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Oh of course, printer, you can just decide that you'll not print anything, even something in black and white, because you've run of cyan. And of course replacement ink is practically highway robbery.

And I haven't even used the thing that much, it's mostly been Kurt. Unfortunately I can't ask him to fork over money since this isn't actually his fault since his stuff has also been in black and white, since he did as I asked and made sure he wasn't using the colors unless he had to. So I have to go get some tomorrow so I can make a copy of our new lease and get it signed and all that jazz.
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I’m only now realizing how strange my day actually was since at several points someone dressed in a banana costume asked me if I was okay and/or needed help. For the record the banana costume made sense in context (basically, this was a health fair and for some reason one of the groups had someone dressed as a banana, I'm pretty sure they were handing out condoms or something, was too busy trying to get the damn equipment to work), but yeah, that was kind of strange. If I was anyone else or in a different situation I might've wondered if I'd accidentally ingested something I shouldn't have, but the weirdness of that only sunk in just now.

Needless to say, the radio station staff got sent an email where I basically told them that alums like me are one of their most valuable resources but if they let stuff like this happen they're basically squandering it, since guess what? I'm pretty unlikely to ever say yes to helping them out with an event like this again! Because this did nothing but stress me out even more than I already was stressed out, to the point that I was being far less kind to people that I would've liked, humiliated me both personally and professionally since I was there not as a student but as an alum and a supposed independent adult, and basically wasted three hours of my life that I could've been using to do stuff like look for employment. Not cool. And for the record I managed to avoid using any words like "fuck" in my email though you can be that's what was going through my head. Although I've noticed that with me I seem to cycle from not using profanity, to using profanity, and finally if I'm angry enough my use of it just kind of tapers off. I think I was at that point. Also, I repeatedly tried to contact the people who are supposedly in charge of the station, but they either did not answer my messages or proceeded to suggest stuff I'd already tried, i.e. they collectively helped exactly nill. Oh, I also tried looking up the manuals for it online, but that didn't help much either since I needed to know how the room's audio setup was configured and no one, not even the school staff, could answer that. Fail all around.

Eventually even the coordinator of this event said that I could just go since I was basically staring at a jumble of cables with no idea what to do, and I agreed and packed the stuff up (better than it had been packed by the last person who used it, I should add). One person (not an official staff member, mind you, just a nice kid I know) from the station did heed my call and tried to help, but he was just as stumped as me. I later sent him a message thanking him for just showing up since it made me feel a little less abandoned. And the worst part is that this exact situation already happened once to us at Halloween, where we had no idea how to set up the equipment and it took over an hour for half a dozen people to get it up and running, and that was mostly through trial and error. At the time I suggested taking the time to outlining a step-by-step guide. I was told this was a good idea.

Obviously, they proceeded to learn nothing and never did it, so one person trying to do the same thing in three hours failed miserably. Figures. I know I've only been out of school about 3 months, but seriously, it's like dealing with a bunch of kindergärtners. I also put a message on the public Facebook wall of the group saying that someone, I don't care who at this point, needs to do this because besides being personally humiliated this made the group itself look really really bad. Inexcusable.

So after I left I started home, and then decided to go into a local brew pub because I was hungry, didn't want to deal with making lunch for myself and frankly wanted to be pampered. I managed to accomplish all three, and by the time I left I was considerably less stressed out. Also, beer, which I desperately needed after that (for the record I only had one, and it sufficiently took the edge off). And when I got home I took a nap, and now I'm much more clear headed.

So as Mom put it, I guess you could say today was totally bananas. *rimshot*
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I realize that it's probably a bit shocking for people who don't know me well to suddenly hear me drop a swear like the subject, but I'm not as delicate a flower as I look. Especially when dealing with bureaucratic bullshit.

Long story short, spent quite a bit of time dealing with the Unemployment Insurance website, and then when that didn't work used the phone. Which then flaked out on me. Twice. And then when trying to setup direct deposit the thing kept cutting me off as I was trying to enter the account number, even though I was pausing to make sure I had it right. It took three tries.

And then not five minutes later I get a call from my mom saying that the health insurance division sent them something about how I needed to pay my continuation fee or I'd be cut off. Even though I mailed the fucking thing weeks ago. So I checked my with bank, and nope, for some reason the check hasn't cleared.

So now I have to mail it again.

And the irony that I went from trying to get money from the state to giving money to the state in the course of five minutes is not lost on me. I keep expecting them to ask which arm they should take the blood out of next.*

*Despite my ranting, I know exactly how important both of these things are, but I could do without the bureaucratic bullshit.
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So because people are upset about the Casey Anthony verdict they're now trying to pass a law as a bandaid solution that they think will stop this from happening again.

Bad. Idea. Why? Two words: Three Strikes.

That law was also passed in the wake of the deaths of children that people were outraged about, and do you know what it did? Made it possible for people in California to get life sentences for property crimes and speeding tickets and took away the judge's right of discretion in sentencing, meaning they have to give life sentences to people they know don't deserve it. It's largely responsible for why California's prison system is so royally fucked and why a lot of people who really shouldn't be in there are in there for life. It's done far more harm than good.

Three Strikes is a bad law, and it got pushed through the legislature because people were angry and didn't take the time to fix the problems with it, which could have been done easily. All they had to do was change it so it only applied to violent crimes, but no, they didn't because they didn't want to be seen as "soft on crime". And they won't fucking fix it for the same reasons, so they're going to continue to have their prison system get fucked.

I understand anger, especially when it comes to children being hurt or killed, but do not use it as an excuse to make bad laws. Do not push them through without debate, that breaks the system where they're supposed to be debated and carefully considered before being codified. Some, if not most, of the worst laws in this country were passed when that process was eschewed in the name of outrage.

Think, people, THINK!

Damn it.

May. 11th, 2011 05:15 pm
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I cannot find my cell phone and I want to cry. I know I had it last at the gym yesterday since I dropped it on the floor and the back panel came off, so I had to put it back on, and somewhere between there and home it went missing. I still had my sweatpants on so the only place it could have gone was my purse, my jacket pocket or my backpack, all of which I checked thoroughly. I've torn the apartment apart, gone to the gym to see if someone found it, and tried calling it from Skype (which cost me $10 since I had to buy Skype minutes) in case I could hear it if it was here, but nothing, it just went to voicemail, and it seems the battery's dead since when I first tried it on Skype it rang but now it just goes to voicemail automatically. I even sent a text message through Skype promising a cash reward if someone has it and they return it to me. I don't know if it just fell out of whatever I was carrying it in or if someone took it, but it's gone.

Goddamit. I just fucking replaced this thing less than a year ago, and it's increasingly looking like I'll have to do it again and toss down at least a hundred for a brand new one. And knowing my luck the second I go out and buy a new one the old one will turn up. I'll try to wait until tomorrow at the earliest to do anything in case it does turn up, and when D comes home I'll have her call it and I'll keep calling it on Skype in case someone picks it up. I'm so frustrated that I'm tempted to just go out now, deactivate the current one remotely so people can't steal the information on it and just plunk down the money for a new one.

Why do I have such bad luck with technology lately? I got rid of the Vonage phone to save money, but that'll more or less be erased by the price of a new one. I guess it's time to be a grownup and charge the emergency credit card, even though I hate doing that, but that's why I have the damn thing and since my cell phone is now my only phone at this point I don't seem to have a choice in the matter since I need to be able to call people and they need to be able to call me.

Shit shit shit shit shit.

Edit: Fuck it, if the battery's dead the odds of someone finding it and getting it back to me are next to none, so I'll just go out and get one before the store closes at 7. Not like I have a choice.
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As much as I praise Amtrak when it comes to the alternative of a bus, there are times when it really, really annoys me. What happened yesterday and today is a good example. Here’s a slightly exaggerated account:
Amtrak: Oh Hai.* Thanks for booking a ticket with us. Oh, but it turns out that our website is shitty so it timed out and your order went through twice, but we only sent you one confirmation. Have a nice time finding this out tomorrow morning when your bank charges you an overdraft fee! Also have fun navigating our ridiculously complicated customer service phone system that takes 10 minutes to get you to an actual human!
Me: -_o
Amtrak: Oh, and the train is going to be an hour and a half late and you’re going to be sitting behind a person who is coughing the entire trip, so enjoy the throat bug you probably now have!
Me: -_-
And you know what the best part is? Congress is currently trying to defund Amtrak, meaning this stuff will get worse. And it's still better than the bus by a large margin.

Our country's public transportation system. It fails. Hard.
* Don’t ask why the anthropomorphisms of companies sound like LOLCats in my head. I don’t know either.
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So I heard about this yesterday:

Dead Space 2 is going to be very, very violent and gory. Most of you reading this know that the upcoming sequel to 2009's sci-fi survival horror games is not going to be for kids. As it turns out, publisher Electronic Arts wants to show that it is very aware of this fact by showing footage of the game to typical non-gaming moms.

At least we think that's what these moms are watching in a new TV commercial that popped up this weekend for the game. We don't actually see what they are seeing; we just see their reactions and hear their comments which, as you might imagine, are not complementary. EA is using this to basically say, "Hey, your mom won't like it which means it's going to be awesome!" This idea could backfire, however, if some mainstream news reporter makes an issue of perhaps having this "M" rated game appeal to kids via this TV spot.

The guys in the linked article hit on the main problem I had with it the more I thought about it, mainly, that if you're young enough that you care what your mother thinks about a game you're playing you're probably too young to actually buy it and play it because you're under 17, and most places flat out won't sell it to you if you try to buy it. It's juvenile, and it really doesn't do the games industry any favors to cater to the lowest common denomonator with the whole "LOL your Mom hates it so you're going to love it!" tone of the whole thing.

Oh yeah, it's also kind of sexist and plays up the whole "LOL women don't like violent games!" (considering my favorite game is Team Fortress 2, where 9 out of 10 deaths involves you exploding into cartoonishly bloody chunks, I beg to differ, as do about half of any given group of gamers because women are, in fact, about half the market despite what these marketing bozos seem to think), but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

I just realized this is the second time in as many days I've used the words "juvenile" and "marketing bozos" together in a rant. Seems to be a pattern, doesn't it?

Oh Jesus!

Sep. 17th, 2010 10:15 pm
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Watching a documentary about diagnosing kids with mental disorders and how they're medicated, and saying "Jesus!" every other minute. One kid was on 8 different medicines by the time he was 10, and most of those were to treat the side effects of other medicine! And there's been a 4000 percent increase in bipolar diagnoses in just over a decade!

Did no one ever say "Stop, what are we doing here?" Apparently not! And of course there was the fiasco with anti-depressants a few years ago and the fact that kids were, you know, killing themselves because they were on this stuff and nobody waited to see what would happen before they started mass prescribing it! No one studied it, no one said "Stop!" They have doctors who literally admit that they do not know what they are doing, just trying a random combination to see if it works! No!

*repeated headdesk* It's disgraceful. Now I'm not going to rail about how medication is evil because they do a lot of good for people who couldn't function otherwise, but these are kids and they flat out do not know what the long term affects are of piling these onto kids, whose brains are not yet developed! They are not adults, they cannot fully conceptualize what this means, these things are given to them rather than giving them therapy and because it's cheaper, it is irresponsible and it is not good medicine! What is going to happen to these kids in 20 years? They don't know! That's bad medicine! And half of the "symptoms" are just regular kid behavior, seriously, temper tantrums are enough to get these kids on medication with the way they dole out the meds! That's medicalizing behavior that really isn't an issue and framing it as a problem, and the risks are way way too high!

What was especially distressing is how they showed videos of this one kid at different ages, and once they piled the medication onto him the life just drained out of his face. Something is wrong here, and though they haven't said it yet I'm willing to bet that something bad happened to the kid.

Jesus Christ, stop and think, people!
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What is it with me and ovens?

The one here works fine up top on the burners, but I'm convinced that the inside heating unit doesn't work like it should. The other day I had to put a pan of brownies back in twice since they weren't cooked, and now I'm trying to do a chicken breast that's still pink. I'm also convinced that some macaroni and cheese I made earlier this week wasn't cooked right.

Angelo's coming back late tonight, so I'll have him call the landlord. Additionally the temperature knob for the oven broke so we have a temporary one with the numbers written on. Yeah, like that's gonna work. I wound up just using the toaster oven since I was getting so annoyed.
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Seeing as I'm a creature of habit today I did my usual stint at the gym after work, but unfortunately I forgot the shirt I usually wear because I'd in fact thrown it on on Tuesday before I went to the D&D session. I considered running home, but decided that since I was wearing a fairly concealing sports bra anyway I'd just do my workout in that.

I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit anxious until something in me said "Wait, this is the same body-shaming bullshit I got when I was in elementary and middle school!" I wish I could say I'd done a dramatic shirt rip right after, but alas I didn't. I was expecting to be looked at a lot, but when I saw another woman in there wearing something similar I decided to just go with it, not to mention that there are guys there with no shirts on at all and plenty of short shorts that show far more.

I was expecting to get some looks from the guys, but they didn't really seem to notice. The women, however, did, and not in a positive way. I saw at least four of them give me some of the most eviscerating glances I've ever seen. And it pissed me off because it reminded me how we as a culture are so conditioned to tear other people's bodies apart for arbitrary and most of the time stupid reasons just because people don't fit the "standard" or "acceptable" body type. I was wearing sweatpants and a bra that's less revealing than several swimsuits I own and I was getting looked at like I was Lady Gaga in Tehran. Bullshit.

So now I'm tempted to dress like that every day and buy three more tops like that just as a "fuck you" to all the people who think it's alright to tear other people apart like that. This is me, all 5'4" and 150 pounds of it. DEAL WITH IT.
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That was one of the most miserable experiences of my entire life.

I planned today to go down to Hyde Park and drop off the RCN stuff, then turn around and go to the North End and put up my moving permits and drop off some stuff. So I go down to Ruggles, get a ticket with some help and jump on a Commuter Rail train.

Here's the thing, it was the wrong train. And they give you NO FUCKING WAY to tell, no sign on the front, no conductor over the loudspeaker, nothing, they use the same tracks and it arrived at the time the one I wanted was supposed to be there. So once I'm onboard I realize I have to turn around and jump off at the next station, a place called Readville. I have no idea where the fuck that is except it's the wrong place. This was at 1.

I should add at this point that it looks like a fucking hurricane outside because it basically is. I brought my umbrella, but it didn't do much good considering that the wind was driving the rain sideways, so either way I ended up soaked to the bone since there's basically no shelter at this place.

After a while I decide, what the hell, I'll use my cab voucher book, call a cab and just get dropped off at the RCN office since it'll be faster than wait for a train and turn around. So I call them, and a young guy says that it'll take around 25 minutes to half an hour for one to show up. I say it's fine because the next train is at 3.

AN HOUR LATER I call them back because nothing has shown up, and I get a girl instead and explain that I already called and give my location. She then says in the most condescending, if-I-could-punch-her-through-the-phone voice ever, "You'll have to call a local cab company" and hangs up. HANGS UP.

So I finally accepted that I'll just have to wait, and at this point there's hardly an inch of me that's not soaked and I'm thinking that I'm starting to get hypothermic since I'm losing feeling in my hands. Eventually the train shows up, I hop back on and get home as fast as I can, since returning the RCN stuff today is a lost cause. Basically, I was stuck in the middle of nowhere for TWO HOURS in a fucking hurricane and the cab company basically gave me the finger.

And you know what the worst part is? I'M STILL NOT FUCKING DONE WITH TODAY! I still have to go up and put the permits up since they have to be up 48 hours ahead of time, so I need to dry off, get dressed and drag my ass back to the train.

FUCK. THAT. And I still need to return the fucking cable equipment! That whole experience was a total waste!
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One problem with my last name is that it has a hyphen in it, and I've never seen two organizations that deal with it quite the same way. Some omit it (And then bizarrely some seem to think that my dad's last name is my middle name. Um, no.) some recognize it on some forms and not others, and others just throw up a "DOES NOT COMPUTE" error when I try to put it in.

I was just online seeing what I'd have to do about renewing my driver's license in a little over a month and their system started giving me grief about it, since the hyphen is on my license (but not, from what I understand, on my social security card since it effectively punched me in the face when I tried to say it was) and the RMV's system doesn't like me trying to put it in my name and keeps insisting it's an error even though it's on my existing license! What the Hell, consistency, please?! And then that whole exercise proved to be pointless since I can't renew it until after my birthday or I'll still have an under 21 license which defeats the purpose of trying to get a new one.

You really think they'd be used to dealing with hyphens by now considering how many people either use both their parent's names like me or add their spouse's when they get married rather than drop their birth name, but no~! Seriously, RMV, get with the times.

This is rather hilarious in the light that the (admittedly inept) defense they gave for DOMA was that the government can't possibly keep track of different marriage laws in different states, even though it's already a hodgepodge with just the heterosexual couples without adding gay couples to it. Sorry, but they're already pretty inept since they can't seem to decide on how to deal with one stinking typographical symbol so I really don't seen how DOMA was supposed to help that. That ship sailed, darlings.
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A few days ago I saw some reference to people in college who still own clothes they had in high school that discussed them in a mocking tone, essentially calling them losers. This pissed me off for multiple reasons, and not just because I am in fact wearing a shirt I owned back then.

Look, I got out of high school three years ago, and that's not a very long time. It also assumes that if you're "cool" you've completely overhauled your wardrobe and gotten rid of everything you owned back then. This is ridiculous for three reasons.

First off, it assumes you have the money to completely replace everything every couple of years, which is very classist and consumerist (what sociologists call the culture of spending, where those who don't participate in it to an "acceptable" extent are ridiculed, and the whole "thin heel/skinny heel" thing with shoes that seems to change every single year is part of it). I occasionally get new clothes and maybe buy new shoes one or twice a year because that's how long it takes them to wear out, and because I don't like throwing money down the drain to own 50 pairs of shoes that I won't wear. I'd much rather have two or three that I switch between and actually use.

Second, it's just impractical and wasteful to get rid of stuff just because a certain number of years has passed. I get that people grow in style and taste, but I seem to have physically stopped growing for the most part so stuff from when I was 16 still fits and is still in decent shape, so there's no reason to get rid of it if I still like it. Look, I have stuff that my mom had from before I was born, and hell, stuff that my great grandmother had that is still in good shape.

Third, who honestly judges people about that? Now if something is very ratty, doesn't fit and honestly should be thrown out because it's physically deteriorated that's one thing, but making fun of people for being money smart and practical? Bullshit.
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Deploring the [DOMA] ruling Thursday was Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition, who told the Associated Press that Tauro was a "rogue judge" practicing "judicial activism." She added, "We can't allow the lowest common denominator states, like Massachusetts, to set standards for the country."

You did not just call us that.

Lady, I don't know who you are or what sort of backwards-thinking stuck-in-the-19th-century organization you represent, but no one gets to call Massachusetts the "lowest common denominator" on my watch and get away with it.

We have our share of problems, I admit, but you do not get off calling us that just because we give a shit about treating people fairly and are willing to do something about it. I'm proud to work for an organization that serves Massachusetts and the people in it!

So fuck off, lady, and God bless the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem!
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As should be obvious by my comments on this journal I really hate mainstream fashion. Now I acknowledge that in many cases what they produce looks nice, but I’m continually frustrated by the fact that it seems that what the mainstream produces is not something I would ever willingly wear myself, and that the mainstream idea of how a woman should dress is at odds with my view of how to dress myself. Which is to say that mainstream fashion has a problem with people who aren’t overly feminine (read: butch) and prefer more unisex clothing, i.e. me.

Now some of my friends make fun of me for almost always wearing a collared shirt, but the reason I wear those is that I like them and know they look good on me. I don’t especially like flashing cleavage or showing large portions of skin and they accomplish that. Plus given the job I have they’re dressy enough that I can wear them to work as “business casual” but not look out of place when I go out afterward. The Irish stubbornness really comes out here: I know what I like and I’ll be damned if I compromise on that.

Recently I’ve been particularly enraged by something I’ve been seeing with shoes, which are a particular sore point because I have rather wide feet. Mainly, that all the shoes being produced today seem to have these tiny little areas for the toes that I can tell would cause me excruciating pain if they managed to fit at all. Not to mention that the heels are all so skinny that my ankle, which I am chronically injuring, screams in pain at seeing them. I felt particularly betrayed when I looked at the website for a company that made a pair of boots that I own that are now starting to get worn out, and discovered that they too have succumbed to this insanity. No, you guys used to be one of the good ones! I’ve also heard that some women are getting surgery and removing one of their toes to fit their feet into some kinds of shoes, which succinctly summarizes everything wrong with fashion these days. Make the clothes to fit the woman, not the other way around! If you need surgery to fit into it you are doing it wrong!

There was once a video in one of my sociology classes that talked about the consumer culture and the idea of conformity by using the example of how skinny heels and thick heels seem to go in and out of fashion year by year, and that still wearing one when the other is in shows that you’re not subscribing to the current norm. The metaphor was a stretch, but I just remember thinking to myself “But what if you’re one of those people who doesn’t give a crap about what people say and just buys what you know you like?” which pretty much sums me up.

In short: Fashion? Screw you.
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I'm living proof of the axiom that when you owe money to an organization they want it right away and will bring down Hell on you if it's even a few minutes late, but when an organization owes you money they take their sweet time.

For the mentorship program I did last semester I'm supposed to get a stipend of $1000, the first $500 at the end of the Fall semester and the other half at the end of the spring. Well, Spring semester ended May 7th, three weeks after the end of the semester, and I still don't have it.

I'm counting on it too to give me a bit of a safety net for the summer, and I admit I made some purchases knowing it was coming, Nothing too big, but things I wouldn't normally get like that new sheet set. Well, now I'm paying for it.

Before the semester ended I checked thoroughly that everything I needed to turn in was in, and last Tuesday I stopped by the office to ask about it. I'm terrible at asking for money, but I wanted to make sure it was still going through. Turns out that I did everything I was supposed to, but the person supposed to put it in didn't, and they were going to call her up and tell her to get on it. They speculated that I'd get it this Thursday, I didn't, and proceeded to give a "KHAAAAANN!" scream.

Now I know that to university employees with a salary $500 may not seem like much, but I make an average of $200 a week at my internship and most of that goes pretty fast on utilities and food, so $500 is a big fucking deal. I earned it fair and square, and I admit that I had slightly less than entirely altruistic motives in signing up for this program since $1000 was a lot when I didn't have a job at all, and still is a lot since I've only made at $3000 this whole year before taxes, and most of that has gone pretty quickly.

At least I'll be able to save approximately $60 a month next year in the North End since I won't be forced to take the T and get a weekly pass, but still, it is expensive to live out here, and I'm more or less covering everything but the rent and tuition, which are far out of my ability to pay. I admit to taking some pride in that fact, but it makes this even more annoying!

This Thursday if it's still not in I'll start cracking some skulls.
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I want to throw my printer out the window. I was trying to print my bus ticket last night so I can go home, and it just wouldn't work. It said it needed an ink refill. So I tried to change the ink with a cartridge I'd bought earlier, but then it turns out that the software on my computer wasn't cooperating and said it didn't support my OS, so I had to uninstall it completely, restart my computer and redo the entire damn thing just to make the computer talk correctly to the printer. This was, by the way, at 2 in the morning at this point since I'd thought this would only take a minute. Nope. It took about hours to get to that point alone and then it got worse.

Then once I changed the cartridge it turns out that there's something wrong with the feed mechanism and the paper won't go into it at all or goes in totally crooked and jams. I tried every trick in the book and the online help for the printer is irritatingly unhelpful, so now it's borked and I have no idea how to fix it and to get my ticket I'll have to leave early to appropriate a university computer and printer just so I can get the fuck home.

Oh Lawd.

May. 7th, 2010 11:51 am
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Brown wants citizenship revoked for terror ties

Senator Scott Brown responded to the attempted Times Square bombing yesterday by cosponsoring a bill that would allow the United States to strip Americans of citizenship if the government determines that an individual supported or joined a terrorist group.

But a host of scholars and fellow lawmakers, including the House Republican leader, Representative John Boehner of Ohio, immediately questioned the constitutionality of the proposal, saying it was at odds with a half-century of Supreme Court precedents that ruled that citizenship can be relinquished only voluntarily. The legislation would affect US citizens whether they are native-born or naturalized.

Scotty, you're an idiot. That's several different types of stupid. Extremely stupid. What is this, the McCarthy era?! Using actions that indicate an "intent to give up citizenship" as a reason is way too broad a criteria, it could be applied to people writing checks to relatives who just happen to have ties to these organizations. Did the 1950s Red Scare not teach us anything?!

And more insidiously, it implies that they don't trust our justice system to convict citizens legally, since you don't even have to be convicted of an actual crime under this proposed law to get your citizenship revoked, and they don't want to do it through a court! That's crazy! Plus, the Supreme Court has found again and again that citizenship should only be revoked voluntarily, and in the very unlikely event this does pass the court will probably strike it down faster than you can say "unconstitutional". There's a little in the Consitution called "due process" that this conveniently ignores. All this stems from Brown and his cronies being mad that the guy in the Times Square plot got read his rights, y'know, because he's a citizen. This is a transparent attempt to undermine that, but here's the thing: those rights are there for a reason, and these guys' plan is to throw out the law book because they don't like the fact that it treats people fairly. It's like flipping over a chess board because you don't like the rules.

Way to go, Massachusetts, for electing this nincompoop. I think I just heard Teddy Kennedy's ghost scream. Whoever's running against Brown next election, consider a check already written to you in my name.
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Oh, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, I hate you. I really do.

One sure sign that my commute is going to suck is when, while standing on the platform, I see five trains go by… in the other direction, and just to add insult to injury the first train that does come along does the “coast up to the platform and keep going” routine.

I got to the T stop at 10:00, but only got on a train at 10:25… and my final was at 10:30. The teacher, like practically everyone in Boston, was sympathetic because it's happened to him too, but really. You suck, MBTA. You really, really suck.  I am so glad I don't have to deal with this albatross around my neck next year.

Now I just need to let it sink in that I'm really done with finals once the rage settles.


Apr. 20th, 2010 05:53 pm
athenaltena: (Annoyed)
What. Is. With. These. Fucking. Musical. Ads. That. Start. When. You. Open. The. Page?!

*installs Adblock Plus on Firefox*

Now usually I'm all for supporting sites with ad revenue, but after the third time that happened today I'd had it. They keep getting me on several sites I go to and either scaring the crap out of me or breaking my train of thought. God, I thought pop ups were bad, but at least with them you usually knew where the offending window was, but if you use tabs like I do you have to search around for it get it to shut up!

And if you're listening to music it's even worse. Nobody interrupts Eric Clapton for some shitty cleaning product! Nobody! Especially if you're Charlie Baker, who is not getting my vote anyway, and I have to click him away just to read the goddamn news!

Whoever came up with these ads gets my nomination for "Should be dragged out into the street and shot."


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