Sep. 1st, 2011 07:13 pm
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Alright, old roommate is out, new one is in, and only injured myself once! Not bad.

I'll probably go to work tomorrow, if only because I need the money. I actually do have a bit in savings now, but the whole point is that I don't dip into it unless necessary.

Gonna pass out now.
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So we seem to be cursed with stuff breaking lately. Today it was the hot water heater in the apartment that decided to shit the bed. D apparently heard Thomas meowing at about 7 in the morning, but didn't think much of it since he tends to do that anyway if he feels he's not getting enough attention (read: always) but she heard a different tone to it, got up and proceeded to step into about a foot* an inch of water. Yup, the hot water heater, which was probably the same age as me, bit the dust. Our poor downstairs neighbors also came up and told us their apartment was leaking as a result.

All this was happening when I was semi-asleep, since D woke me up to tell me what was happening and I went back to bed since I didn't have to get up for another two hours. D called the maintenance guy, so over the next two hours I heard the guys come in, take the old one out and install a new one while speaking a language I'm still not quite sure of (I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Slavic one since I'd have recognized at least some bits of it) including one point when I sat up and thought "Is that a welding torch I'm hearing?" It was. They were in and out in about an hour. Impressive.

And the good news is that this one is more energy efficient, so it'll hopefully cut down on the utility bills. And luckily I have to pay for none of it since it's the landlord's responsibility.

I did manage to get the air conditioner installed yesterday without either dropping it on my foot or dropping it into the courtyard, so at least that went without incident.

* That was how I originally typed that before I reread it. Now that would be a problem!
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I wound up talking to our landlord today about something unrelated, but I mentioned the stove since it continues to confound us since it only gets as hot as it needs to be intermittently, and we've found that we can only get it hot enough about once a day.

She was pretty sympathetic, and said that I should get an oven thermometer (they're only 5 bucks) so I can document that it doesn't heat up and by how much, since otherwise the oven will be a sadistic little bastard and decide to work when the tech's here. So I got one and have done a few temperatures so far, and at least initially it looks like it's running 50 degrees less than it should be. The landlord also said that they might consider just replacing it. I hope so, because it has been a tremendous inconvenience for us.

When I got the thermometer the guys at the hardware store were funny, since they've seen me a lot lately. When I mentioned why I needed it they just kind of nodded and said that gas stoves can be tricky like that, especially if they're old. I think that one I get enough evidence that it's fucked up they will either fix it or replace it, especially since the city code states that they have to provide us with a working oven and refrigerator, but involving the city is the nuclear option and it's not yet to that point. It's more the technology being sadistic.

Speaking of technology, I finally called the counselor again for another appointment, since losing my cell phone derailed that since I had lost all my numbers. Luckily I had the 20th century device called a business card, so I left him a message today.


May. 4th, 2011 06:07 pm
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Alright, wifi is up and it seems faster than it was before. I just have to remember to give D the WEP when she gets home so she can get on.

I went over to Staples, and the guy who was there when I fried my last laptop and had that issue with my MP3 player was there. When he saw me I assured him that nothing was broken this time, and bought a router. I could have rented one from Comcast, but it's cheaper to buy one and I can take it with me wherever I end up next.

Unfortunately a few things are broken, like the cable box, and continuing with my luck with ovens the oven is on the fritz and not getting hot enough inside again. Shit. It had been working, but right after it got really humid it seemed to decide it wasn't going to work again. I had Washington, our maintenance guy, come by again to look at it, and he's going to send over a specialist to look at the oven either late today or tomorrow. I honestly hope they just replace the whole blasted thing since it's caused us so much trouble. But Washington was very nice to me, and I'm continuing my habit of being nice to the maintenance guys since I offered him something to drink since it's sticky and humid outside. He turned it down, but he seems to like Thomas, the cat.

Ooh, speaking of the cat:


He's on my bed right now, and he seems to switch between me and D's bed. He's a remarkably well-behaved cat, and D's raised him since he was 7 weeks old so he's really well socialized, and considering some of the cats I've seen at the MSPCA I think I can make a pretty good judgment about that. I swear that I don't look for black cats, they just seem to come to me. And even though he looks like Jesse in terms of coloring he's built more like Stella and is about the same size, and he has a very wide face that D says looks like a teddy bear.

So right now I'm waiting for another Comcast person to show up and hopefully give us a cable box that works, and their timetable was between 5 and 7. Let's hope it works this time. Why Comcast gave us a defective box in the first place is another question, but since I'm not being charged I'll let it slide, and they're still better than RCN.
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... When you don't have cable or internet. I found out about an hour ago when I went out on an errand that Osama bin Laden was dead. Wow. I'm stunned. I don't tend to wish death on anyone, but I'm glad they got him. I was among the people who thought they'd never get him.

In other news, yesterday I went to Ikea with D, and it was a bit like being in Oz. We mostly go stuff for D's room, and my legs are shot from walking around there and moving stuff up the stairs. We also picked up D's cat, Thomas, from where D had been staying with a friend, and he's a very, very well behaved cat. She raised him since he was 7 weeks old, and it shows. He's very relaxed and doesn't really cause trouble, so he seems like he'll be a good fit.

We also got the sink fixed today by the maintenance guy, and while he was there he fixed two of our windows that hadn't been opening properly. Very nice guy, and I'm glad we got that fixed.

I'm working on my take-home final for my sociology course, and I'm about half done. I have my Japanese final tomorrow, and then my English final on Thursday, and then I'm done for the summer! Granted, besides work I don't know what I'll do with myself over the summer, but light at the end of the tunnel and all that. I also hope I get at least a little cash for my books, since while I'm not broke after the taxes thing I don't have much in the way of savings anymore and need to start building them up again.

I'm also not sure if I'll do a radio show this week, because the Comcast guy might be showing up at the same time I'd be doing it. I'll see how it goes.

I'm Alive!

May. 1st, 2011 02:16 pm
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Predictably, yesterday was a clusterfuck, but everyone's moved in and out respectively so things are settling down. I also got off with only two major injuries (a blister on my thumb where it got pinched in a lock and a cut on my hand from a sink falling on me -- don't ask) and besides being sore from being on my feet all day I'm doing pretty well.

The apartment is also beginning to look good, and D's going to Ikea today or tomorrow to get some more furniture since the place is a little threadbare at the moment. I'll have pictures once it's more together. We also moved my two black bookshelves out into the living room, giving me more space in my room, and used the little bookshelf as a spice rack, which I thought was a brilliant idea on D's part.

Right now I'm at the laundromat using their wifi (earlier I was camped out in a Starbucks, but their internet was way too slow and it annoyed me) and I'm ordering a new cable box, and the tech who'll install it will be there on Wednesday.

*flop* It's a good thing I don't actually have to do anything today or tomorrow, because this took a lot out of me. So unfortunately no Boston Comic Con, but maybe next year when my legs aren't shot from going up and down stairs all day.
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All my stuff is moved into the new apartment, and I'm so so so so glad I hired movers. They were extremely quick, and the time from when they showed up at my place until they left the new place was almost exactly 2 hours. I took a cab up since they couldn't put me in the cab of the truck due to insurance reasons, and by the time I got up to the North End they were done with moving my stuff upstairs! I was very impressed.

Unfortunately since I hadn't been there to instruct them they basically set the room up like a Tetris puzzle with stuff stacked on top of other stuff, and getting everything sorted out took the better part of two hours and resulted in me hurting myself. Oh well. Now it's pretty much set up and I mostly need to put up the pictures.

Yesterday there was also an impromptu film watching later that night where several people who live in the building came up and watched Paranormal Activity, a movie I hadn't seen. I didn't think it was all that scary. It was nice to have people up and a definite change from how isolating the last place was.

I woke up around 1 today (shut up) and have been meandering around since. Angelo's friend Coleman, who lives down near Dorchester, wound up staying over from last night on our futon, which is apparently a frequent occurrence. I don't mind and we watched Fringe for a bit. Angelo also made us scrambled eggs for breakfast/lunch. Today I need to go to the Everything Store nearby and get a few things so I can finish setting up.

Oh, and I also discovered that because this is an older building the floor is slanted. I dropped a battery at one point and watched it roll across the floor and under my bed. Oh well, that's what happens when you're in the oldest part of the city.

It was also a very good thing I took today off from work, so I'm glad I did that in advance.

More idiots

May. 8th, 2010 07:34 pm
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Remember the drunk guys last week who were knocking on my door past midnight demanding to be let in and insisting we were people we weren't? They were back last night, were probably the same exact people, and we were even more annoyed. They were too drunk to realize that the loud party upstairs was the one they wanted and kept calling us someone else's name. I refused to open the door this time, but they sounded like the were honestly trying to break it down. They woke up Nadia too, who was yelling through the door that we weren't those people and threatened to call the cops. I was seriously almost reaching for my bokken (which happens to be by the door) at that point.

The girl who lives across the hall from us also got involved and was talking with us about the crazy people upstairs, who are almost all exchange students here for only a few months and think it's okay to have loud parties until 3 in the morning. For some reason they always sound like they're moving furniture too at odd hours. As I was talking to this girl a guy from upstairs came down and was trying to convince us not to call the cops, or at least tell him before we did, and while he seemed harmless enough we weren't buying it, and I patently refused to go up there or give them any warning for my own safety. It was especially funny when the cat the girl across the hall owns came out and was staring at this guy, and the cat was obviously a good judge of character since she stayed far away from him. The cat actually likes me on the other hand. They did eventually knock it off, but since Nadia's finals are next week we were not amused at all.

I actually ran into that girl as two times today as I was leaving, and then later doing some laundry, and apparently Donny, the maintenance guy who lives here, went apeshit on the people responsible and is working with the realty company to change the lease terms for those apartments so doing stuff like that can get them fined or thrown out. Considering that this happens almost every weekend I'd say it's about time. These idiots also do stuff like dent the walls and leave trash in the stairwell, and I discovered on my way down that they've once again dented the wall by my bed. Donny has to fix all that, so he is far from amused that it keeps happening.

Then as we were talking Donny himself showed up and was talking to us, and I've always thought that he's a very nice guy. He predicts that tonight will be quiet considering the chewing out he gave them, and though I missed seeing it first hand I understand it was quite spectacular.

At least next year I'm going to be on the top floor of a building, so this brand of idiocy won't be as likely. Plus pulling this in the North End is likely to get you thrown in Boston Harbor, since they protect their own up there. Last year there was a guy who was going around assaulting women in the North End, and the consensus was that he had better hope that the police find him first, since otherwise he'd get well acquainted with the bottom of the Charles River.

Edit: When I just went down to throw my laundry in the dryer Donny turned on the machine for me to give me a free dry, to make up for last night. Aw! ♥


Apr. 30th, 2010 09:44 pm
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So to recap...

I'm moving out of here at the end of August and into Angelo's place. Over the summer Adam, another person in this social group, is subletting that room until the end of August when he'll move into the dorms.

Meanwhile, Nadia is staying here next year with Jen taking my place and half of the rent, since Jen practically lives here anyway. My leaving will not fuck up anything having to do with them.

So surprisingly, I'd say that worked out rather swimmingly.

I'm just going to collapse into a puddle of goo now.


Apr. 11th, 2010 10:24 pm
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What is wrong with the people in this building?! For the second time in two weeks they've set off the fire alarm and I had to drag myself downstairs to wait outside until the fire department showed up, and I was just about to go to bed early too!

Additionally, since my bed is right by the stairwell wall I hear people thumping up and down it and making lots of noise at all hours of the night, someone has been knocking the railings off the stairs, there's trash (and a pair of shorts) in the stairwell, and they've had to patch the walls multiple times because it looks like some numbskull put their fist through it! We are not paying this much money to have this place be trashed by dumb shits!

I just hope that we're not going to blamed for the damage, since I'm the only who has been picking up the trash when I see it and I for one am not a dumb shit about this. Hopefully asses will be kicked, but not ours.


Jan. 13th, 2010 01:10 pm
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What is up with the smoke alarms in this place?! This is like the fourth or fifth time they've gone off since I've been back, and I think it's the same people, since they get silenced pretty quickly and seem to come from the same place. Do they just burn everything they cook?!

Note that I haven't done that for quite a while (and no I'm not counting the backdraft in the fireplace back home), but seriously, every half day or so this seems to happen. They better not set the building on fire or I'll be mad, especially if I have to stand out in the cold. When I had Krys over once we had to stand out in the rain and it sucked, but now that it's only about 20 degrees out it will suck more. Geez.
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Remind me not to wait 3 weeks to do my laundry again. The basket was overflowing and it took forever, and I think I got several days' worth of exercise going up and down the stairs. I changed the sheets on my bed too and washed the old ones since I'm probably getting up to the point where I'd have to do that.

In comparison, was talking to Krys last week and he admitted that he hasn't changed his sheets in a while (and he sweats a long more than I do) but then again his room is a certified disaster area. I was there last week and he told me that he'd been wondering what the nasty smell hanging around was until he found the milk that he'd meant to throw out because it had gone sour but instead had forgotten about and left on the counter. Yeah. I'm not the tidiest person but I'm nowhere near his level.

I also did the bi-weekly cleaning of the apartment. Seeing as I have allergies I have to be especially careful about the dust, so I made sure to get into places like that. Also, I kept thinking that in Western Mass the cats have a lot of hair that gets everywhere, but here I keep finding clumps of Jen and Nadia's hair. Their hair is a lot longer than mine so I know it's not me, but it was amusing when I kept finding bits of it.

I also rearranged some things in my room, but only slightly. I was mainly trying to move the desk over a bit and get the printer off the desk since it's a space hog. Both worked, I'm glad to say.

I also sent off my voter registration information today so I can vote in the December 8th election. At this point I'm leaning towards our current Attorney General Martha Coakley for Sen. Kennedy's former seat, and she's the candidate I know the most about (not to mention that she's the one trying to get rid of DOMA by suing the Fed on behalf of the Commonwealth, so she gets major major brownie points in my book). I'm not above being swayed, but the other two guys haven't given me any good reasons to change my position as of yet.
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A conversation that Nadia and I had a little while ago:

Me: If I had a nickel for every time I said "what the hell are they doing?" in regards to the upstairs neighbors I'd be rich.
Nadia: Well, you're a college student, so maybe not "rich" so much as "caught up on your bills."
Me: True that.

In all seriousness, I must utter that phrase at least once a day because of those people and the strange noises, thumps and other odd things that we hear from up there. I think they had a basketball up there the other day and were dribbling it.

And I can smell them smoking because the smoke is wafting down (and I'm pretty sure smoking is against the lease), but I bought an air freshener the other day that's supposed to help get rid of tobacco smoke on my end. Annoying enough, it mainly gets into my closet because the walls are thinner there so my clothes smell like tobacco smoke. I'm an asthmatic. So yeah. *sprays air freshener in there again*

They seem to have taken my warning about the music to heart though, and they haven't done it since.
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Boston rent the second highest in the country

So when I felt like I was getting screwed over last month, I was right!
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Brief recap of the last few days:

Apparently sleeping for 14 hours on Thursday was the trick to getting better, and now besides a few sniffles I'm pretty much good.

Nadia and Jen ran off to NH until tomorrow, so I'm on my own again. Sara has to study and Krys is in Dracut with his boyfriend, so aside from church tomorrow this weekend is probably going to be a mostly solo affair. Need to get my laundry done and get a head start on some reading, but that's about it.

I reorganized the kitchen a bit, or as much as is feasible with the limited space we have. I switched out our big white dish drainer for the smaller blue one I bought over the summer and found that I now have enough room for the cook book stand I bought last weekend with Mom, so it's a bit more organized. I can certainly see why all these home buying/selling shows that Sara got me addicted to put such an emphasis on counter and storage space, since not having them is a pain in the ASS!

I also cleaned the kitchen floor with our Swiffer since it was getting sticky and then did the other common areas while I was at it, and did a small grocery shop (getting what I needed to eat tonight, sugar for my coffee tomorrow and paper towels) and we'll have to do a more thorough one once Nadia gets back.

Now, I'm going to try a baking experiment later tonight with the leftover apples. We'll have to see how it works.
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It's small, but it works. The painting really pulls the whole room together on the civilization end. The colors also go together really well:

Read more... )
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We have a living room!

In proof that civilization comes in stages, we finally moved the rest of Nadia's stuff into her room after buying her a bookshelf yesterday, so we have a living room that you can move in! I also moved the second end table into the living room and put a plant on it, so now we have a sort of hallway and it actually looks like an apartment.

I also made us dinner tonight and managed to not set the apartment on fire, fill it with smoke or poison us. Considering that the folks who caused the fire alarm yesterday apparently almost set their kitchen on fire I'd say that's good.

I also seem to have gotten addicted to Animals Cops on Animal Planet. It's fascinating, but I want to ring the necks of the people who'd do stuff like this to creatures that are smaller and weaker than you like that.

But yeah, having space is nice. Definitely an improvement.
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I know I promised pictures of the new place and have yet to follow through, but there's a good reason. Mainly that I'm moving stuff around again. My room is about 90% done by now, but I need to consult with Nadia about the living room. I think I managed to free up a good amount of space in my room and in the living room by moving one of the storage chests, but some of Nadia's stuff still needs to be moved and I don't want to move it without her permission. I'm also going to add a sconce lamp to the living room to make it brighter and add more ambiance.

I also figured out why our "living room" is smaller than some of the other ones in the building when I got a look at the apartment across the hall when its tenants were having a hard time unlocking their door and I helped them (the keys here are counter intuitive). We have one more closet in this place than the other apartments, so my closet takes off several square feet of the living room. But given that it means that Nadia and I both get a closet and also have an extra to store other things in I think it's worth it.

Sara got me addicted to HGTV (designers and the like) so that might be why I'm doing this now. I do think it's an improvement, so after that I'll get pictures up.
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No pictures yet since we still have some things to move in the living area, but yesterday Jen, Nadia and I spent a good part of the day making this place look more civilized. We went out to lunch in Chinatown with Jen's dad (who insisted on paying for us and made sure that we have enough leftovers for several days, good guy) and also brought some new stuff for here, including a new shower curtain and some other amenities including more artwork. Most of the pictures are up, including the ones I bought from Randall in Cape Cod, and a paper flower picture in the kitchen.

In terms of the problems we inherited from the last people there's a light at the end of the tunnel for them. The last folks in here were teachers on an exchange and apparently did not speak English well or use the stove, and so Nadia suspects that they either didn't know about some of these problems or just never bothered to report them, so now everything looks like it's broken. Apparently maintenance could have gotten in here to fix them, but Nadia wanted to make my moving in less chaotic than it could have been (and trust me that's saying something!) so she chose to get her stuff in almost immediately after the old people left, leaving no time for the maintenance people to get in and fix these things.

It was a trade off, in other words. They'll get to us on Tuesday, and we're going to ask about the shower and the like when they give us the new stove, but for now it appears that they're swamped and are slowly working their way up the building (in fact I just heard Donny, the maintenance guy, two floors below trying to fix the smoke detectors in one place). Considering what some other people I know have been telling me about their apartments and the problems they inherited (like the girl who says that there was a literal hole in the floor) we seem to have gotten off easy.

Also, I ran into Luis, an extremely sweet guy I went to school with last year when we went shopping for food the other day. He lives right around here too, and I'm glad I ran into him when I did since he actually graduated and thus wouldn't be around Suffolk. So now I have Krys and Luis living on opposite sides of me, so I'm flanked by adorable gay guys. :D


Sep. 3rd, 2009 08:16 pm
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Well despite the stove mishap we had earlier the top burners do work, so I'm not going to be relying completely on TV dinners until Tuesday. As I thought the inside of the oven and the burners use different circuits, and the fact that the apartment is not on fire proves my theory. I'm quite glad.

I met up with Krys earlier and we hung out for a while until he left to unpack some more of his place, and then later he came back and we went shopping for dinner. I used part of the rotisserie chicken I bought yesterday to make white bean chili, which he'd never had before.

IT WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS. We added onions and garlic to it and played with the spices, so it's hot but not too hot and no one flavor overpowers it. Krys said it would be good when you're sick since the spice would help clean out your chest cavity. One bowl was also enough to fill me up pretty well, so I'll have to write down the recipe I used with our alterations and give it to him.

Oh, and we have at least 3 servings as leftovers that I'm going to refrigerate and save for later with Nadia and Jen. I also bought this product called "Better Than Bullion" that my mother introduced me to and that makes great soup stock, and I can also make egg drop soup now.

I think I also figured out how to set up the TV in what could liberally be called a living room and leave us closet space. As Krys and I were sitting on the futon (with the horse painting newly hung over it, pictures to come) I saw one of the end tables we had, which I'd left in front of the door, and had a brilliant idea. I took the TV and put it on the lower end, and sure enough it fits. Now all I have to do is get an extension cord so I can hook it up to an outlet in my room through a surge protector and hook up the cable box. I'm actually quite proud of myself on that one, but it'll have to wait for tomorrow.

It also turns out that there's a pharmacy right around the corner, so I'll get my albuterol refilled there. While moving in I was fighting off an asthma attack, but since I'm in an area where I'll have to walk a lot and where there's more pollution it'll be good to have just in case. I haven't had a full fledged attack in months, but better safe than sorry.

And being so close to Fenway Park there are lots of cops on the streets around the park, and I'm glad to see them there. This area's relatively low crime compared to most of Boston, and it's good to know that the cops are keeping an eye out.


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