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Mar. 31st, 2012 09:39 pm
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I forgot to mention it, but the whole renewing the lease thing worked out, since the landlord is (as I suspected) willing to work with us if something happens that means one or both of us need to move out before the end of the lease as long as there's adequate notice.

And I'm already looking to have a busy week next week, since I'm DJing a school event on Tuesday (which for the record is not something I'm getting paid for except in reputation and seeing people I might not have seen for a while) since the particular timeslot for it is hard for people with classes to cover, and that's not a problem for me! And then Thursday going to this new doctor to try and get some answers on the low progesterone thing.

Oh, and an interview on Friday with a place I submitted and application to this week. That was a nice surprise.

I've spent most of this weekend cleaning up the apartment, especially since with this lease nonsense worked out it looks like I'll be here for a while longer. The other day I had a coupon that I used to get a tablecloth for the new table, but when I got it back home and put it in the room it was too dark! So today I went back and exchanged it for a lighter colored one, and it looks great. It was also two bucks cheaper than the one I originally got as a bonus, so they gave me that back (ironically, that savings comes out to just about what the fare to get out there was).

After I exchanged it I then went to my friend Lisa's and we watched a few movies, including Airplane! which neither she or her other friend Steven had ever seen. As soon as I found out they hadn't seen it I knew we had to watch it, and they seemed to enjoy it. Lisa was then going to meet up with some other friends of hers in Davis, and I considered going along but was too tired, especially since I walked from Bed Bath & Beyond to her place since it was a nice day (and to say T fair since it would only be two stops). I've also noticed that my sore throat seems to get worse at night, and I think it probably is allergies at this point, so that's the other reason I decided to go home instead. Plus I have stuff I have to do tomorrow. 
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Since I found a recipe for the curry they made in Mawaru Penguindurum (a series a friend of mine got me into) we decided to get a bunch of nerds together and make it. It was quite good, and despite the fact that I burned the roux at one point because I wasn't used to the stove at the friend's apartment where we held it the curry turned out really tasty. I even managed to get the right kind of curry and avoid setting my mouth on fire.

Also I managed to get up there with relatively few problems, except my phone battery died and it turns out I took the stupidly complicated way instead of the more straightforward way. Oh well. I also have to remember to maybe look for apartments up there in the future, since this person's apartment was huge and really nice for the price. I think the bathroom alone in that place was larger than my bedroom right now.

We also watched the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie, and one thing I came to realize is that in Utena, if you think something sounds kind of fucked up, it’s probably exactly as bad if not worse than you think it is. Mainly, if you think that it kind of looks like her brother’s sexually abusing her, you’re not only right but it’s worse than you imagined. I would also announce “incoming mindfuck!” at certain points.

We also determined that if you decided to make a drinking game out of everytime there was a rose on screen or they said the word “rose” you’d be dead in five minutes from alcohol poisoning.

Also, it’s best to watch that movie with people who have no idea what’s going to happen because seeing their faces when the acid really kicks in is absolutely priceless. The part that had me rolling on the floor was when my friend made a comment about the sketching scene with the joke from Titanic about “draw me like one of your French girls” and then it really did turn out to be exactly that since Utena was actually naked, but it took a minute for them to actually show that. And what’s even funnier is that Utena and that movie came out in the same year.

Oh, and the car scene had exactly the reaction I expected. Mainly, two different people said that their brain checked out right about then.
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So The Secret World of Arietty was really good, and I think Ghibil was probably the perfect studio to make it since so much of it depends on little tiny details that people normally wouldn't notice, like how water would behave differently if you were that small. The only real complaint I have is that it felt short, like there was more to the story that didn't get told, but it's pretty minor all things considered. I also vaguely remember the books from when I was a kid, and it felt very faithful to them. I was impressed by the fact that Arietty really did sound and act like a 14 year old girl.

It was also kind of funny to see the split of people in the theater since it was about 40% families with small kids and 60% obvious nerds like myself and the ground I was with. And Carol Burnett of all people is a voice in it, and when I saw her name in the credits I tried to guess who it was. I was right, since she has a very unique frantic energy that came across in the character she played. The score is also really nice and very Celtic influenced, which makes sense since the woman who wrote it is French Canadian.

Afterwards the group was kind of indecisive so I took the reins and declared we were going to a pizza place by my house, so we all trekked up here and wound up watching the end of the hockey game that was on TV. I hadn't known there was a hockey game, but luckily it wasn't here or the place would've been packed. We then went to Bova's for pastries and I got the (delectable) pecan pie square they have, and from there we split.

All in all a good day.
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Technically I guess I am, but I'm going to see The Secret World of Arrietty, the new Studio Ghibli film, with my friend Sam tonight. He'd talked about it earlier and we decided to do it tonight. I already reserved my tickets online in case it's packed.

And given how much I've been sneezing it does appear something's bothering my allergies. I'll take an antihistamine before I go to the movie, and make sure it's the non-drowsy type.
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Glad to say that I successfully managed to roast a whole chicken last night without completely smoking up my apartment. It's been on the list of "stuff I should probably learn how to do now that I'm an adult" and I did the math and realized it's more economical to get a whole chicken and use it for several things. It was even cooked to the right internal temperature and everything!

*proud of self*

I also currently want to strangle a friend of mine through texts since he's pulling the same thing he always does. It always starts with him saying "Want to hang out?" and I say "Sure! Where should we go?" and he says "I dunno" so I say "How about X?" and then he says "Not today."

*dropkicks into sun*

And he wonders why people don't hang out with him more. He sabotages his own social life enough that he might as well wear wooden shoes. And worse, he's one of the few friends of mine who is actually in the area at the moment since classes don't start until the middle of the month. Gah!
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I finally got pissed off enough at Firefox to switch to Chrome, especially since Firefox kept rolling over and dying on certain sites. I'll still keep it around, but trying out new things isn't bad.

The only downside is that I can't figure out how to get my comic RSS feeds back like I had them. I'll keep playing around with it.

The other day I went to go see The Muppets with a few friends of mine, and it was really good. That's definitely a family movie in the sense that both adults and kids can enjoy it. I was also really amused to see Dave Grohl in one scene, and half the fun of those movies is the cameos. Jim Parsons also shows up, though I won't say the exact circumstances. Needless to say, when he did everyone I was with burst out laughing. It was also good in that it had real emotional substance. That's right, a movie about puppets got more of an emotional response out of me than most of the movies I've seen so far this year. The visual cameos of Jim Henson also had me reaching for the tissues.

After that we went to Fire & Ice, and had to wait about an hour since there was a party of 126 people there. I don't see how you could think that a party that big there would be a good idea. For those who don't know, at Fire & Ice you load up your bowl with food and then you watch them cook it on a big grill in the center. It's pretty fun, but with a party that big there is was a night of lines. The group I was with was pretty fun though, so it all worked out.

I'm still working on my seminar paper, but I'm almost done with it. I actually work with another kid in my class, so we're going to look each other's work over before we submit. I also have to memorize my Japanese dialog, but I think I can do that.
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Guess who's very likely seeing Captain America tomorrow with some friends?

Moi! I'll go to work half an hour early so I can leave half an hour early to get down to the theater in time. And assuming I don't melt I can get the tickets when I take my lunch break, since I'm bringing lunch tomorrow anyway.

I honestly can't remember what the last movie I saw in theaters was. I think it was Inception, which would have been nearly a year ago. Good God.


Jul. 2nd, 2010 11:31 am
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A random snippet from a conversation a few days ago when I mentioned that I'll be 21 in September:

Krys: Oh hun, we have to go out and do something fun! We can go out, get you a nice little cocktail...
Me: Cocktail? Are you kidding, I'm having a beer! Give me a nice cold Sam Adams!

I think we can blame my dad for this.
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So besides getting sick Saturday night the last few days have been pretty quiet. That Saturday after the ultimately unwise lunch I tagged along with Krys and a friend of his around the shopping area for a bit. His friend is a cool guy and a drag queen who's a fun guy, though unfortunately the drag event he's participating in is 21+ so I won't be able to see it.

After we split up with him Krys and I went to Fanueil Hall, and while we missed all the Pride events we just wandered around for a bit looking at things. I wanted to go over to the Aquarium to look at the seals outside for a bit, so we watched them and were amused. I still think they look like swimming sausages and they always cheer me up. At that point the food was probably starting to kick in and I was starting to feel a bit funny, so I took the T home while he walked home.

A few days ago, possibly Thursday (I honestly don't remember at this point) I was walking home from the train through the park when I passed in front of a Japanese temple bell from the 1600s that's there (the actual story of how it got there is kind of convoluted and I don't remember it off the top of my head) but some asshole had left their trash in front of it. Now back in April some other asshole had graffitied "420" on that same bell and almost sent me into a frothing rage, but luckily the parks department took it off pretty quickly.

Well, seeing the trash out there pissed me off, so I marched over there, picked it up and threw it in a trashcan. I then continued on my way, and after a little bit an older gentleman who had been walking behind me thanked me for doing that and asked if I was natively from Boston. I replied that I wasn't, and he said that explained it since he was just used to it. Interesting experience, also a bit troubling.
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Good God this week has been boring, but it's over now.

As much as I don't like the indigestion caused by schoolwork at least it means people are around and there are things to do, but with so few people back yet it's basically just Krys and me, and counting tonight I've seen him three times this week. I don't mind hanging out with him, and helping him clean up his apartment (again) before his mother comes next week was worth it for the free dinner and the two vacuum pumps for food that the former tenants had left, which I took one of quite gratefully (I'd been thinking of buying one of those for myself anyway).

I remember talking to my Dad when I was at home about singers who, frankly, have really shitty voices but still write good songs and somehow pull them off, among them Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Well, when flipping through songs on my MP3 player I found another honorary member of the Shitty Voice Club, and that would be Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. Don't get me wrong, I like some of the Pumpkins' songs (though I'm by no means an expert) but dear lord he has a shitty voice.

Hopefully next week will be less boring.
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So my friend Krys called me up today and asked how I was doing. I was glad to hear from him, and then he reminded me of why I was helping him clean his kitchen last week.

He asked me what I knew about treating food poisoning. My next question was of course who he managed to poison, and his answer was himself. By eating half a gallon of ice cream that he didn't know was spoiled.

My first reaction of course was that he should take himself to a hospital, but he said he's out of danger and just dealing with very bad indigestion, so I recommended something mild and root beer or ginger ale.

I shouldn't have, but I laughed as he was telling this story, if only because this is the same guy who had something that used to be a sandwich growing in his sink last week and appears to have mold on the inside of his oven. I sprayed enough disinfectant on his entire kitchen to kill pretty much everything, but I didn't get the inside of his freezer, obviously. He also apparently had a spoiled gallon of milk on his counter for over a week that was causing a stink.

Holy crap, we need to get that boy a serious education or a maid before he kills himself or someone else.
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I'm doing better today, am still pissed off but not a blubbering mess like yesterday. It helps that I went into church today and was able to commiserate with people there.

I can tell that it's getting cold and dry since I had a spontaneous nosebleed as I was working in the kitchen. I politely dismissed myself for the sake of not getting my blood everywhere, though it stopped pretty quickly.

Since there's the whole spirit of Thanksgiving thing going around right now I was thinking about what I'm thankful for, and here's what I came up with:

1. I'm thankful for my family, who support me and keep me going when things seem too hard to handle
2. I'm thankful for my friends both on and offline for being there for me and for being willing to give up most of their day to keep me company while I bawl my eyes out
3. I'm thankful for my extended family of UUs and their unconditional support for me and other LGBT people
4. I'm thankful for this city and this state for being a leader in civil rights on the local and national stage


Sep. 3rd, 2009 08:16 pm
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Well despite the stove mishap we had earlier the top burners do work, so I'm not going to be relying completely on TV dinners until Tuesday. As I thought the inside of the oven and the burners use different circuits, and the fact that the apartment is not on fire proves my theory. I'm quite glad.

I met up with Krys earlier and we hung out for a while until he left to unpack some more of his place, and then later he came back and we went shopping for dinner. I used part of the rotisserie chicken I bought yesterday to make white bean chili, which he'd never had before.

IT WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS. We added onions and garlic to it and played with the spices, so it's hot but not too hot and no one flavor overpowers it. Krys said it would be good when you're sick since the spice would help clean out your chest cavity. One bowl was also enough to fill me up pretty well, so I'll have to write down the recipe I used with our alterations and give it to him.

Oh, and we have at least 3 servings as leftovers that I'm going to refrigerate and save for later with Nadia and Jen. I also bought this product called "Better Than Bullion" that my mother introduced me to and that makes great soup stock, and I can also make egg drop soup now.

I think I also figured out how to set up the TV in what could liberally be called a living room and leave us closet space. As Krys and I were sitting on the futon (with the horse painting newly hung over it, pictures to come) I saw one of the end tables we had, which I'd left in front of the door, and had a brilliant idea. I took the TV and put it on the lower end, and sure enough it fits. Now all I have to do is get an extension cord so I can hook it up to an outlet in my room through a surge protector and hook up the cable box. I'm actually quite proud of myself on that one, but it'll have to wait for tomorrow.

It also turns out that there's a pharmacy right around the corner, so I'll get my albuterol refilled there. While moving in I was fighting off an asthma attack, but since I'm in an area where I'll have to walk a lot and where there's more pollution it'll be good to have just in case. I haven't had a full fledged attack in months, but better safe than sorry.

And being so close to Fenway Park there are lots of cops on the streets around the park, and I'm glad to see them there. This area's relatively low crime compared to most of Boston, and it's good to know that the cops are keeping an eye out.
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My new pots and pans showed up today, and they are nice (thank you Mom!) to the point that I was a bit surprised that I can see myself in them. Now I am going to have to cook a lot to justify having these things! They're stainless steel and very nice, and supposedly won't need as much heat to cook things with since they conduct it so well. Of course I'll probably burn some stuff before I get used to that.

My friend Krys is going to be jealous of these pans, I can tell. He only lives a few blocks away, so we'll have to have each other for dinner. And no, I don't mean in a cannibalistic sense. (Realized the double meaning of that after I typed it)

It turns out that the things showing up yesterday were the blender and something else, we went down to the store to get the pans today. I was surprised how light it was when I picked up the box, and it turns out that these things are really light. Hopefully I'll have them for the next 20+ years, but all things considered we got them for a steal (thank you Mom again!).

But enough about the pots, it's my friend Jon's birthday tomorrow, but since I know he has an LJ I won't spoil what I got him. I'll just say it's silly. :)
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I think one of my styles of learning might best be described as "nutsheller", since I tend to compress difficult concepts down to little nutshells that I can process.

For instance, I cracked open a book for my Legal Foundation of Democratic Capitals book (and yeah, just by the name you can tell it's a dense course) read for a few minutes, and then paused and realized that I hadn't understood a word of it. So I grabbed my notebook and began to write down the essential ideas of the points presented, effectively condensing 3 pages of very dense text down to 25 lines in my notebook, and now I get it! I think I can see what my high school teacher meant when he called me a "blue sword", meaning that I cut right to the point of something with my way of thinking.

Earlier today as I was in Diversity Services I got a call from Jamie asking if I'd like to go to the Y again, and just as I was heading towards the library to get the pass she called and told me that she'd just been in the library, and they were out of passes. As she was saying this I asked where she was, and sure enough I turned around and she was walking towards me down the hill. I had just known that was going to happen. After that we went up to her room for a while and watched silly videos until her roommate came back, and since he roommate had a cold and wanted to sleep I made myself scarce.

Later tonight I'm going to go to the Improv group's show with Kris. When I saw him today I practically tackled him and said "I haven't seen you all week!" since I really haven't. We seem to have just missed each other several times in a row this week. Hopefully we'll make up for it this weekend. It's our friend Alexa's birthday this weekend and Kris is planning a party for her tomorrow night, and I'm debating going considering what happened last time, though I might just leave early again. I can stand that sort of party for a while, but eventually I need to flee back to my own space.
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The school had its annual activities fair where the clubs try to recruit new members, and I stayed with the Rainbow table for the most part. Hilarity almost ensued when one of the College Republicans came up to me and tried to put a sticker with their name on it on me, and I almost considered sneaking up on one of them and sticking one of our pins (the name of the University written in rainbow letters) on them to see how they liked it. I didn't, if only to avoid starting a fight, but it would have been hilarious. One health-oriented group was also handing out shaving cream and tampons, which someone called a "puberty kit", of which I took two. What? I need that stuff!

I also went swimming and hot-tubbing today with Jamie, her roommate and her friend Dani, thanks to a deal that the school has with the Chinatown YMCA that allows students to get day passes from the library. Jamie told me about it the other day and after we'd finished our work we went down to get the passes and then over there.

It was actually fairly nice, and I spent most of the time in the hot-tub but a bit of time in the pool, where I found that not all of my experiences on my brief stint on a swim team have completely gone from my muscle memory. We had to wear swim caps in the pool, and Jamie cracked me up by calling her cap a "head condom". I had forgotten just how tight those things are.

After we got back the college improv group had a performance downstairs that I went to, and I ended up getting roped into a skit where me and another guy had to "pose" the actors as they acted out a scene. It was pretty wild, though I wish they hadn't cracked as many gay jokes as they did. They have another show coming up on Saturday with other area groups, and since it's free I'll definitely go.

One of the nose pads on my glasses detached during the show, apparently the part that goes around the screw holding the pad to the frame snapped. I know that I've seen eyeglass repair kits at CVS that have replacement nose pads, so I'll have to stop by tomorrow to find one as at least a temporary solution. I can still wear them, but it's not especially comfortable.
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Officially done with finals. Boo yeah. Now I just have to killed 24 hours between now and when I get to go home. Phooey.

The last final wasn't too bad, though I had to roll my eyes at the antics of a specific sector of the class who remind me of the people I went to high school with in a bad way. University procedure is that we fill out an evaluation of the course and instructor anonymously without the professor in the room, and these folks were giggling the entire time and saying that they were giving him 1s for everything. Jerks.

I volunteered to take the envelope to the English department after class, which I did before coming to Diversity Services. I actually liked that teacher, and I had quite a few good conversations with him after class since we're from the same area of the state and I actually was interested in the course material, unlike the aforementioned jerks. Basically, as usual I turned into a teacher's pet without meaning to, but I really can't see that as a bad thing.

I managed to do something to my ankle last night, so I bandaged it up this morning in an attempt to reinforce it. Not sure how that happened, but I can't put too much weight on it right now without wincing. For some reason the skin on my forehead is flaking too, so that was pretty embarrassing this morning. I'll just wear a hat all day and moisturize again when I get home. It was also hard for me to get to sleep last night, and that was not at all helped by my roommates chatting with each other at two in the morning. I'm not usually very aggressive but I actually told them to shut up so I could get some sleep. I only have to put up with them for one more night before the break, which can't come soon enough.

Not sure what else I'll do today besides pack, especially since the weather is pretty crappy. My friend Jamie says that she has something for me (and incidentally I feel bad about having nothing for her, though I might make a stop to see if I can find something on the way back home) but that's just about it.

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I just took a nap. I never take naps. I usually feel worse after taking one, but I was just too tired this afternoon after I finished my math final.

One final left, then home. I also managed to sell several of my books back for a little bit of cash, but annoyingly I can't sell the ones from the Civil War class since they won't use them again. Oh well, I can give them to my dad if need be.

At 8 I'm going to meet up with my friend Rob and a group of his friends to go to his goodbye party at a place called Fire + Ice (it's similar to a place that used to be in Western Mass where you pick out individual ingredients and they cook it in front of you on a gigantic grill), since he's abandoning us going to school in Maine next semester! I'll miss my big squishy friend, but we've made him promise to visit us.

And I'm currently encoding the long awaited video of me at the drag show. Despite spending Friday night and Saturday morning at his house Kris and I both managed to forget about it, but he brought it today. Unfortunately it was taken on a digital camera and the quality is shit and I had to rotate the thing, but you can still make out the important bits. I'll try to get that uploaded tonight once it finishes encoding. And in retrospect I am A.) a dork B.) not a dancer at all and C.) given away as a woman by my child-bearing hips. Oh well. I've mentioned my devious plan to maybe do a reprise with someone else, maybe sometime next semester for the Spring showcase.
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I did end up going up to see what Jamie was up to, and it turns out that she was watching Rent. I know about the musical and saw it once a long time ago, but I wasn't expecting the scene where Tracie Thoms comes out wearing a suit and tie ensemble with suspenders. *drool* Needless to say I was slightly distracted from that point on every time she was on screen.

Amusingly enough that was followed by a scene of another character (a stripper) doing a striptease, which I decidedly did not find sexy. I actually find women hotter in clothes than not, thank you very much. I also mentioned to Jamie the dancers who were at the Boston Common tree lighting, and we both agreed that it was a bit hard to enjoy the performance considering what the women had to wear. I was reminded of this webcomic strip.

It also turns out that some jerk took the light bulbs out of one of the elevators, which means that it's pitch dark in there. Not a fun experience do be going down in that thing like that. *grumbles*

And watching the news Obama's doing what I thought he would do by tapping into the "New Deal" idea. If he's smart he'll extend it to making new solar and wind plants as well.
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My legs are going to hurt tomorrow. I'd decided that I'd go to the Frog Pond skating rink at least once this semester, so because I was bored and had already done my homework I called up Jamie and we went over. Remarkably I managed to not fall on my ass once during that, though I did scream like a little girl and nearly fall over several times. It was pretty fun, and it wasn't as crowded as it usually was. My legs, however, will hurt tomorrow morning.

By chance we also happened to run into Kris and Jocelyn there, and despite myself I ended up snickering at the fact that Kris can't skate, and it's quite funny to watch him. He can dance, but he apparently doesn't know how to do the right leg motions (IE don't try to walk like normal, push off at an angle using the muscles on the sides of your legs) but I have an advantage since I've both rollerbladed and skied for years, which more or less uses the same group of muscles as ice skating. I still can't skate backwards, though, and some of the guys who were there (including one Kris kept watching and considered giving his number to -- he's such a flirt) were pretty amazing.

After that Jamie and I went to a place called UFood that's right behind us, and they do have pretty good food. Earlier we'd looked into a place on Tremont St, but there's some smell in there that made me feel a bit ill, so we went elsewhere. It's the same smell that's in Panera a lot, and it has the net effect of making me feel woozy. Not sure what it is, but UFood was pretty good, and pretty filling. We then came up to my room and had a bit of cocoa, and it occurred to me that a lot of people probably think that me and Jamie are gay, though she's cool about it. I'm pretty sure the guys at UFood (one of whom she used to date) thought that, but she was mainly laughing at that. I think I have the effect of making nearly every woman I'm with look gay when we're out somewhere. Maybe that's why most of my friends in high school were guys (mostly a joke).

This Wednesday they're going to light the tree on the Common and have a party, and I basically have no excuse not to go considering that I can literally see them setting it up out the window. :P


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