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I have no idea what goes through Mari's furry little head most of the time.

Case in point: I've noticed water on the floor lately, and thought maybe her water dish was leaking. So I replaced it. And it kept happening. After being puzzled for a while I finally figured out what it was when I saw Mari hitting the bowl with her paw and spilling the water. I watched her do this to it for several seconds and then just walk off.

What is this I don't even.
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I think it would be this.

A cat, a panda plush, and a sword. Plus  my bedspread which is kind of funky.

(Also, it's a replica that's not sharp, so she's in no danger here.)
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My brain is running on fumes right now. And yet I somehow managed to get the quarterly report we have to do at work done. Even I'm surprised I pulled it off, but hey, if I have to go I'll go out with a bang.

This morning I met with someone at a staffing agency, and she's going to submit my application for a position at a small insurance company. Turns out it's a temp-to-hire position, and she explained that they're specifically looking for a recent college grad. She also explained that a lot of companies that weren't hiring for a long time are now doing temp-to-hire as a "test drive" of sorts, and it also allows them to get someone in quickly since it sometimes takes a while for the HR paperwork to get done and using a temp-to-hire means they can do it while the person is working for them. 

I think my discussion with her went pretty well, and I've got two more meetings like that next week. Once that my meeting was over I had some time to kill before I had to be at work, so I went into Macy's and was snatched up by some of the ladies there for a makeup consultation. I'd actually been meaning to do that, but I was still a bit surprised because they effectively pounced me. They actually convinced me to get some stuff, mainly some concealer (to hide that I look as tired as I feel right now) some eyeliner and some eyeshadow. They also convinced me to get eyeshadow that's green-tinted despite my initial reservations, since I'm more "subtle" than "Wicked Witch of the West", but it didn't look bad and actually does bring out my eyes. They actually said that hazel eyes are neat in that you can wear practically any shade of eyeshadow and it still looks okay, though it was a bit weird when they lady got right up in my face to see what color they were.

I also discovered that Macy's makes the types of bras I like, so that's filed away for future reference. I really, really hate underwire bras, so I was glad to see they have the type that don't have them. Underwires feel like having a steel cage around my ribs, and they tend to have additional padding too, which doesn't appeal to me since that is not an area I care about emphasizing. I usually prefer sports bras, but I can't always wear those with certain things, so I was glad to see Macy's has the type I actually like.
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I've been having really weird dreams lately. This latest one was about being on a cruise ship, half of which was haunted, and having to take back the haunted half. And the muses from the Disney version of Hercules were there for some reason.

The other day I went to visit a friend of mine who lives on the B line, and we played Tekken for a while. I beat him. Four times. Our banter back and forth mostly consisted of "Cut that out!" "No U!" etc. We were also arguing over whether the character Leo was a boy or a girl, I said girl, he said guy, and when I got home I found a video that was the coup de grâce and put it on his Facebook wall. Bwahaha!

And we're supposed to finally get some snow tonight and tomorrow, though here's hoping they salt Government Center enough that I don't go skidding around.
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I don't think Mari gets that sitting next to a sleeping human and purring isn't the best way to wake them up, and in fact makes it more likely that they'll fall back asleep. Because I know she's trying to wake me up, but it hasn't yet gone through that it doesn't work.
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So last night was fun.

I went and met Lisa and her friends at the Pru, and then we walked to Fire + Ice. I wish I'd thought to call ahead for reservations so we had to wait an hour and a half for a table, but one person had an iPad so we played Scrabble on it and talked. I also got a (alcoholic) strawberry daiquiri because I'd never had one before. It was pretty good.

Once we got upstairs we did the usual spiel with putting our food together and watching them grill it, but unfortunately there was a small sauce mixup and my alfredo sauce wound up on one of the other people's food when it wasn't supposed to. But they were very nice and remade it for him and brought it to the table. Lots of nerdy conversations were had.

And in the end, we didn't actually wind up singing karaoke. We were at MIT's Anime Club, and the last person who used their TV didn't do it right so we couldn't get it hooked up right. So instead we played Dominion. I'm infamously impatient when it comes to card games, hence whey I never got into Magic cards, but I eventually got it. I did, however, lose. Twice. Also, MIT's Anime Club room is amazing, they have DVDs that haven't been in print for years and allegedly the largest private anime library in the country. I believe it. We also talked about DnD and everyone instantly understood what I meant when I said that the group I used to play with more or less imploded after two of the members started dating each other. It doesn't matter who's involved, that's the kiss of death for most DnD groups.

The one bad part was that when I finally left I was too late to catch the last inbound train, so I caught a cab. It wasn't too bad, but I'm usually not out late enough to have to worry about that. I got home safe and sound.
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So at church the other day I noticed a guy I know wearing a t-shirt with this design on it. He's a rather large fellow, has a beard, and is gay.

The design is called Bearmonster. It's a bear shirt. I only just got that as I was making coffee.
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Days like today make me glad that I bought the bullet and got a cat.

After a pretty long and frustrating couple of hours I got home, immediately picked up Mari and started baby talking her. I actually felt my blood pressure going down.
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I like my philosophy professor, but he has a way of saying the name Kant (as in Immanuel Kant) that makes it sound like... another word.

Yes, that one. As a result I've been doing massive double takes for the last two classes because it's Kant's philosophy that we're focusing on. I'm certain that it's not his intent, but it's awkward.

Maybe this is why people only seem to pronounce it the exact same way you say "can't."
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Yeah, good thing I'm not a vegetarian, since I just got ten pounds of various types of meat in my PeaPod order, so if I was a vegetarian I'd be the worst vegetarian ever.*

There is method to my madness, since I freeze it, and when I put in a PeaPod order it generally lasts me a few months. I generally reserve PeaPod orders for when I'm running low on a lot of things and when lots of lugging would be involved, what with the three flights of stairs and no elevator. That's why I always tip the delivery guy too.

*For the record, this joke is mocking me, not vegetarianism. I don't have a problem with vegetarians unless they start getting all self-righteous, which I consider grounds for calling out anybody, even people who I otherwise agree with in principle. Relatedly, a couple of weeks ago we had some people at the campus handing out pamphlets about vegetarianism to help the environment, and I was polite to them, but when I saw them again and they tried to give me a second pamphlet I said "No thank you, I have one already so I'll save a tree" and they said "Well, take one anyway!" which I thought was rather hypocritical.

What? No!

Oct. 20th, 2011 05:17 pm
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This seems to be the week of Ro putting her foot in her mouth in humorous ways, so after the referring to the judge as the wrong gender incident I had another at work, when at our weekly department meeting I mentioned that I would have to step out for about an hour to "go see a judge."

They all stared at me for a minute before one of my coworkers asked "Are you in trouble?" at which point I answered "What? No! I mean, I'm interviewing him for a class assignment, but I'm not in trouble!"

Luckily I happen to work with a kid who is in the same class, so he backed up my story. It honestly hadn't occurred to me that it could be taken like that. One of my coworkers even joked that he was glad, since for a second he thought I'd really gone off the rails! I have a (not undeserved) reputation for being something of a goody-two-shoes in the sense that I've never really engaged in the more destructive behaviors common among my age group. The closest I've come to getting arrested was that one time Amtrak saw my kasana and thought I had a real sword (hence why I call it "the time my umbrella almost got me arrested").
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Today on my lunch break I went over to get a new skirt, since my old black skirt was from when I weighed about 10 pounds more and consequently doesn’t sit at my waist anymore (more like just around my hips, which means that it moves around and I have to constantly be straightening it) and I heard one of two of the employees, a guy and a girl, talking to each other. The guy was flamingly gay and describing how he surprised his boyfriend at work on his birthday by showing up with a boombox playing Lady Gaga and took him to Machine (a well known gay nightclub) when this exchange occurred:

Girl: Wow, I didn’t think you could get any gayer, but you somehow did.
Guy: Honey, this is Fagachusetts, no one even raised an eyebrow when I did it!

And despite myself I burst out laughing. I'd heard people refer to Mass that way derisively, but it seems that at least this guy is reclaiming it and using it as a point of pride.
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My roommate K was born in the U.S. but has spent most of his life living in the Philippines, so the other day he pointed something out to me that I'd never noticed.

Mainly, that when Bostonians say the word "Suffolk" (as in the name of my school or Suffolk County) the L is silent, meaning that it's pronounced "Suh-fuck" with the second syllable sounding, well, exactly like the swear.

K told me that when he first came back to the States and was trying to get some information someone on the phone told him to contact the Registry in Suffolk... and he thought the clerk was swearing at him over the phone. It doesn't help that K's originally from California and not used to the Boston accent, the thicker versions of which can be near unintelligble if you're not used to it.

So yeah, people might think whenever I say the name of my school that I'm swearing at them. Never thought of that.
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So yeah… this is what I walked into when I got home today. The chair is not light either, so I’m nonplussed as to how she managed to knock it over. I think her face is the textbook definition of "I didn't do it!"

(The green thing is my bathrobe sash, which she loves to fight with since I think she thinks it’s like a snake, that I’d draped over the back so she could bat it. I didn’t expect her to knock the chair clean over, though!)

Good event

Oct. 16th, 2011 11:18 pm
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So the DJ event went pretty well, though it did get off to a rocky start since I was supposed to be there at 8:30 and had set my alarm for 7... but it didn't go off. So I woke up at 8:30 and proceeded to haul ass down to the Esplanade. I even tried to hail a cab, but Murphy's Law being Murphy's Law I couldn't find one, but got down there in time. Luckily the event didn't even start until 10:30, but I have being late when I say I'll do something.

But once that was settled, we got everything cued up and people seemed to like it. I seemed to have struck the right balance between top 40 stuff and classic rock. I also snuck a Rufus Wainwright song in there, just because. They also had me read off the names of people who won a raffle since I was "the voice of the station" and I think I did okay. It was a little embarrassing when a few of the people we drew had already left, so we had to do it again.

I was also glad I decided to wear my thermal hoodie since it was fairly warm, but windy, and I regretted not wearing long sleeves under it. The wind also meant that stuff kept tipping over, so besides DJing I also was on "pick things up off the ground" duty. It was also slightly unfortunate that the DJ booth was in the shade instead of the sun, so I was about 5 degrees colder than everyone else.

I was also a little surprised when they entered me into a raffle for the student volunteers and I won a metric shitton of hair products. Seriously. Oh well, I'm not complaining. Overall I think we earned major brownie points for the station.

Hey, I suppose if I get some audio equipment of my own I could even do DJing as a side job.
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Me: *picks up rug and shakes it out, reaches for broom to sweep up the dirt that comes off it*
Cat: *walks over to the dirt, rolls in it*
Me: ಠ_ಠ You are not helping, cat!
Cat: :3

Now with photographic evidence:

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And I more or less did nothing to celebrate it today, but am trying to put something together for the weekend. It barely even registered that my birthday was this week until about Sunday.

The unfortunate part about being an adult is I had a lot of other stuff to do, including study for a Japanese test, work, and go to class. It was okay though, I talked to some of my friends for a bit after class, my parents called to wish me a happy birthday, I made macaroni and cheese, my all time favorite food, and am now making cookies. Not bad.

I also got myself some comics, bought myself a book and took advantage of a sale to get a t-shirt I wanted. I realize that one reason it's hard to shop for people as they get older is that if they want something they can get it for themselves. I did get Supergods from mom and dad got me an N7 hoodie that should show up any day, as well as a check from my great aunt. My grandma's also sending something.

So yeah. *shrug* No big deal, it was okay.
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Cat: Ooh, human food! I want some!
Me: No you don't.
*holds pizza dough in front of cat, she sniffs at it, doesn't eat it*
Me: See?
*two seconds later*
Cat: Ooh, human food, I want some!
Me: ಠ_ಠ

I should be thankful she's far less of a food monster since I got her the gravity feeder, but still, short-term memory does not seem to be her strong point. That or the fact that it's human food makes her want it even if she won't eat it.
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So I almost made an idiot of myself just now!

There are several small shops across the Greenway from where I live, and I’ve been exploring them lately, since they have interesting things at good prices. I went in and found two things I’ve been searching for, buttermilk and yeast, that I hadn’t found in the shops closest to my house. I was also looking for bacon and almost asked the guys behind the butcher counter if they had any.

There was just one problem.

I was in a Halal Market. And to follow Halal, if you don't know, means you can't eat pork.

Thank the God of many religions that I was smart enough to realize the problem with that before I opened my fucking mouth. I would have either greatly offended them or they would have had a good laugh at the expense of the dumb white kid. And I wouldn’t have blamed them for either!

So yeah, thankfully I have enough of a mouth/brain separation or I would have made a serious idiot of myself.
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In my fiction class our professor (who I've mentioned in a little nuts, but in the entertaining and informative way you want a professor to be) was talking about how to write characters and pointed to me, bringing up how I'm always playing with my hair. I was a little embarassed, but it's true, I do tend to play with it, mostly because it's been about 7 years since I've had hair this long and I'm not used to it. It's also very thick, has a lot of volume and is pretty wavy, so it's hard to ignore, and it's now just below my shoulders.

I've just been letting it grow since about March, but I should probably get it trimmed sooner rather than later. I've noticed a few split ends.

Speaking of hair, I just looked down at my dark blue shirt and there's a layer of Mari hair, since I was picking her up early. She's not really a lap cat, but she doesn't really protest when you pick her up, and actually tends to nuzzle back when you do that. It's especially apparent since her hair is mostly orange but with some black and white hairs too. That reminds me, need to do laundry. I was going to do it yesterday, but I got too tired and already took one heavy thing up the stairs when I was helping my neighbors move their couch in.


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