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Every now and then I have what I refer to as "domestic binges" where I spend an entire day doing stuff like cleaning the apartment. Today has been that sort of day. First I went out to mail a letter, get stamps and get cat litter, and also picked up some other stuff I need.

I also spent 20 minutes reorganizing my pantry shelf so all of the legumes would be next to each other. Every now and then I get fixated on something like that, but luckily it’s pretty mild.

And the pantry shelf itself is me copying the one Jay, a friend of my family, has, since he has all sorts of jars on shelves full of things, and I really liked that for some reason. Mine’s nowhere near as big, but I liked the idea of being able to see how much of a particular thing I have at any given time, and it looks pretty.

And I was just cleaning out Mari’s litter box and remembering how I’ve heard some people who get so grossed out by dealing with their pets’ poop that they refuse to do it.

My take on it is that if you’re not willing to deal with their shit, don’t make the commitment.

And then I realized this is probably good advice for life in general.
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She finally figured out how to use her cat scratcher, and now it's her favorite thing. I'd put catnip on it before, but she would just rub her face on it and didn't seem to get that she was supposed to scratch it. Something evidently clicked and now she uses it all the time. The one downside is that now there are little bits of cardboard all over the floor.
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So I made it back to Western Mass mostly in one piece. Except for my phone, which wound up falling into the bus toilet. I wish I was kidding. But I had actually been considering getting a new one, and my dad kindly helped me out. So now I have an Android and am playing with all the toys in it.

And the cats seem happy to see me, so I actually have some photos of me with the cats! I also really need to get my hair cut, which I'm doing tomorrow. I'm dealing with the better part of a year's worth of hair now and it's driving me nuts.

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Well that scared the hell out of me.

I'd been in my room on my computer and went into the main area, and looked around for Mari but didn't see her.

Then I noticed the door was open.

Naturally, I grabbed my keys and ran down the stairs. Luckily Mari's collar was jingling so I could hear her, and she'd only gone down one floor. When I found her she was actually meowing at me like she didn't know what was going on, and I just scooped her up and took her back upstairs. I'm just glad the main building door was closed or this could've been really bad.

I have no idea how the door got open, since I haven't gone anywhere today or even touched that door. K or his girlfriend might've not shut it firmly since it can sometimes pop open if you don't do it right, so the next time I see them I'll warn them to be careful about that. She has tags and a microchip, but it's best not to court disaster.
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I have no idea what goes through Mari's furry little head most of the time.

Case in point: I've noticed water on the floor lately, and thought maybe her water dish was leaking. So I replaced it. And it kept happening. After being puzzled for a while I finally figured out what it was when I saw Mari hitting the bowl with her paw and spilling the water. I watched her do this to it for several seconds and then just walk off.

What is this I don't even.
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I think it would be this.

A cat, a panda plush, and a sword. Plus  my bedspread which is kind of funky.

(Also, it's a replica that's not sharp, so she's in no danger here.)
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Mari wore herself out battling what we call The Thingie. Just look at that face, she's so proud she slayed it.
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I don't think Mari gets that sitting next to a sleeping human and purring isn't the best way to wake them up, and in fact makes it more likely that they'll fall back asleep. Because I know she's trying to wake me up, but it hasn't yet gone through that it doesn't work.
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Days like today make me glad that I bought the bullet and got a cat.

After a pretty long and frustrating couple of hours I got home, immediately picked up Mari and started baby talking her. I actually felt my blood pressure going down.
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Just fired off an email to the MSPCA inquiring about their boarding rates for pets, so that around Christmas time I'm not dealing with a repeat of the Ryu situation. Considering that I'm doing this two months in advance I think that's plenty of time.
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So yeah… this is what I walked into when I got home today. The chair is not light either, so I’m nonplussed as to how she managed to knock it over. I think her face is the textbook definition of "I didn't do it!"

(The green thing is my bathrobe sash, which she loves to fight with since I think she thinks it’s like a snake, that I’d draped over the back so she could bat it. I didn’t expect her to knock the chair clean over, though!)
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I just got to write as part of a Japanese assignment, "Please don't listen to that person, because that person is an idiot."

その ひとを きかないで くだしい。 その ひとは バカです から。

先生* didn't actually tell us to say that, per se, but we have to come up with 30 sentences where we tell someone not to do something, and that only seemed to be a natural one to come from me. And it's useful phrase in any language.

I am glad that this is my last semester, since I'm barely a month in and I'm already tired of being exhausted. I am extremely glad I bit the bullet and got a cat, since that takes the edge off of the stress. Except when she's play-biting me, but even that's cute, and she's considerate enough to not draw any blood.

* "Sensei" i.e. what I'm supposed to call my teacher, though she also accepts "professor"
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So this week I was talking to someone about my new cat and this happened after I told them her name:

Them: So, did you name her after yourself?
Me: ... What?
Them: You know, her name is Mari, your name is Rosemary.
Me: What? No! I didn't name her after myself. 0_o

And I was being totally honest when I said that. For one thing, they're not pronounced the same way. The "a" in Mari is said like the "a" in "car" while the "a" in my name is said like the "a" in "may."

There's also the fact that my cat's name in Japanese means "Jasmine", which looks like 茉莉 in kanji, or まり in hiragana since it's a native Japanese word.

My name, on the other hand, is written as ロスメリ in katakana (Ro-su-me-ri if you break down the syllables) since it's a foreign word. It's not only a different sound than the "ma" in Mari, it's not even written in the same alphabet! When I first started taking Japanese my teacher did initially say my name as "Ro-su-ma-ri" until I explained how it was really pronounced.

So yeah, it honestly did not occur to me that it could be seen as me naming my cat after myself. I'm not that much of a narcissist!
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Me: *picks up rug and shakes it out, reaches for broom to sweep up the dirt that comes off it*
Cat: *walks over to the dirt, rolls in it*
Me: ಠ_ಠ You are not helping, cat!
Cat: :3

Now with photographic evidence:

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Cat: Ooh, human food! I want some!
Me: No you don't.
*holds pizza dough in front of cat, she sniffs at it, doesn't eat it*
Me: See?
*two seconds later*
Cat: Ooh, human food, I want some!
Me: ಠ_ಠ

I should be thankful she's far less of a food monster since I got her the gravity feeder, but still, short-term memory does not seem to be her strong point. That or the fact that it's human food makes her want it even if she won't eat it.


Sep. 16th, 2011 09:32 pm
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My cat likes to sleep in the bathroom for some reason, so I went in to check on her and got down on the floor with her because I’m like that. So I pet her for a bit, sat up…

… And smacked my head on the bottom of the toilet bowl. Ow.

Luckily it didn’t seriously injure me or draw blood, since I’d love to try to explain how I did that to an EMT…
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This is how Mari drinks. I have no idea why, but it's adorable.
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Went over to a pet store in Cambridge today, and now I'm trying an experiment with the kitten*. I bought Mari a gravity feeder to put her dry food into, and hopefully this will reduce the whining since she can get food under her own power rather than bugging us. I asked someone at the MSPCA if I should try it, and they basically said "why not?" I really want to do something to try and stop her whining so as not to bother K, the new roommate, since I know all too well what it's like to deal with someone else's annoying cat.

I was warned that it might be a learning curve for her, since she's probably never self-regulated her food before, having been a stray, and will probably stuff herself. Right now she's still eating from it and gave me a pathetic sounding meow like she was saying "Why am I so full?" She'll learn.

I also got her a nametag, with my phone number on it. She also has a Home Again tag and she's microchipped, but you can't be too careful. If she ever does get out I want people to have a way to contact me.

I also got her some catnip. This should be entertaining.

* I know I technically shouldn't call her a kitten since she's a full grown cat (and in fact had her own kittens before I got her) but she's small and cute enough that it fits.


Sep. 5th, 2011 04:40 pm
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I suppose it's a good thing that I'm not easily grossed out, though I think that comes with the territory when you grow up around horses, dogs, cats and assorted other creatures. It's why I tend to be the person who gets rid of the gross thing since I tend to be the only one who isn't totally incapacitated by the sight of a dead mouse/hairball/cat vomit etc., and why I'm able to patch up my own cuts and scrapes without fainting at the sight of blood (as I proved when I dropped a sink on my hand in May and patched it up while D was freaking out).

I should also be thankful that this is the only time this has happened that I'm aware of, but still, cleaning up cat piss is no fun. Especially when they piss all over your computer case. I suppose I should also be glad that she didn't actually piss on the computer, since I'd hate to have to explain that one to the Staples guys.

I'd noticed the distinct smell of urine while at my desk, but thought at first that it was just coming from the litter box, since I sometimes smell things that are in the kitchen while at my desk because of the weird way air currents work in the apartment. But then I noticed that the actual litterbox didn't smell, so I looked around a bit more and discovered that Mari had indeed used the corner of my room by my desk as a toilet. I broke out the cleaner and sterilized it, as well as the computer case, which is now soaking in an antibacterial soap.

I'm also having to remind myself that there's no use punishing her now for it, since she won't make the connection. Nonetheless, I'm a little annoyed. But considering this is the only time I'm aware of that she hasn't use the litterbox I should be thankful.

Should. Key word here.

Holy Moley

Sep. 1st, 2011 11:10 pm
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I'd noticed that Mari hadn't touched much of her dry food, so I called up the MSPCA and asked what I should do, since she's already so skinny. They said to try to introduce her to wet food but to still keep the dry available so the transition's easier. I was also warned that switching food might cause mild vomiting and diarrhea. Well, we already had the first one without any switch, so I'll take my chances.

So I ran out a little while ago and got some wet food, and boy, did she eat that like she'd never seen food in her life! I was glad she went at it so vigorously, since I'd started to wonder if I was dealing with an anorexic cat! I'm not kidding when I say she's the cat equivalent of Kate Moss, and I keep telling this cat "I need to put some meat on you!" She was a stray in Dorchester before she was with the MSPCA, and they apparently fattened her up from what she was originally, which I find mind boggling. Hopefully a few weeks of this will get her up to a healthy weight.


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