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Well, that was interesting.

Last night we were watching something when we heard a crunch outside. We went to go look, and there's a silver Hyundai planted face first into the utility pole that someone else hit last winter (which has now been replaced, though they kept the broken one) in a ditch off the road! The driver was okay, but obviously quite intoxicated and nearly fell on his face once he got out of the car, but my dad wisely took his car keys before he did anything else. We got a police officer down there pretty quickly, at which point he discovered that the guy had a marijuana pipe in his car. Ah, whoops~!

So the guy was arrested while my mom and I were standing further down the driveway, so I heard rather than saw all of it. I noticed that the officer mangled the Miranda Rights a bit, but they were satisfactory in terms of procedure and got the message across. A state trooper then showed up, and we found out that we could give statements the next day, which we did earlier today. It was also a learning experience to talk with those guys

So let's see -- this guy has an OUI, reckless driving, possibly damaging town property (the pole) and possession of an illegal substance on him now. Not good. Hopefully this'll be the end of our involvement in this (other than now having a broken utility pole -- that luckily has no wires attached to it since the last guy hit it) unless they need us to corroborate evidence in court, since the guy refused to get breathalyzed (which you can legally do, thought it immediately results in a suspended license) so all the evidence that he was drunk is based on our eyewitness accounts. My dad wrote up a very detailed one since he was the one helping this guy out of his car, and the cops said it was one of the best one's they've gotten, and they apparently thought Mom's and mine were fine too. So maybe it's a good thing this guy crashed in front of the house of two reporters and a writer.

This also isn't the first time this has happened, since our road has a little crest that if you hit it just right sends you off into that ditch/pole. The last kid who did that had fallen asleep at the wheel, but this guy was obviously drunk. He also tried to take off once he crashed to "get his friends" at the bar down the street, but he was too far into the ditch to get anywhere. And luckily it didn't turn violent, and we don't know the guy though he apparently lives down the street.

That certainly wasn't something we were expecting. ^_^;
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I have a little RSS feed for my journal in my browser so I can easily jump between my entries, and pulling it down I noticed the top three made an interesting combination:

"Nom nom nom"

I don't know why that amused me so much. :D


Apr. 8th, 2008 08:24 pm
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So we had a little bit of cheese sitting around after I used some this afternoon, and since it had gotten warm and all I decided to give it to the cats, just for kicks. It went something like this (words construed from their facial expression by me):

Me: *starts to break off pieces of it and walk towards bowls*
Stella: CHEESE! *jumps up on counter*
Jesse: What, pray tell, is this?
Me: Leftover cheese. Here, have a treat. *puts it in their bowls*
Stella: Om nom nom nom...
Jesse: *goes over to bowl and sniffs the pieces I broke off for him* What is this?
Stella: OM NOM NOM NOM...
Jesse: *sniffs cheese in his bowl* I don't like this. I want some of hers! >:(
Me: It's the same bloody cheese. -_-;
Stella: Nom nom nom... All done! =^_^= *jumps off counter*
Jesse: *jumps up next to Stella's bowl* Wait... it's gone! But I wanted some of hers! :(
Me: *sigh*

These are our cats...
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So I walk into my English class, and there's a ping pong table in the middle of the room and two people playing.


That's what I love about this place -- the random weirdness. :D
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Someone's icon on [ profile] fandomsecrets:

I'd be willing to bet that 90% of you won't get this joke.

The other 10% will laugh their ass off. And even then most of you will probably laugh anyway just because it's a funny image. That is all. :D


Jan. 28th, 2008 08:17 pm
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Got a "Patient Satisfaction Survey" from the ambulance service that took me to the hospital after my accident in November, and at first when I saw "EMS" I though Eastern Mountain Sports (a local outdoor wear company that I bought something from recently) so it was only after I opened it that I realized it was, in fact, for the Emergency Medical Service.

But then, upon opening it, I was several... odd questions, culminating in this one:

Likelihood of recommending this service to others.

It brought to mind the image of your typical salesman saying "So next time you're in a life-threatening situation, call this ambulance service! Now with free keychain and $5 cash back!" Apparently some ambulances do services like bringing people to and from nursing homes, but it still earned a WTF reaction from me. And some of the questions didn't apply, since I had my neck in a brace and was on one of those board-things, so I couldn't exactly tell how clean the ambulance was.

But overall they got a good rating from me, though for obvious reasons my memory is a little patchy.
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Bought some Jasmine tea while out with Mom after I had some earlier this week and liked it, and this was what it said on the pouch (translated from Chinese):

Aromatic Flavor Clear Infusion
Homely Refresher Ideal Gift

Haiku, Koan, or gibberish? You be the judge.

That's what happens when you translate characters directly. My all time favorite is still one my Dad found on a drum set in much the same vein:

Too Tight Of No Crevasse To Fall Down
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Inspired by a conversation with [ profile] a_white_rain at [ profile] clamp_rants about how the idea of Seishiro reforming and turning into a nice, non-killing, non-sociopath (something I dubbed SeishiroLite™) fundamentally disrupts the balance of the universe. Considering that I'm brain dead from work today forgive the script format. :P

Seishiro: Hey, guess what guys! I’ve decided to shape up, stop killing people, do things like respect people’s personal space and stop with the mindfuckery on Subaru. ^_^
Kamui: It’s got to me some sort of trick… 0_o
Seishiro: Isn’t it great, Subaru-kun?
Subaru: o____o
*Subaru runs forward, grabs Seishiro by the shoulders and begins to shake him hard*
Subaru: NO!!! What did you do to my Sakurazukamori?! Bring him back, damn it!
Kamui: We just can’t win, can we? -_-;
*Fuuma enters from Stage Left*
Fuuma: Hey Kamui, guess what!
Kamui: Not now. *points at Subaru, still shaking Seishiro*
Fuuma: Oh dear. Makes us look good, eh? ^_^
Kamui: -_-;

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This happened last week on Jon's last day as our manager.

The day before Casey, the girl who works in the gas station, had given me a note to post up so Jon could see it, since she wouldn't be there on his last day and wanted to say goodbye, since they're friendly with each other and enjoy mutually ragging on The Chump. So I dutifully put it up on the board and didn't think much about it until the next day.

When I came in the next day I heard Jon talking to Jeremy, the guy who would be replacing him, and talking about how Casey had left him a note, and how Jon was surprised that he had felt that way about him.

Now at that point bells went off in my head. I had forgotten that we actually have two Caseys where we work, one is the girl at the gas station, the other is the guy who works with us and who's only been with us for about a month. At that point I politely interrupted and said that it was actually girl Casey who wrote the note, not guy Casey.

The expression on Jon's face in the split second before he just about leaped into the garbage can to retrieve the note was just priceless. And then Jeremy, who'd been watching this and slowly but surely cracking up as this was happening, commented:

"I was wondering why [guy] Casey had such feminine handwriting."

Implied homophobia aside (but I've come to expect that from those guys, and they do it without thinking), that was pretty funny. ^_^
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Lost entry the first time, but here's take 2.

4 Adsurdities from today:

#1: A woman with no less than 3 golden retrievers in her car at work who talked like she knew me, told me to keep "climbing up the ladder" or something like that, and actually tipped me $3.

#2: A sign on the way back reading
That made me say "Huh?" If the aim was to attract attention it certainly worked.

#3: Jon turning to me today and saying "I appreciate your quietness." Probably due to the fact that Chris, our new guy, has no filter between his head and his mouth and does not shut up, so by comparison I'm a godsend since I don't really talk unless I have to and I hate gossip/smalltalk with a passion (it's apparently an INTJ thing).

#4: And a non-work related one via [community profile] fanficrants :

Dogs don't purr.

Apparently someone thought they did, like a cat. Dogs do make a variety of noises but purrs are not one of them. That's almost as bad as the person who thought that horses wag their tails when they're happy. Or, how you can tell that a person has never been around said animal in their life.
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Court won't declare chimp a person

"It is astounding how all the courts try to evade the question of personhood of a chimp as much as they can," Balluch said.

The reason's apparently because they want him to have a legally appointed guardian since the place he lives is closing down, but it's an interesting concept. And is apparently going to the Austrian Supreme Court next.

I found this while scanning my RSS feeds for new political news and it leaped out at me.
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Today Mom and I went to the Holyoke Mall since she had an appointment there, and since I tagged along I wandered around for a little while in there. While I was just strolling along suddenly a young guy comes out from one of those little islands and offers me some lotion. Dumbfounded, I go along with it, and somehow he ended up showing me a nail buffer and doing the middle finger on my right hand to show me how it worked. Very nice, handsome guy, took my hand like a gentleman, and if I weren't gay I might have very well fainted from the whole thing.

I was actually quite impressed by the stuff, and if it weren't for the fact that I was flat broke I might have sprung for it, since I do beat up my hands horribly and feel bad about it. Alas, I didn't have the money and am less than a week short of carrying a check card and not having to always have cash on me, so now I have one shiny nail on my middle finger for the next two weeks. I felt kind of bad, since I know the feeling of thinking you've got a sale in the bag only to have someone back out at the last second. But, alas, I had not the means.

The weirdest part was that as I was walking away I suddenly realized why the guy seemed so familiar:

He looked like a younger version of Barack Obama. 0_0

So that must be their new marketing idea: Get young, polite, attractive men resembling famous politicians to sell nail care products to women. Almost worked, if not for the lack of money and the gayness on my part.

And maybe this is a bad sign, but as I was walking away one of my first thoughts after "Holy shit he looked like Barack Obama!" was "Most... Blog... About this!" Addict, I am.


Jun. 22nd, 2007 08:22 pm
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The internet never ceases to amaze me. I log into Yahoo!s mainpage and see under "Today's Top Searches":

Cats that look like Hitler

I reiterate the subject line. The first hit is this page, a gallery of just that, cats who look like Hitler. The FAQ is also a good laugh.

Brain breakage. You can seriously find anything these days.


Apr. 29th, 2007 09:49 pm
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Now, I think my grudge against YouTube is relatively well publicized, but with these I can't help but shamelessly link. These are cool.

In case I screw up your friends page )
Hare Hare Yukai, the opening of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - as done by Mega Man.

Same again )
Motteke! Sailor Fuku, the opening of Lucky ☆ Star, one of my favorite opening sequences ever


Oct. 18th, 2006 01:32 am
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Too good to pass up. I wonder if Jesse's trying to learn how to make artificial catnip by reading my Honors Chem notes...

Cut so as not to totally screw up your friends pages )
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Holy crap.

The main headlines on FOX News: A person pulling kid's pants down in a bookstore, a hit puppy, a guy beat up with his own prosthetic leg, and you wouldn't even know that there as a debate between the candidates for governor.

The frightening thing is that the person who trained me at my job considered FOX to be "fair and accurate coverage."

*Dies laughing in the corner*
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Hit on the head with a bag of Nori Maki. What I get for looking in the cabinet late at night.

Edit: Too lazy to make a new entry, but things are going alright. Classes aren't too overbearing, and I managed to transfer into Chem Honors out of the uber easy class (I actually did sign up for Honors but they messed it up somehow) and I'll get caught up shortly.

*Note to mom, should she read this: Only confirmed this today, was a bit braindead when I came home and forgot to mention it. Workload isn't too much, and I actually feel like I'll have fun in that class. Tomorrow we get to burn stuff.


Aug. 27th, 2006 01:27 pm
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I just got a call saying that I don't have to go to work today. Why? Mother Nature decided it's going to be rainy today, and that's not good for a job like mine. My guess is someone at the main office looked at the radar and said "Ah crap" and realized that paying us to sit around isn't worth it today. Granted, I said "Ah crap" while looking at the radar at 12, so it took them long enough. Green is bad on that map for me. No use going back to sleep, though, since I already had coffee.

"YES! I always have coffee when I watch radar. You know that!"

Guess which movie that's from and I'll give you a cookie. =^_^=
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This cracked me up on a forum discussion about Pluto's reclassification a few moments ago, being something someone said and the reply to it:

that is igorent y would they take pluto out it is too small i mean look at merucarey it is smaller and don't they have more importainat things that t osee if pluto is a planet i mean come on wut is up wit that

Size has nothing to do with it. It's the eliptical orbit and the irregular shape... and the resistance to remove 1 planet was less than the resistance to add another 2.

Also, sentence coherence is important for someone debating the legitimacy of scientific edicts.

True that.
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I just played Fatal Frame and don't want to test my luck, since I've been having enough trouble sleeping with that game without the image of a 6 year old with a knife (which oddly keeps making me think of Osaka, which is even scarier 0_o

Oh Jesse, where are you...

Hi. My name is Anna. I am 6 years old. My daddy killed me 1 year ago. He stabbed me with a knife 12 times. I have posessed the person typing this. If you don't tell 20 people about my story within the next 10 minutes, I will be standing in the next doorway you turn into with a knife, or I will crawl onto your bed at night with it. You will not live this one out so don't test me.

(You can ignore this, I'm just being paranoid and somewhat silly, now where is that cat...)


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