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The Avengers was great. My theaters was pretty much literally howling with laughter at several points. I know that at one point I was laughing so hard that I was having trouble breathing. Well played Joss Whedon, well played. I also really liked how the women in the film were treated, makes sense since this is the same guy who did Buffy. It was also hilarious hearing people in the hall talking after it was over and wondering about who the guy in the credits stinger was. My friend Sam and I pretty much figured it out instantly and were explaining it to others. Oh, and then the second after-credits scene I think was just Whedon trolling us.

We actually wound up going to a different showing than originally planned, since only some of us got tickets online and the showing we wanted was sold out, so the people who had tickets changed them to a different time while the rest of us got them at the theater. And then three separate friends of Sam actually wound up in different showings through a series of miscommunications, but we all met up after the end since it was only a 20 minute difference in start time.

Since we had some time to kill before it started we went to the McDonald's down the street, and later we were saying how having so many teenagers in there made us feel incredibly old. I'm the only one who's technically graduated so far, but they all agreed with me. Oh, and some random group was on the Common protesting something, we heard them shouting but didn't get close enough to really find out, nor did we really want to. All I know is they had a sign that I think included Jesus with Devil horns. There was also a couple guys drumming and we agreed that we preferred the drumming guys to the possibly crazy protesters.
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So The Secret World of Arietty was really good, and I think Ghibil was probably the perfect studio to make it since so much of it depends on little tiny details that people normally wouldn't notice, like how water would behave differently if you were that small. The only real complaint I have is that it felt short, like there was more to the story that didn't get told, but it's pretty minor all things considered. I also vaguely remember the books from when I was a kid, and it felt very faithful to them. I was impressed by the fact that Arietty really did sound and act like a 14 year old girl.

It was also kind of funny to see the split of people in the theater since it was about 40% families with small kids and 60% obvious nerds like myself and the ground I was with. And Carol Burnett of all people is a voice in it, and when I saw her name in the credits I tried to guess who it was. I was right, since she has a very unique frantic energy that came across in the character she played. The score is also really nice and very Celtic influenced, which makes sense since the woman who wrote it is French Canadian.

Afterwards the group was kind of indecisive so I took the reins and declared we were going to a pizza place by my house, so we all trekked up here and wound up watching the end of the hockey game that was on TV. I hadn't known there was a hockey game, but luckily it wasn't here or the place would've been packed. We then went to Bova's for pastries and I got the (delectable) pecan pie square they have, and from there we split.

All in all a good day.
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Technically I guess I am, but I'm going to see The Secret World of Arrietty, the new Studio Ghibli film, with my friend Sam tonight. He'd talked about it earlier and we decided to do it tonight. I already reserved my tickets online in case it's packed.

And given how much I've been sneezing it does appear something's bothering my allergies. I'll take an antihistamine before I go to the movie, and make sure it's the non-drowsy type.
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Just got back from, of all things, a movie screening. A friend of mine is part of a site that sets you up to go to free ones and his other friend couldn't go, so I used her ticket. I also had to pretend to be a Hispanic girl in order to do it since the friend's name was on the thing, though luckily they didn't look close enough to see that I do not look Hispanic in the least. I did once have a roommate who was Puerto Rican but did not look it, but it would be pushing it with me. And minor subterfuge aside they care more about filling the theater than who sees it.

The movie itself, Man On A Ledge, was pretty good, though my friend and I begged to differ on how good. He thought it was predictable, I disagreed. Some stuff we both saw coming, but other bits were a surprise. The one real complaint I have is a pretty gratuitous scene where one of the women strips down to her underwear. It had something of a reason, mainly that she had to change, but really? It also had Ed Harris, and it wasn't until I got home that I figured out where I'd seen him: he was the German sniper in Enemy At The Gates.  And he once punched James Cameron in the face when James Cameron almost drowned him, so I'd say Cameron deserved it.

So when I got home I signed up for my own account with this site, since it seems like a good idea and gives me an excuse to go out. Plus, free movies. The only catch is you have to get there really early to get a seat.
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I finally got pissed off enough at Firefox to switch to Chrome, especially since Firefox kept rolling over and dying on certain sites. I'll still keep it around, but trying out new things isn't bad.

The only downside is that I can't figure out how to get my comic RSS feeds back like I had them. I'll keep playing around with it.

The other day I went to go see The Muppets with a few friends of mine, and it was really good. That's definitely a family movie in the sense that both adults and kids can enjoy it. I was also really amused to see Dave Grohl in one scene, and half the fun of those movies is the cameos. Jim Parsons also shows up, though I won't say the exact circumstances. Needless to say, when he did everyone I was with burst out laughing. It was also good in that it had real emotional substance. That's right, a movie about puppets got more of an emotional response out of me than most of the movies I've seen so far this year. The visual cameos of Jim Henson also had me reaching for the tissues.

After that we went to Fire & Ice, and had to wait about an hour since there was a party of 126 people there. I don't see how you could think that a party that big there would be a good idea. For those who don't know, at Fire & Ice you load up your bowl with food and then you watch them cook it on a big grill in the center. It's pretty fun, but with a party that big there is was a night of lines. The group I was with was pretty fun though, so it all worked out.

I'm still working on my seminar paper, but I'm almost done with it. I actually work with another kid in my class, so we're going to look each other's work over before we submit. I also have to memorize my Japanese dialog, but I think I can do that.
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Guess who's very likely seeing Captain America tomorrow with some friends?

Moi! I'll go to work half an hour early so I can leave half an hour early to get down to the theater in time. And assuming I don't melt I can get the tickets when I take my lunch break, since I'm bringing lunch tomorrow anyway.

I honestly can't remember what the last movie I saw in theaters was. I think it was Inception, which would have been nearly a year ago. Good God.

... Wait.

Mar. 24th, 2011 08:21 pm
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So Angelo was watching Titanic and I was going in and out, and as I was watching I realized something.

So in the movie, these two watchmen on the ship are watching Jack and Rose make out so they aren't paying attention and only see the iceberg after it's too late.

So basically, Jack and Rose sunk the Titanic.

To quote Dr. Evil:

Way to go, a-hole!


Jan. 7th, 2011 06:57 pm
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Remind me to never watch any of the Saw movies ever again, even if they're being watched by other people in the other room.

Now here's the thing with me: Blood? No problem. People who are hurt and scraped up? A little uncomfortable, but not too bad. But dismemberment? No. That's the line for me. I seriously felt sick to my stomach.

Though it seems like this only applies to live action stuff, since I can handle things like Fullmetal Alchemist where that happens more than once. And we watched the new Friday The Thirteenth a little while ago, and I was laughing my ass off at that movie. So it varies. Though in that case those movies don't even try to pretend they're anything but black comedy.


Dec. 11th, 2010 01:55 pm
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So I saw Tangled the other night with a few other people, and overall we all seemed to like it. It was the first movie I'd gone to see in a while, and it was worth $10 bucks for it.

It was nice to see the Princess being more badass than the guy in some ways while still being kind of naive (it always bugs me that a lot of people assume that badass and naive are mutually exclusive when they're not), but I don't remember seeing Flynn ever act like his masculinity was threatened by her competence, which is a nice change. The main guy was also likable while still being a bit of an idiot, and he definitely wasn't the "White Knight" type with no real personality of his own.

And even though it was pretty dark, I like how they portrayed the relationship between Gothel and Rapunzel, since it's definitely abusive in some ways but there's just enough gray to make you wonder for a bit, but when you pay attention through the movie it's definitely abusive. I liked the way they did that better than the usual way of portraying abusive parents as the "I eat babies for breakfast!" type and really showing how a kid can get fooled.

We didn't see it in 3D (due to being too cheap and the fact that two people in our party, including me, have eye problems that make 3D glasses more trouble than they're worth) but something about the screen may be responsible for the massive headache I have, or it could be allergies. Either way my head feels swollen today.
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I wasn't disappointed by the film version of Shutter Island, and I gotta say that watching that movie after reading the book is very interesting. I'm not gonna spoil it, but a lot starts to make sense once you know what's really going on.

One thing I noticed was a lot of odd choices for how it was filmed including violating some rules for how you frame and edit a series of shots, but tying into the above it was all done for a reason. When the book finally drops the bomb I remember putting it down for a second to clear my head, since that is how you do a twist.

I also looked up the director and found it was none other than Martin Scorsese, aka the guy who did Taxi Driver, so he knows a thing or two about mindfuckery. I do love movies that do that, which might be why I liked Inception, which come to think of it also had Leonard DiCaprio, and in fact that movie has a few similarities to this one in terms of a spectral wife appearing and generally screwing with your head.

I do like movies and books that make me think, and I honestly did not see that twist coming.
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So now that the mindfuck has faded a bit I came to a conclusion about Inception: I really fucking love that movie.

Seriously, I hadn't been to the movies since Winter Break when I saw Up, but that was totally worth seeing in the theater even if I did get a bit motion sick. But I haven't seen a movie that had as much fun with itself that wasn't a comedy in ages. Christopher Nolan really is a brilliant director, and I know this movie was essentially his baby for years until he finally got to make it. It paid off.

I also really like Leonard DiCaprio. I remember when Titanic came out and how people made fun of him for that, but then a couple years ago I remember seeing The Departed and thinking "Holy shit, this guy can actually act!" and everyone else seemed to have the same reaction. He was spectacular in that movie, and I remember wondering just what they did to him to make him look like he was a sleep deprived and drugged out as his character was. Whatever they did he totally nailed it. I know he was also in Shutter Island, which I've read the book of, and now I kinda want to see it to see what he did. He seems to be able to pull off the damaged characters really well.

In short, that movie rocks.
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Saw Inception today with my friend Danny, and I'm pretty sure it's the first move I've seen in theaters since Up, which I last saw during either Spring or Winter break. Either way it's been a while.

As for the movie... I think I need to (ironically given the plot) sleep on it to know how I feel about it, since I'm not sure it's quite sunk in yet. It's kind of similar to Paprika by Satoshi Kon, an anime movie also about going into people's dreams, only with more trippiness if that's even possible. Overall I think I liked it, and it's the first movie I've seen in a while where I've reacted to the special effects with an honest "How the fuck did they do that?!" and genuine awe. I seriously don't know how they pulled off some of the shots in that movie, and for a while after getting out I kept expecting the gravity to fail as I was walking down the street with Danny.

The guy who played character Arthur was also bugging me since I knew I recognized him, and I went through the entire movie thinking he was Shia LeBouf. Nope, it's Joseph Gordon-Levitt, aka Tommy from Third Rock From The Sun, a show I used to watch. He did a great job, and Leo DiCaprio did a great job too. I was also bugged by the girl's name being Ariadne, and when I got home I realized it was the name of the princess who lead Theseus through the Labyrinth to the Minotaur, which is appropriate given what happens in the movie. I was also a bit surprised to see Cillian Murphy in there too.

In short, I tip my hat to you, Christopher Nolan. You made a movie that honestly made me think and didn't skimp on the explosions either. You've also made me paranoid of falling asleep. :P

After that Danny and I went over to the Wagamama at the Prudential Center, and I like that restaurant. It also wasn't too expensive, and I have leftovers for lunch too.
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The way I kept myself occupied while the cable and internet were down last night was by first marathoning Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex and then by watching American Psycho. I have one thing to say about the latter:

What in the flipping hell was that?!

Now it was very well directed, and I realized that it really manages to be unsettling without being over the top (well, minus the chainsaw scene). Christian Bale also pulls off that sort of psychotic behavior very well, especially the subtle ways his expression changes. Brr... Luckily I didn't lose any sleep over it, but damn, that movie is messed up. Now I'll never look at Batman the same way again.

And in terms of Ghost In The Shell, the Major is hot. Though the Prime Minister in the second season (a woman) is also hot in a Captain Janeway sort of way (trufax: Captain Janeway was a major girlcrush of mine when I was about 10 and explains why I love women with authority). Jen and Nadia were there for part of the GITS marathon, and they agreed with me on the ladies. We also noticed that of the main characters the Major's the only one with a non-realistic hair and eye color, but she actually has an excuse since she's a cyborg. Also Togusa looks like McGuyver and has a mullet, making him look like he walked out of the 1970s. Yeah.
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I found a website called "Screen It" that looks at movies and decides whether they're "family appropriate" and found a bunch of gems. This one in particular about Watchmen:

"The person responsible for The Comedian and others' deaths obviously has a bad attitude."

And no, I don't think they were being ironic. This site clearly takes itself far too seriously. Besides, any parent who takes a kid under the age of 16 to Watchmen in the first place deserves to get dropped down an elevator shaft, IMO.

They also said this about the new Star Trek movie under the category "Imitative behavior", after things like a kid driving a car over a cliff:

"Some kids might imitate the Vulcan hand gesture of spreading apart the two adjacent fingers on each side of the hand."

I get that the point of these websites is to prevent things like dumbass parents taking their kids to movies like Watchmen, but the unintended comedy is too much for someone who actually knows what these movies are about. It probably helps that I'm old enough that I can see any movie I want and have a healthy sense of humor about things like this.
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Went to see Star Trek with Mom today, and was very impressed. I'd purposely avoided spoilers for it, and I'm glad I did. It did a really good job keeping the tone of the original series (some funny bits, some serious) and the actors were very good during it. I'm also pretty sure they made some intentional nods to the fans, including one incident that I'm 100% positive was an intentional reference to the whole "redshirt" phenomenon.

I've also been playing Melty Blood, a fighting game spinoff of Tsukihime, on my computer and reappropriated the joystick we used to use to play flight simulators. It still works and is easier than using a keyboard. It was rather embarrassing to get my ass kicked by the maids, but to be fair one has a katana hidden in her broom. No joking.

Sometime this week I need to get my tires changed from my snow tires and run a few errands, including dropping off a job application at Dave's, a local pet supply place and the place I've gotten crickets for Ryu for years. It looks like I'll go up to New Hampshire on Friday, since I talked with Sara today on the phone and we discussed it. She also said that the flowers I sent her have bloomed, and that she was glad to get them whens she got home. That was the plan. She also called me the night she got back, but she was more coherent now since she hadn't been on an 8 hour flight. She's mostly been doing what I've been doing in terms of running errands and trying to get back into the swing of things. Seems like a good plan.
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I went to the Campus Movie Festival the other day, and there was a variety of submissions of varying quality. A few of them were amazing (including the one that won) and some... less so. Since I've had a bit of audio and video training myself I winced a few times and thought things like "Balance the sound!" or "Fix the lighting!" since in the second case there were several instances where they'd filmed a person against a window (that's a big no-no) and you couldn't make out their face. But aside from technical issues they were all very creative, and if I'd had time I might have wanted to do something. Maybe next year.

Some people I know were very creative with their submission, though they didn't win anything (unless they manage to get the audience choice award, which they haven't announced yet). All in all it was very interesting, and it just reinforced my thought that we have some very creative people on this campus.

I actually have two movie passes that I got in exchange for showing my room during the new student showcase earlier this month, but nothing that's playing looks especially good. It looks like I missed Watchmen, but nothing else catches my interest. Maybe I'll call Nadia (future roommate) to see if she wants to see something before I leave.
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In the file of "Bad Things Come in Threes", today after I got the news about not getting the RA thing the other nosepad on my glasses snapped off at about 12:45, and the office of the eye doctor closed at 1, so I have to wait until Monday to take them in. Dad and I managed to rig up a temporary solution by cannibalizing a pair of reading glasses and stealing the nosepad off of them, so at least I can see for the time being.

Mostly just relaxed and ran errands today, including going into the new Home Depot with Dad to see what they had in there. We both started laughing when we saw that they've now made a utility knife that has a hammer on it. What's next, a USB device? Ridiculous.

We also watched Iron Man tonight, and inspired by the fact that they mention SHIELD by name Dad took out a box of comics from the 70s that he saved. There's an actual Jack Kirby issue of Nick Fury and SHIELD in there, and I just revealed myself to be a total geek since I got excited about that. He has a lot of Thor too, since that was his favorite, and a lot of Conan the Barbarian.

The movie itself was pretty good, and it had enough gags that fans would get to keep them happy. Robert Downey Jr. did a good job as Tony Stark, and we all laughed at a couple of the "ironic echo" cuts they put in. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

Speaking of comic book movies, I still want to see Watchmen, so maybe sometime this week. I've read the original graphic novel, and though I've heard mixed things about it I think I'll like it. Also need to get my haircut sometime this week, since it's progressed from "long but manageable" to "total mess". Got plenty of time.
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I don't give a flying crap about the Oscars, but I'm glad that Sean Penn won best actor for Milk. That was an amazing movie, and I'm glad Sean took a moment to remind people what Harvey Milk did with his life and that there's still a lot to do.
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Quick note on the movie Milk, which Mom and I saw the other day in Northampton.

Very, very good movie. One of the best I've seen lately, not just in the story but in the cinematography and production details. I loved the repeated motif of images being reflected off of other things, and Sean Penn was absolutely great, and I like how they set up Dan White gradually by introducing him fairly inconspicuously (there's a scene where a kid hands Harvey one of White's brochures, but even earlier they mention him in the dialog in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment).

I also love how they show that Harvey Milk was relentless despite getting stepped on repeatedly, and even though he was beaten several times at the city council seat he kept trying until he got it by reaching out to more and more people and changing his strategy. I can see why he's called the Patron Saint of Gays, and he's definitely a person we should try to emulate in that regard. We need more Harvey Milks. And if you weren't crying by the end of it you have no soul. That was one of the most touching final scenes I've seen in years, and it managed to end on a hopeful note as well despite the tragedy that had taken place.

I did have to wonder about the apparent controversy about the "sex" in the movie, since frankly I've seen raunchier stuff in PG-13 movies (of course there it's straight people). But hey, stupid double standard.
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Oh, and a few hours before the power went out I found out that I won my accident appeal, meaning that I wasn't found responsible for it, and in theory the insurance company will send me a check and lower my premiums. That was a relief, but it was sadly curtailed by the whole nearly-5-days-without-power thing.

I also helped our town clerk make blueberry pies for the firefighters and utility guys this morning at town hall while my mom was helping out at her weekly stint at the library. I hope the pies turned out well, and I found myself repeating a lot of what Sharon, one of the volunteers at Arlington St., was doing when we made a bunch of them for the church's bake sale. I'm playing with the idea of trying to make something this Christmas for the family like I did at our end-of-summer get together.

The Australia movie was pretty good, though I think they could have chopped some of it out. In terms of the villain by the end I was saying "please just shoot him" and Mom and I were saying afterwards that we weren't sure that Hugh Jackman's character ever got a name (he didn't according to IMDB). It was entertaining, at least.


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