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So girl who won't stop using her cell phone at work has been replaced by guy who won't stop using his cell phone at work. I leaned over and whispered that he really does need to put that thing away since people get fired for that, and one person just got fired for that (among other things, but I was trying to make a point so forgive the slight hyperbole).

Five minutes later guess what he's doing. Again. At one point I was tempted to say something like "put that thing away or I swear to God I'll break it" but I decided to just drop it. Guess he doesn't value this job after all. *shrug* I tried, but you cannot save people from their own stupidity.

Also anecdotal evidence suggests that I have a calming effect on people, since I seem to get a lot less angry people, judging by me overhearing other people talking to them and how negative those interactions sound. I don't know if it's just luck, but that doesn't tend to happen. I noticed this at my last job too, maybe my tone of voice or something else just has a disarming effect, but whatever it is people seem to react less negatively to me. Maybe it's because I make an effort to sound pleasant and friendly, and I know people react to tone of voice and if the person you're talking to sounds bored and disinterested and you're already in a bad mood it doesn't help.
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I love how easily amused cats are.

I actually have those because after I finally got my missing paycheck replaced in addition to this week's regular one I went to get some new shoes since the elastic on my old sandals had worn out and they kept falling off my feet, and it turns out the Sketchers store was having a buy one get one 1/2 off so I went and got two pairs. And now Mari has two boxes.

And just the thought that I actually have at least a little money is kind of making my brain short circuit after so long with next to nothing coming in. Most of it either went to savings or got used to pay some things I've been behind on, and to my shock I still have some left! That's a pleasant change.


May. 14th, 2012 08:00 pm
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In case you didn't guess from the subject line, still no check. Tomorrow morning yours truly is going Godzilla on the staffing agency.

Though it did occur to me that this might not actually be their fault, since sometime this weekend someone sabotaged the mailbox of another person who lives here (meaning it's a broken hunk of metal on the ground now) and I wonder if that same person might've stolen my check if it did arrive on Friday. If so they only took the check and not some junkmail that arrived. Either way, I need a replacement, NOW, and I found out that they do have direct deposit through some other people who work through the same agency so I'll set that up so this doesn't happen again.
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Today was interesting because in the same day I had a (very nice) nun call in and have me pass a message to her doctor, and then had to call two priests for one gentleman who was having a spiritual crisis prior to surgery (the first priest didn't get back to us so we contacted the backup priest, who did). We were joking about that later about how "Two priests and a nun" sounds like the setup of a joke.

This Saturday definitely went smoother than last week, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how fast I'm picking it up. I still sat next to a supervisor in case I had questions, and indeed I had many questions, but some of the answers are so esoteric that they didn't expect me to know them. They also keep telling me to not be so hard on myself when I do mess up, but I think of it as holding myself to the same standards I hold other people to, otherwise I'd be a hypocrite. Oh well. Philosophical difference I guess.


May. 12th, 2012 06:45 pm
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Still no check. It better show up Monday or heads are going to be cracked.

I'm especially unamused because I basically have no savings at the moment, so there is next to nothing to fall back on. I can subsist until maybe Monday but if it's any later than that... well, see the second sentence of this post.

ETA: Realized that I could ask K to give me his half of the utilities early (I usually ask around the 15th of each month) so that will hold me over.
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I wound up playing the stool pigeon at work the other day when on Tuesday night after all the supervisors had left one of the girls sitting next to me starting sneakily checking her cell phone under the desk. That is a big no-no, since not only is is unprofessional, but we have to comply with HIPAA and having one of those out is one of the fastest ways to run afoul of that law and get us in big trouble. It's the same reason all of our calls are recording and we're not allowed to take down information like SS numbers and medication names, though people are all too happy to tell them to us sometimes. So the next morning I pulled my supervisor aside and told her out of earshot of this girl about what I'd seen, and she said she'd "have words" with the girl. Quite frankly I didn't like this girl anyway since I met her, and I was kind of glad to see my first impression proved to be correct yet again. 

Other than that, it seems Thursday is now my Friday since I have Friday off for at least two weeks. Or maybe Saturday is actually my Friday. I'll have to think on that.
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I continue to be impressed at how much I'm both enjoying this new job and at how good I am at it. I was not expecting either of those things, but whaddhya know, that's how it's worked out. They gave me a brief evaluation of the last few days and told me some things I need to work on (most of which I already knew about) but they said overall I'm doing very well.

They've been having me be plugged in with various other people so they can listen to what I'm doing and help me out if I need it. Eventually I'll be on my own, but I do like feeling like I'm not completely on my own, and as I've said my last job basically threw me in feet first and told me to figure it out on my own. The guy today was very nice and we eventually got talking about nerdy stuff between calls. Near the end of the day we also had a few instances where he told me to do something and I then said what he just told me out loud to the caller, which I called an "I, [state your name]" error. Oh well. I can tell that I definitely like being in a faster-paced environment than my old job, it goes a lot quicker and I feel more challenged mentally.

It also means that, ironically, these days I'm probably using my higher pitched professional voice than my regular, talking to someone normally voice. I was explaining to the guy I was working with today that there is a difference, since even if it's not obvious to someone listening speaking with that voice just feels different. I know I sit up straighter, for one, and it's yet another area where the radio work unexpectedly comes in handy. I was even told in my evaluation that my projection and enunciation are very good, and that's why.

I'm also trying to get back into going to the gym, so I'm breaking myself back into that. I can definitely tell that I was a bit out of practice, but that'll go away once I get used to it again.
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Day four of the new job and I think it's something I can do. I actually found myself enjoying it more than I was expecting. There's definitely a much faster pace than at my old job, and one of the things I liked least about my old job was having too much downtime and not enough direction. That's not a problem here.

I also finally realized why this other young woman training with me annoyed me for some reason when she really hadn't don anything to warrant it, since it turns out that she sounds exactly like someone I used to live with who I did not like at all, so the sound of her voice triggers that memory. Luckily I've managed to stay professional, and I it's not her fault that she sounds like someone I've had bad experiences with.
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The irony that I had to call DUA to clear up why my last week of UI benefits hadn't processed yet when it's actually the last week I'll have to claim benefits for (hopefully) quite some time is not lost on me. They basically just had to know the circumstances of the last temp job I had and were holding the money until then. Hopefully it'll process tonight, which is good because until around next Friday I'm basically broke.

I think I'm getting the hang of the basic calls, and the guy I was training with eventually managed to wean me off using "okay" since that's not an approved word or something like that. 
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That was easier than I expected. It's nice to be pleasantly surprised with myself. Most of this job is answering calls and directing them to their appropriate extensions, and since there are about half a dozen different organizations that use this place I switch hats between answering for a hospital and a college, including one that's all the way in New York, pretty frequently. And while it's definitely busy it's not the complete chaos I was afraid of. You do get some downtime outside your breaks.

Oh, and their coffee machine was broken. Hopefully it'll be fixed by tomorrow. If not at least they have a Bruegger's downstairs.

And one unexpected benefit of having done radio work is that I'm already used to self-editing out the "ums" and the like when I'm talking, unlike the other girl they had training with me. She also had a tendency to say "sorry" a lot, which is a habit I don't think I've ever had but that I've noticed among a lot of young women. My first instinct is to say "stop apologizing!" but I kept my mouth shut. One of my female friends does that too and it drives me nuts.

Not to say I didn't screw up, since I did, but that at least came a bit easier. Hopefully tomorrow will come easier, since even after about 20 minutes of taking calls I felt more confident at it.
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Good news! The thing I interviewed for yesterday worked out in my favor, so I'm starting (paid) training on Tuesday. Right now it's classified as a summer assignment that runs until sometime in August, but if they like me enough they might extend it to perm. I'm also glad that they're giving me 2-3 weeks training first since, as much as I liked my previous job, they essentially tossed me in feet first and told me to figure it out on my own.
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Glad I installed that pedometer app on my phone, since it can help shed light on why I'm both so damn exhausted and why I've lost about 10 pounds since moving to Boston. For instance, I walked close to 3 miles today. Damn. I know I'm a bad judge of relative distance, but that surprised me. Also explains why when I got home I lay down for a minute and then proceeded to fall asleep for a few hours.

I think that interview went pretty well today. I very much overestimated how much time it would take on purpose since I'd never been to that area, so I just kind of fucked around and got some coffee before I went in. It's a call center that has several of the medical places in the area as its customers, and despite my apprehension about phones I know it's much easier for me to switch to "on" mode when I'm getting a call rather than making it. They also explained that while they're not a 911 line they do get cases that are pretty serious, so being able to work under pressure is a must. At one of my last interviews I actually said that I think I work better under a bit of pressure than not, since I know my own mind and that I can get distracted if there's not something keeping me focused. I was also cracked up by the informational movie they showed which was very, very 90s. The computers in particular were hilariously out of date, and when I asked about that they explained that the new computers actually make things slower in some ways since when it was just a DOS system you didn't have to deal with different windows or tabs and all that. I also asked if doctors still use pagers like in the video since it's been years since I've seen someone with a pager, and they explained that almost all of them do since other types of frequencies aren't as reliable, and hospitals use a special frequency. Learn something new every day! Hopefully we'll know by the end of the week if they're interested in me, and if they are I'll start a 2-3 week training course. This is temp-to-hire, so at the very least it'll hold me over if it works out.

Also one of the smoke detectors on another floor has been doing the "I have a low battery so I'm going to chirp every 30 seconds" thing all afternoon, and the people in that apartment are either not home or too dumb to know how to change it (hint: it involves a ladder or a chair and a fresh battery). Since this is the same apartment building where someone set off the building wide fire alarm last week and then booked it, both are distinct possibilities. And yes, I'm the type of person who will be kept awake by sounds like that. At my parents' house I sometimes get woken out of a dead sleep by things like the furnace turning on. It might be lessened if I close my window, since for now it's opened a crack, but I hope they fix that.
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So my week filled up unexpectedly. In addition to the phone interview, which I think went well, I also have that interview for tomorrow set up, and then when I went out for a walk I got a call for another one in Waltham on Friday. When it rains it pours.

And some of the Italian guys in one store were quietly snickering when I butchered the pronunciation of “gnocchi” (apparently it’s “knock-ee”) and I was tempted to pull my very pale arm out of the sleeve and ask if I looked like I knew how it was pronounced. I think it's pretty damn obvious when you look at me that I'm primarily Irish.

And since it's about 80 degrees out this is the time of year when I start to get reminded just how very very pale I am, and I admit that I'm a little self-conscious about it since it causes people to make judgments about my lifestyle, for instance assume I never get out. As a matter of fact, the pedometer on my phone shows that I walk around a mile on most days, and today it was more like two and a half. And no, I will not subject myself to a concentrated dose of radiation just so I fit some standard of beauty. My family has enough of a history with cancer, thank you very much.
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So the place that they didn't think was interested in me actually is interested in me, so I'm going for an interview tomorrow. That was a pleasant surprise. They didn't say as much, but I suspect the delay was due to Patriots' Day, aka Marathon Monday.

On top of a phone interview today this has turned out to be a pretty productive week.
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Oh, and I got a call from that staffing agency where I took that test last week, and apparently the company they submitted my scores to is "not interested in moving forward" in terms of interviewing me. Just great.

Also it's really hard to concentrate on applying to jobs when just going to to get milk feels like it takes more energy than I have. As annoying as it is, the fact that DUA makes you apply to at least 3 things a week does light a fire under my ass even when I don't feel up to it, like today. Luckily I have that phone interview tomorrow and I applied to one thing today, so I just need one more for the week. Normally I do far more than required but thanks to the aforementioned crappy feeling it's harder than usual this week.

And Kurt seems to have disappeared again, and I need him to pay me for last month's utilities. By now I'm just used to the fact that he tends to vanish for days at a time when he goes to visit his girlfriend, and she does the same thing when she stays here for several days at a time. I also need to consult with him about whether we should lock in our electricity rate now and risk it going up or take a chance in case it goes down. I have a feeling his response will be "whatever" but I figure since he's paying for half of it he should have a say.
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Well I have a phone interview sometimes next week. Still coordinating the details.

The one problem was that when I first got the email asking for time I'd be available, I couldn't remember the details of the actual job. Luckily I save everything I submit job-wise in a folder on my computer precisely so I don't get caught in this situation, and because I've applied to so many things that I know there's no way I can remember all of them. I did in fact save the cover letter I sent to them (labeled with the name of the organization so I knew which one it was) and just grabbed a copy of the job description off their website for my own reference.

Thankfully I predicted my own shortcomings on this one and set up a paper trail that's easy to follow, or I'd have serious egg on my face. In fact, I could probably even spin that into a weakness I'm working on if they ask that question.

One benefit to saving all the cover letters I send is that I can then cross-reference which ones got responses and which ones didn't, and in the process figure out what did or didn't work. I think I'm much better at writing them now than I was even a few months ago because I've been doing that.

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"Executive Acumen"

When I saw this in a job description I literally stopped and stared at it for a minute as I tried to understand just what the hell it means. One Google search later and it's something to the effect of “keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a business."

And I'm still not sure precisely what that really means.

And of course every time I use a buzz word in a cover letter I gag a little at myself, since I generally speaking hate those, and try to avoid using them whenever possible in my own writing, especially since I follow the Robert B. Parker school of show don't tell, or at least try to. But they're a necessary evil in a job search, I guess.

Also, remind me to never write a cover letter when I'm really really tired. I found one I'd started writing late at night, and it's awful. So many goddamn stupid typos. I'm just glad I had the sense not to send it before sleeping on it.
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The interview today went pretty well, and I realized as soon as I walked in that I was among nerds since they had a wall full of internet memes. Most of which I got. Because I'm a dork like that. It seems like the staffing company is mostly made up of like-minded people, and the guy I talked to was only a year older than I am. I'm also pretty sure he was flirting with me (or at the very least interested, but to his credit he kept it professional) but that would also fit since I know all too well that like-minded people are hard to find. I swear I'm not trying to be a heartbreaker for nerdy guys, it just happens.

He says he thinks I'm a pretty good fit for this position, so he'll submit my resume and let me know if anything else that looks like it could work for me pops up. I also told him about the whole debacle last week and he agreed that it shouldn't have happened, though I tried to be diplomatic and say that "somewhere along the line" a screw-up happened and I don't think it was intentional, though I did make it clear I was miffed.

And apparently if I wind up doing a job through them and refer friends to them I can get a bonus. Sweet. I got a generally good vibe from them, and even as I was walking around outside there seemed to be a lot of 20-somethings. The area this place was in was one of the ones that was only recently rebuilt, so it seems to be something of a tech hub. Maybe I'll get lucky through this group.


Mar. 15th, 2012 09:59 am
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If nothing else, I've got a temp assignment for tomorrow and at least a few days next week. They told me that the guy who runs the place expects it to only be 3 or 4 days, but they've had people doing the same thing in the past who've wound up there for a few weeks.

The fact that I managed to get something is a major boost to my confidence.


Mar. 13th, 2012 05:17 pm
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So apparently I spent part of yesterday with smudged eyeliner and green-tinged eyeshadow that made it look like I had a black eye, and didn't notice until I got home. Luckily I know it wasn't during the interview since I went into a bathroom soon after the interview, but that explains some of the weird looks I was getting on the train.

Oh, and some assholes decided to catcall me as I was heading back from the interview. I ignored them. I have no idea if it was related, but if it was, that's even more disturbing. And unfortunately that's pretty consistent with the area I was in, which is well known to be kind of shady.

Speaking of shady, I had two separate phone calls from companies wanting me to come in to interview with them. 5 minutes of digging later and it became obvious that both are very shady and/or a scam and the "jobs" are just door to door stuff that would require a car I don't have, never mind that I know from experience how terrible I am at that sort of thing, so I politely said no. Plus I'd have to go all the way out to Wellesley for one, and a little more digging showed that they've changed their company name several times, which is a real warning sign as that's mostly a way to avoid being associated with negative reviews, and said reviews say very bad stuff. I'm trusting my instincts on this one.

Luckily while I am in need of a job, I'm not gullible, but that's really quite disturbing.


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