Sep. 9th, 2009 06:44 pm
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Well, my ass is saved on one front.

I not only got the work study paperwork, but barring a theoretical major problem I got a position in Diversity Services! I won't actually see any money from it for a few weeks, but at least it's there.

Now if I cold just land a co op it would be hunky doory.

Watching Obama's speech right now, and I can see why I couldn't be a political speaker. Mainly, that after the first 10 seconds of people cheering I'd launch into "STOP CLAPPING!" yelling and telling them to shut up so I could talk.


Jun. 9th, 2009 05:39 pm
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I got Federal Work Study!!!

Seriously though, that makes it so much easier. It's only $2000 for the whole year, but compared to the $0 from last year it's a godsend. It also means that I have something to fall back on in case the co-op thing falls through (which it shouldn't, but after this year I've come to expect the worst). I've also got a "trustees' scholarship" "grandfathered tuition" (whatever that means) and a "president incentive loan" that becomes a grant as soon as I graduate. Also two loans that come up to quite a bit, but it's better than nothing!

*cartwheels around for a bit*

Since I have that work study I could theoretically work for the Restorative Justice center one of my former professors runs, and it would be great to work with her. She's also more or less a God in that area, and I remember really liking her.

So that's looking up very much. Yay!


Apr. 7th, 2009 11:38 am
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Vermont overrides Governor's Veto

In a tense and emotional session on the statehouse floor, the Vermont house voted, 100-49, at 11 a.m. on Tuesday to override Governor Jim Douglas' veto of same-sex marriage legislation. Following an earlier vote by the senate, 23-5, to override the veto, this means that same-sex marriage legislation may go forward to become law in Vermont. Vermont will become the first state to institute same-sex marriage legislatively.

I'm not used to being this happy on days so close together about this issue (sadly I'm more used to bad news)! First Iowa, now Vermont! I saw a photo from Iowa the other day of someone holding a sign that said "This is for you, California." To everyone there, don't give up, we're winning!

Oh yeah, and take that, Governor Douglas! What about the will of people now, huh? This is what we call being served.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 11:29 am
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Iowa Supreme Court rules unanimously that same sex marriages must be allowed

“The Iowa statute limiting civil marriage to a union between a man and a woman violates the equal protection clause of the Iowa Constitution,” the justices said in a summary of their decision.

"The court has ruled today that when two Iowans promise to share their lives together, state law will respect that commitment, regardless of whether the couple is gay or straight," Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal and Iowa House Speaker Pat Murphy said in a joint statement.

I think I'm about to cry, seriously. I saw that story on my news feed, grabbed Nick and spun him around for a moment in celebration and hugged Craig. Seriously, I've seen saying that once we get the midwest we've won. And it was u-fucking-nanimous!

That just made my day, seriously. Whatever's up there, thank you.
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I just got my first decent hit for a job in quite a while!

I've been helping a guy in the Boston area market his website (for money, of course, I'm not that generous) and after sticking my neck out and trying for a listing on said site, a few minutes later I got an email back asking for more information. I have to find a few references, though I have a feeling Craig will say yes to the email I just sent him asking if he'll do that for me. This lady on Beacon Hill is looking for someone to do odd jobs around the house.

I don't got back to Boston until Sunday, but this is very encouraging and may solve several problems at once!
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Good news: It's out! Early this morning I saw that she'd pushed it most of the way out, so I gave her a little help with the rest of it, and it's gone! I'm sure that we got the whole thing since the hair (which is what I think it is) was actually folded over inside of her. She's obviously getting sick of me groping her, and for now she's just resting, probably because she was straining for most of the night. There's also some food in there with her and plenty of water if she wants it, but so far she looks like she's doing alright and is mainly just tired.

I'm glad, since I was wondering if I'd have to take her to get surgery if this thing didn't come out, and then if I would have to do something like put her down if that failed. As I said before I've never had any problems of this sort with her before (or any problems, period) so I was especially worried, and combine that with the fact that I had only gotten 5 hours of sleep the previous night and wasn't feeling well myself and you have the recipe for a rough time emotionally.

It appears that we're out of the woods now since the thing blocking her intestines is gone, so hopefully in a few days she'll be back to her normal self. I did see her turn her head towards one of the crickets who passed her, which suggests that her appetite is coming back. But for now she just needs a little leopard gecko R & R.

Aww! ♥

Jun. 10th, 2008 08:59 pm
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Octogenarean lesbian couple to be first to wed in California

Martin, 87, and Lyon, 84, are lesbian activists who have been together for more than five decades.

Now this is justice -- people who've lived half a century together can finally have their love legally recognized. It's just sad that it took this long.
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Just got my final GCC grades:

Principles of Sociology: B+
English Comp II: Film and Lit: A
Comparative Politics: A
Constitutional Law: B+

Yay! Get ready for me, Suffolk!


May. 15th, 2008 04:13 pm
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California Court overturns gay marriage ban

"Domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage, the justices ruled 4-3 in striking down the ban."

Well, now the otherwise mediocre day I was having has gotten better. The system works! And even the Governator says he won't support a move to get this reversed.

So yeah, that made my day. And my faith in the system of law is somewhat renewed. Thank you, California Justices, for doing your job!
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Squeezed in just under the wire in terms of posting the last paper for my online politics class.

I did my paper on Kyrgyzstan (which I can now actually spell competently) and my instinct to pick the most corrupt of the former Soviet satellites proved correct in terms of finding information. They certainly took a few pages from the Soviets in terms of political suppression and media manipulation.

So now I only have to zap Stella (the professor) my final paper and take my last sociology test on Friday before I go to work, both of which I'm fairly competent about. All things considered that wasn't a bad semester, and I enjoyed most of it. It certainly makes a difference for me motivationally to actually like the stuff I'm working on and feel like I'm accomplishing something. I've definitely felt more motivated this year and have been getting stuff done in a flash.

Get ready Suffolk, here I come~!
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I just got an acceptance letter from Suffolk University. My first choice.


I can't believe that showed up so fast. I wonder if that means I'm a hot commodity. Just called up my Dad to tell him that, and he sounding surprised that it had arrived so soon. This is only about the second or third day they've been sending these out, and so far I'm 2 for 2 in terms of my schools.

For some reason I knew I'd be getting something like this when I was on my way home today. I was right!

*dances for joy*


Mar. 1st, 2008 05:16 pm
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Well, that showed up sooner than I was expecting.

I got an acceptance letter from SUNY Binghamton today. That one's basically my safety school, though I wouldn't mind going to it, since it's a very good public university that's not too far away from here and is in a very nice part of upstate New York.

As of right now I still have Suffolk University in Boston as my first choice, but I have several more lined up. This is the first such letter I've gotten saying either way what I've gotten into.

So yeah, that was a pleasant surprise. ^_^
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Intro to Criminal Justice: A-
English 105: A
American Politics: B
Intro to Psychology: B-

Consistent with how I usually do, though I ended up doing better than I thought in Psychology. Not bad at all for my first semester of college, all things considered.

Incidentally I made an appointment at that spa for next Saturday, so I think of it as a reward for doing well. ;)
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In an attempt to be positive, I won't go into how much my morning sucked and left me physically beaten up from opening at work, and instead focus on a very sweet thing that happened (to someone else):

Leslie, the DJ on Lazer, a local rock station, was obviously frazzled as she was doing the morning show, and admitted on the air that it was because her puppy had gotten out last night and she was worried that something had happened to him overnight since he hadn't come back. She got several calls in comforting her and assuring her that he'd be on her steps when she got home, but she was still obviously quite worried.

Then at about 9 she gets a call from a very tough sounding guy who asks were she lives (this part was cut out of the later broadcast so no one would stalk her) and this guy assures her that since he's a plow guy in her area he'll find the dog, since he's found other pets in the area and once found his in the middle of the highway after it got lost once (!). It was a nice gesture, and even better, he actually did find her dog about half an hour later! So there is some good in the world after all. :)
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Got an A on my Criminal Justice paper. Oh yeah. I was apparently one of only a few As in the class since most people didn't cite things right. The stupidest thing I did in the paper was spell "Works Cited" as "Works Sited". Whoops. The teacher actually made us really nervous as he was handing them back, but luckily he was just pulling our legs (again). So yeah. That's good, I was getting worried about that.

Ironically all of the papers I've done this semester for my classes have been incredibly depressing. I did this one piggybacking off of one I did in the High School Criminal Justice class (using some of the same resources but with a different focus) and some of what we've been doing in Psychology. It took quite some time to write, but I guess it was worth it. ^_^


Nov. 26th, 2007 04:47 pm
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Well, something was on my side today. We went down to the post office on my way to work and discovered that my insurance check had arrived and proceeded to go down to the dealer and start the paperwork. We then had over an hour to kill while they put the finishing touches on it. Mom and I had lunch at the diner across the street, and while we were there I made a call to the insurance company to let them know what we would be doing, and just as I was finished with that Jeremy called to let me know they were closing The Plant due to the rain, so I had the rest of the day free to sort this all out.

We then went to a tire place just to check out how much snow tires would be, and unfortunately I was right in my $500 estimate. I'll give getting some of those some thought, but I might not want to tempt fate this winter by not having them. I'll see what happens with that. After that we got me some work gloves that are decently dexterous, since the thin cotton ones I have don't do much for insulation, and then we went back over and picked up the car, complete with a full tank of gas and new floormats -- their gift. Lovely group of people over there, and my first oil change with them is not only free, but they'll pay my state inspection fee too! I'm definitely glad we looked at them, especially since they are literally right across the street from where I work.

So after that it was a matter of going back over to the insurance company and signing over the title, and then I went over to the High School to check up on the rec letters and found out they'd both been sent out last week, so UNC should be getting those within the week. After that I came home in the new car (which shall hence by known as Hotaru since the name stuck) and I've been trying to figure out how to change the clock. Unfortunately they didn't find a CD player for that one, but the guy over there said he'd keep an eye out for one and call us if he runs across one. But either way they've all been lovely, and I finally have wheels again! *does victory dance*
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Red Sox win the World Series, whoot!

Usually I don't give a flying crap, but this was actually a pretty good series. The Rockies had some good plays too, but we got 'em in the last inning.

And apparently now it's a tradition for the Catcher to jump the Pitcher before the obligatory whole-team dogpile. They did that in 2004 too, though I think they were different catchers. I am a bit tired of hearing about "Red Sox Nation" though, since it sounds like something the Marketing department cooked up.

And now hopefully people's sleep schedules will get back to normal, as everyone has been up watching the games. One of the newscasters just commented that in New England we're a bunch of zombies as a result.

*yawn* Well, I think I'll turn in. I'm certainly one of the zombies right now, and it looks like my Dad's in the same boat if how much he's blinking is any indication.
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Dear Amherst Regional High School:

Thank you for reminding me to today how much I both love and hate you.

Hate you for the Anvil of Angst™ you dropped on me as soon as I walked in the door and the fact that some idiot who'd just gotten their driver's license nearly rear ended me as I was leaving (way to check your blind spot, moron!).

Love you for the fact that the Guidance Office ladies are helpful in getting my stuff together and telling me what I need to know, and the fact that Mr. Malone was not only still in his office by the time I got there, but said he'd get my recommendation letter all set by tomorrow. He also reminded me why I love him as a teacher when he shook my hand for even getting offered the scholarship and having his jaw drop when I told him which school it was.

Otherwise, thank you for reminding me why I signed up for this Greenfield program and throughly convincing me that I made the right decision.

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I'll start with the important part.

I won my hearing, and the guy said he was "throwing me a bone" that I'm gladly taking. He said that tomorrow they'll send out three letters: One to me, one to my insurance company and one to the merit board to get the points taken off my record. I'll probably get a check in about a week with all the money back that I was charged. I'm certainly glad my insurance payments will go down, and I'm already breathing a little easier.

I'd be more excited if I didn't feel like absolute crap, so I think I might just take a nap today. After I got out of this hearing I went up to Northampton to the little anime store there, and sure enough they had xxxHolic 10 (which I hadn't been able to find anywhere).

I then went back to Amherst and got my checks before I went to lunch at a place called The Fresh Side, which I found out has Asian-themed food. I had the Kitsune Noodle soup, which was very good.

Now to call my music teacher to tell him I'm taking the day off and maybe taking a bath. *zonk*
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Randomly, I was just reminded of a dream I had last night due to a conversation about Russia.

More about that )

In other news, had my first CrimJ test this morning and I think I did well. The thing about me is that I just fly through tests, especially multiple choice ones, but now I actually get to leave early because of it. In high school I'd have to sit and wait for everyone else to finish (hence I usually brought a book) so it was a nice feeling to actually leave and do something productive with my time. I actually saw an acquaintance the other day and they commented that I was "glowing" and I genuinely feel that since going to GCC.

I also saw another one of the ETP people yesterday and we got to talking about the high school's "Senior Option" program. Apparently for both of us that was the straw that broke the camel's back and convinced us to leave, and we were tossing around jokes about how SO actually stands for "Screw Over", "Screw Our Seniors" or variations thereof. In case it's not obvious I'm not a fan of it, and while I don't have any evidence either way yet I think it's a horrible idea that'll work for some people but not work for the vast majority.

Now off to psych, where I might get my test back. Wish me luck!

Edit: Was handed my test literally two seconds after typing this. 91 out of 100. Boo Yah!



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