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"Endkindle this!"

I think this is pretty self-explanatory even if you know nothing about Mass Effect, but what makes this even funnier is that during the game you overhear a news story about the Hanar Anti-Defamation League taking issue with the movie since "jellyfish" is considered a slur.
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Here's something humorous for the dads out there.

Denis Leary's bit about his dad reminds me of both my dad and his dad, my paternal grandfather, and the injury part is actually something I do too (most recently when I dropped that sink on my hand and shrugged off the resulting injury, and it resulted in a pretty impressive scar once it healed up). Maybe it's an Irish thing.

Oh, and seeing as it's Denis Leary, clip is NSFW due to language.

ETA: And in a hilarious bit of synchronicity, look what the top link on Yahoo! was right after I typed this up.
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Mr. Colbert once again gets my thanks for ripping into Mitt Romney, who, if it's not already obvious, I severely dislike. And this was a double whammy:

Part one since I can't embed it for some reason

Part two
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George Takei is awesome. This is why.

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Because I do:

I can't really explain what his voice does to me, but damn. With this song it almost feels spiritual. It also reminds me of this time of year when it's just a little chilly out.

So yeah. ♥
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I gotta say, David Gray is adorably dorky when he's looking for the right guitar. And the song he's talking about is beautiful.

Er... okay

Aug. 7th, 2010 09:24 pm
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I dunno, the idea of medically regulating your period to be every 3 months instead of once a month with a pill weirds me out, especially the slogan they're using:

"Who says that time of the month has to be every month?"

Let's see: your body, nature, evolutionary history, biology, your hormones, your age... I could go on.

I'm sorry, but I trust those more than a pharmaceutical company trying to push a drug I don't need, because A.) I'm not having heterosexual sex and B.) there's no medical reason for me to take that pill short of "convenience" which doesn't pass muster in my book.

The sociologist in me also wonders about the medicalization of something that is perfectly normal for a healthy woman to have. It's like how the number of cesarean sections have increased dramatically not because there's any medical need for them, but because it's more convenient for the doctors than having to wait through a natural labor (that's a post of its own). Look, I know periods are a pain and it's unpleasant, but I'm not inclined to mess with it. I once had a straight girl I know try to convince me that it's a wonderful thing and makes you life so much better, but I gave the same reason why I haven't.

Now, I know women who are basically handicapped when their period shows up and I'm not going to fault them for taking a pill to regulate it, but for me it's not something I'd do. Generally speaking I'm inclined to leave well enough alone as far as my body goes.

And the obligatory video from Saturday Night Live that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter:

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One good thing about playing DnD with a bunch of queer people is the references that get tossed around. For instance someone rolled a spot check (basically a roll of the dice to see what you'd notice) and got a 1, aka a Critical Failure (they had a low intelligence score). Everyone burst out laughing, and then she wanted to know what that meant she missed.

Someone then pulled up this video:

It took about five minutes for people to stop laughing and go on with the game.
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The original singer has said she loves it too.

(Oh yeah, video contains lots of guys dancing around in little swim trunks)

I have some friends I have to send this to. :D
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I'm considering redoing the journal layout, as much as I love Amaterasu O-Kami, but it's been well over a year with it and my life situation has changed quite a bit. I might try integrating this image or something similar, and this quote that I feel applies to me right now:

Video + lyrics )

He tones down the spoken word for his later albums for the better, in my opinion, but that's probably my favorite lyric off the album. Maybe I'll cut the y'all. Don't know yet. Either way his entire album hits close to home and my situation right now, so it's been on my main playlist and MP3 player for a while.

Also, in poking around to find the proper version of these lyrics I discovered that I'm actually one of the few people to actually have this album, since it was a limited release and the original record producer no longer exists. I found the CD at the radio station and grabbed it for my show since I'd heard of his later work, and I guess our copy must have been sent as a promo to us. When I found it it had never been opened, which I think is a damn shame, since while it has its rough spots there are a lot of good things on it.
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Tim Gunn, will you be my gay uncle and talk superheros with me? He's pretty much the only reason I kept watching Project Runway after my friend Rob got me addicted to it last year. He'd be a blast to have lunch with.

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One thing I love about him (besides the absolutely snarky sense of humor) is how he manages to make the word "implausible" carry the weight of a swear.
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I may not be a fan of South Park (I may do a post in the future about why, and no it's probably not for the reasons you think) but in terms of calling out the people who sent them death threats -- yes, death threats -- Jon Stewart hit the ball out of the park:

"I say this to anyone who's threatening death in the name of religion or politics," Stewart concluded, standing in front of a gospel choir for the second time this week, before offering his now-trademark bleeped-out sign-off, which begins with "Go" and ends with "yourselves."

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
South Park Death Threats
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Well said, brother. I can see why he's considered the most trusted news guy in America -- even though he's a comedian!

Also, if you want to both cry and be touched, look up the first show he did after 9/11. It's why I would love to just meet him and give him a hug.
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The octopus in this video stole this guy's camera so he had to chase it down, while the camera was still running.

They say that octopi are intelligent, but this certainly seems to prove it. It apparently just wanted the camera and even went for a ride on the guy's speargun after he got the camera back.

octopus steals my video camera and swims off with it (while it's Recording) from Victor Huang on Vimeo.

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Oh yeah, apparently I've been in Boston long enough that I can't say "department" or "apartment" as anything other than "depahtment" or "apahtment" without conscious effort.

I could also instantly tell that someone online was from this area when they used the phrase "wicked good."

Also, this is hilarious and relevant considering that we're going to Fenway for my dad's birthday next month, once again courtesy of The Onion:

Red Sox Announce Plans To Return Fenway To Original 1912 Conditions

(for those who don't know, diehard Sox fans complain any time a change is made to Fenway and always talk about "The Good Old Days")
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Courtesy of my philosophy professor, The Onion once again manages to make you laugh and then feel horrible about it:

Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday
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On that same subject, prepare to have your minds blown:

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That is officially the coolest thing I've ever seen on the internet.

Valve! Pixar! Somebody! Hire this guy, now!
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Apropos of nothing, have some dancing Christopher Walken:

The man is pretty much the textbook definition of "sketchy", but damn can he dance!
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Found my other Rufus Wainwright albums on my external harddrive (they hadn't made the transfer from my old computer) and though we don't need any more proof that he's awesome, I was reintroduced to his cover of "Across the Universe" and a gorgeous music video too:

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In case you missed it this morning, this was a song I played after a little interlude where I talked about how censorship sometimes makes things even funnier. Case in point:

This came up the other day when I went by the studio, and I thought of this song, hence why it showed up.

(And no, I won't actually get in trouble for this since they don't actually say anything bad. Loopholes are great like that. You can allude to swears, but as long as you don't actually say them they can't bust you. Really, that's the FCC's rules for that.)


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