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Birthdate:Sep 22
Location:02113, Massachusetts, United States of America
Me in a nutshell:

I'm a young woman living in New England, currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Sociology with a Philosophy minor, which should tell you a lot. I enjoy writing, reading, tarot cards, mysticism and other "odd" areas of interest. My mind often resembles a swirling vortex of ideas that need to surface, some of which are recorded here. Some may not make any bloody sense to anyone, including myself. But I would rather be moving in a vortex than trapped in a vacuum, personally. Tendency to get political since I follow the news closely, and though I try not to be partisan I'm a big advocate for LGBT rights, given that I have a personal stake in it.

Occasionally cynical, but I attempt to be funny about it most times. I have a dry sense of humor but am mostly restrained in real life with it, not afraid to swear given that I live in Boston, so consider language PG-15. Hobbies include writing (original and fanfiction) graphic design (using GIMP) gaming (PS2 and PC), waxing philosophical, and reading way more than is probably healthy. Also trying to learn Japanese (and mostly failing) in my free time. I'm also a monogamous lesbian, currently not in a serious relationship.

The current name of the journal comes from Mat Kearney's song Learning To Love Again. As I said before, I'm interested in all aspects of mysticism and spirituality. I consider myself a pantheist with some pagan leanings, and I was raised Unitarian Universalist. I didn't used to believe a lot of things, but my own experiences have made me see the light, so to speak. I've been told that I'm an "old soul" since I was very young, and to this day many people think I'm a good 5 years older than I actually am. I hope that I can discover more about and the world myself as time goes on.

My friending policy is fairly open, and I welcome ideas that differ from mine for the sake of discussion. The things I will not tolerate are people who intentionally start arguments, belittle others in a clearly malicious way, or show me or anyone I care about disrespect. There are plenty of places to do that on the internet, but this journal is not one of them. I will show you as much respect as you show me, so play nice.

Other than that, come on in, pull up a chair and enjoy the ride.

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Journal header created by [info]exhero.

Here is a compilation of various characters I've been stamped as from different fandoms. It may give you a sense of my general personality, but mostly it's for fun.

Basic info, Astrological sign and All That Jazz:
Western Sun Sign: Virgo/Libra Cusp
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Blood Type: AB-
Ennegram Type: 9

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