the time in Gay and Lesbian lit that some girl, after hearing that Ian McKellan was gay, suddenly looked up with a shocked expression and said "Gandalf's gay?"

Edit: Apologies if you've already seen this 20+ times, but this was literally the first thing I saw when logging in last night. You heard it first from me!
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I have a new Tsubasa thing over on Ye Olde Writing Journal. I got the idea from the "time" prompt on the [ profile] kuroxfai community and it gave me something else to concentrate on in the wake of all this scholarship stuff, as it seems that nothing big in my life can ever happen subtly or without knocking me clean off my feet.

Speaking of scholarship stuff, Jon both told me to go for it and went and gave me most of next week off to work on said scholarship stuff. I can't express how grateful I am for that, and I'm already breathing a bit easier. Still waiting on word from the people I've contacted about the required recommendation letters, but they have their own lives. It still feels weird to even be asking people do to that, since I hate to feel like I'm imposing. But as people keep telling me, most people (teachers especially) will be more than happy to try and help me out. I'm not used to that feeling, but to be fair not because no one's ever done it - but once again because of the imposing thing.

It's too late to go too far into that, but writing the essays for the application has gotten me thinking about some things. And even if this doesn't work out the experience itself is important (though I hope it does work out). But hey, take it in stride, that's my motto. The trick will be to keep that up.
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Well, I think I managed to do something productive with the nightmare I had last night. Since it seemed to be subconscious jab to get back to that challenge I went and turned it into an entry for the writing prompt (with a few modifications) though I hope my Muse doesn't keep giving me that type of dream simply because they're so disturbing. At least I hope it was just a writing thing...

Anyway, said thing is here if people are curious, though I'd give it a PG-13 or even R rating for violent content. I also snuck in a reference to Medea from the Aeneid, since I could think of no better way to describe a cruel person who willingly hurts kids that wasn't too obvious. At least it's out of my head now.
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I blame Dave Matthews Band.

A while back I was looking for something to trigger me, and well... it worked too well. What started out as a Clow/Yuuko drabble quickly turned into a 1688 word five-part thing. It actually worked out rather well, I think, and hopefully it's not too confusing where I switch the setting from the modern time to the past.

Lately I've also taken to putting quotes at the beginning of things, with mixed results. I think in Orpheus I scared people off with the long quote at the beginning, so for this one I used a one sentence one from Frank Herbert (of Dune fame) which I think illustrates my point.

This thing was actually an amalgamation of several different ideas I'd had (Yuuko visiting Tomoeda, for instance) and some other stuff. I also have a fanmix in the works for these two, including the song (Two Step) that inspired this thing.
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Out of boredom (and a lack of progress on my other stuff) I got a claim at [ profile] 30_wounds for Triela and Hillshire from Gunslinger Girl. I tried to do a [ profile] 30_kisses theme a while ago for another fandom but couldn't come up with romance on the fly like that, so I opted for injury and violence instead. *ironic laugh*

But really, I love Gunslinger Girl for the unrepentant nature of the violence in it, as weird as that sounds. Essentially, I like the fact that it doesn't try to justify it and treats it like the horrible thing it is. I like that sort of rawness to it.

This project is also a shameless excuse to use the new writing journal *shameless plug* for something other than archiving older stuff. I've got 6 out of the thirty written and three published so far. I just hope I don't get burnout and do them too quickly, so I'm trying to pace myself. With any luck this'll turn out to be worthwhile and give me a project I can go back to in spurts.

For now, though, I'm tired and have the early shift tomorrow. I'll probably watch a bit of CSI and go to bed. At least I've got new work pants (with ScotchGard, no less) and it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so maybe I'll get a chance to work on these later tomorrow.


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