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I'm rather proud of myself for managing to install the mobile version of Opera on my phone, since the browser AT&T provides you with is a piece of shit and they've now decided to charge you for checking your Yahoo mail. I said "fuck that" and through this I found a workaround. I did have to play around with the Java settings to make it accept the security certificate and not tell me every time I went to a new page that it needed permission, but I eventually got it to work. It's a lot better than the default browser on the phone, much faster and displays stuff right. Now I just have to figure out if I can get Flash onto it. I'm glad because I was getting annoyed at the limited capabilities of the default browser, and this has added some life onto this phone before I get a new one.

Today I met up with my friend Sam and two of his friends in Chinatown where they were having the New Year's celebration. There were lots of people in the dragon suits going around to the different businesses and blessing them, and fireworks. Later on we went into a Japanese Shabu-shabu restaurant as a late birthday lunch for Sam, since his actual birthday was when we were all on break, and it was funny when one of the dragons actually came into the restaurant itself. The meal itself wasn't too expensive either, though it was kind of funny when the guys were trying to figure out what the vegetables they'd given us were. Luckily I knew and could help them out.
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Computer's back. They wound up wiping the hard disk at that seemed to solve it. Reinstalling my stuff. Being a dork putting my games on right after the essential stuff.

I think I'll spend part of this weekend hibernating since I'm exhausted.


Feb. 15th, 2011 06:16 pm
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Feels like my head got stuck in a blender today. The weather in New England seems to have said "So you liked when it was warm yesterday, did you? You could walk around without a hat or gloves? WELL GUESS WHAT NOW IT'S GONNA BE BALLS CHILLINGLY COLD AGAIN! ENJOY! :D"

At work I was on when I moused over an ad that opens itself and suddenly *boom* my antivirus tells me I have a Trojan. So I drop what I'm doing and call the tech guys, and we spent the next 45 minutes getting rid of it. Since we're an agency that deals with stuff like social security numbers and massive amounts of money anything like that is a DEFCON 1 situation, so the procedure is to cut the infected computer off from the network completely and go from there.

We got held up at one point because they wound up connecting to the account of the wrong Rosemary since there are two of us (the other is a much older woman) but eventually it was solved. Luckily no one at work blames me because I was on an ostensibly safe site and wasn't doing anything I shouldn't have been doing, in fact a big part of my job is to look for news on sites like that. The tech guys said that this keeps happening and they've sent emails to about their ads being screwed up like that. They also told me that they'll put more memory in my computer because it's so slow even without viruses and upgrade me to a newer version of Internet Explorer because I'm still using version 6, and a lot of websites don't function properly, so it's not all bad. Every time I use my work computer I do end up appreciating my fast little laptop with Firefox all the more. *snuggles it*

Oh, and the vending machine at work ate my money when I was trying to get oatmeal because I still had a stomach ache. I wasn't happy. I swung by CVS later to get some stuff and tried to get some discounted Valentine's candy, but the only stuff they had left had aspartame in it, which I CAN'T EAT. Grr.
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The computer saga is over for now, and I'm at home until late tomorrow. I now have an HP that I've decided to name Happy. Yeah, uncreative, but it works. Ironically enough the computer itself is physically pretty understated, but it was described to me as being tough enough to withstand abuse, and I'd like to avoid having to replace another computer until I'm out of college.

The trip in on Friday was HELL. I don't think it's ever taken that long, and by the end of the day I had spent nearly 6 hours either waiting for the bus to show up in Boston or on the bus stuck in traffic. In good traffic it takes maybe 2 hours. Ugh. And the fact that the bus was mostly full of whiny teeny boppers who complained about wanting their money back (the snarky inner commentary was noting that it was probably Daddy's money, and for the record I paid for my own ticket) didn't help a bit. But I made it.

I've mostly been relaxing, and today after church, which was a very interesting service about population growth, I went out to lunch with Mom at Stables. I've lately been lusting after knee-high boots, but my attempts have been continually thwarted by the fact that these boot manufacturers apparently don't think women have any muscle. But today I finally found a style that does fit, and we'll probably go get them tomorrow.

But for now I have kitties. ♥
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So I now have my external hard drive back, and the old one is officially kaput. But tying into my theory that I have some sort of trickster God in my life that loves to screw with me, when I went to pick it up Martin, the tech who thought he could save it, decided to plug it in one last time when the hard drive was out. It turned on! I could not believe it. But then of course when we put the hard drive back in it would not turn on, so it's very likely that the connection between the hard drive and power was the thing that got fried, so it's still useless. Martin insisted on trying again a couple times, and I couldn't resist saying "He's dead, Jim" and convince him that it wasn't worth it. I also now have the original hard drive in case I need it.

But hey, I have my stuff including Project Samurai, which was what I cared about (truth be told I probably would have gone postal if it hadn't been saved since I've been working on it for seven years now). The only thing I lost was a few video files that wouldn't transfer, and I can replace those easily enough.

I also went down to Chinatown and got my new ID, or rather a temporary paper one until they mail me the new one. It was relatively painless, and though my new picture isn't as bad a the old one I still look like a felon. My dad jokes that they have a special filter on the cameras to make you look like a criminal.

When I was doing my laundry a little while ago I was writing up notes for the second of two papers I have due, and now that I've had dinner I'll get started on the paper proper. All things considered this wasn't too bad, and when I'm out in Western Mass I think I know which computer I want to get, and until the end of Saturday it'll even be on sale. So despite how much losing the computer sucked it wasn't a complete disaster, and Steph lending me her Mac helped quite a bit.

So I just have to last to the end of this week, basically. Not too bad.
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I'm convinced that the person who invented soup did it when they realized they had a whole lot of things lying around that they couldn't use on their own and decided to throw them all into a pot to see what would happen.

Because I essentially did exactly that yesterday, since I have a lot of vegetables (some potatoes, carrots, peas, onions, tomato paste and celery) plus some buillion cubes, and because I am trying to avoid spending money on lunch this week I threw them all into a pot yesterday and made soup. It turned out pretty well, even though the recipe I had called for corn, which I didn't have and don't tend to like in soup (it's not so much the taste as the texture since I have weird hang ups about food texture). The soup turned out pretty well and saved me some money, and I still have some left over for later.

As far as the computer goes I haven't yet heard back from the guys at Staples, since one guy thought there was a possibility that once the computer dried out after a few days it could be saved. I'm not especially optimistic about it, but I'll give it a shot and I did already pay them to try. I'll probably get a call later today about that. And in terms of trying to get a new one we basically decided "screw it, we'll wait until the weekend" since trying to coordinate this across the state is just too complicated. I'll be out in Western Mass this weekend anyway. I also already finished one of my two papers due this week on Steph's computer, so I think I'll be okay just borrowing one. I'll probably do the other paper later tonight or at least start on it. The fact that I type so fast does work in my favor in situations like this.

I also took my air conditioner out of my window this morning since it's not supposed to get above 65 again any time in the near future, and I managed to do it by myself! For a minute there I did think that I was about to drop it down into the courtyard, but I pulled it off. It's now in my closet.

Oh, and this morning Angelo taught me how to make scrambled eggs in the microwave like his dad taught him, and they turned out pretty well. I've actually had a craving for them lately but haven't had the impetus to make them, so I learned a new trick for that situation.


Oct. 2nd, 2010 06:32 pm
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I have a feeling this is going to be the week of tension headaches.

I'm on Steph's computer right now, and the computer situation for me is still up in the air due to several factors, so no word on when I'll be back for good.

And for the record I did not have a beer yesterday after all that. Though thanks to Steph I can at least check my email and do my schoolwork, though it is enforcing the mutual hatred Macs and I have for each other. But hey, it's better than nothing.

Oh yeah, and this particular headache was prompted by the fact that, unless I am seriously doing something wrong with Steph's Mac (which is entirely possible), they did not in fact get my stuff onto my external hard drive from my original hard drive. As far as I can tell there is nothing on the external. And Staples is closed for the day. Damn it, that's $100 I just spent on nothing. I'll have to call them tomorrow and get an explanation and hopefully do this right since I already paid for it!

To be completely honest realizing that there was nothing on the external made me just want to cry. I just want this stuff to WORK for God's sake.
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Loathe as I am to quote Spring Awakening, a musical I hate, the title of that song pretty much describes my situation.

My laptop is likely kaput. As I was heading back on the T from D&D last night the water bottle I have in my backpack exploded, and I didn't notice at first because it was on my back and I couldn't feel it. It got the right side of my laptop, where the "on" button is, wet. So it won't turn on. I discovered this at about midnight last night. The light indicating that it is plugged in will come on when the power cord is in it, but the computer itself will not boot up. I took out the battery, put it back in, plugged it in, unplugged it, etc., nothing. I knew I was fucked.

Because I couldn't sleep well I got up around 6 this morning, and got to the Staples in Government Center as soon as I could. I basically hung around until they opened at 8 and went straight in. They told me that they're going to have their tech come in later today and give me a call about what he can do, but so far they think that saving the hard drive will be all they can do. But then again I told them about 5 times that saving the hard drive is the main priority, and even if I have to get a new computer as long as I have my files I'll be okay. I really don't want to have to start from scratch on my writing projects again. I also had to plunk down $70 on the spot just to have them look at it. They'll probably have a final word on it by Sunday. I'm prepared to use my credit card, which I hardly ever use, if I need to buy a new one, which will probably put me out about $300, but I don't have much choice and it's a lot better than the alternative. Such is what the modern life of a college student is -- you really do need a working computer these days.

The worst part? The other day I had the feeling that I should back it up, but didn't. Fuck. I should have listened to my gut. Oh, and the manufacturer's warranty expired last month, but they probably wouldn't cover this anyway. Water and electronics apparently HATE me.

I am so gonna need a beer, perhaps several, by the time today is over.
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If I never see another Blue Screen of Death it'll be too soon.

So this morning when I booted up the computer crashed. And then crashed again. And again. And again. Ad nauseum. It would work for a few minutes, then *bam* down again. I couldn't even get on the internet to see what was going on before it crashed.

I ended up calling first Microsoft, but because I couldn't find the disc my version of Windows 7 came on and the precious ID number, so they shunted me over to Gateway. The guy was going to have me wipe my whole hard drive, but it appears that some parts of it had become corrupted and all I had to do was wipe those though the setup at start up. Or something, I'm not too good with this stuff. Either way my files are safe and I didn't have to do anything too drastic, but just to be safe I'm making another backup of everything and so far it hasn't crashed again. It seems a bit clunky, but that may be due to running the backup.

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Well, my copy of Windows 7 arrived in the mail today and I just got it up and running on this computer. Nothing has gone wrong so far and the computer seems to be zipping along even more than before, which is impressive considering how fast it was. I think this Penny Arcade strip sums up most people's experience with it so far.

So no complaints, but then again I seem to be one of the few people who didn't have a major beef with Vista in the first place. I'll play around with it and figure out what they've done with it, but so far no complaints.

And yes, the fact that I did not have to pay for this (it came free with the new computer) does increase the enjoyment.
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Apologies to anyone who might have gotten a defriending message from LJ in the last few hours. The touchpad was being temperamental, so when I tried to change some settings on LJ I accidentally defriended a few people on the friends setting page without realizing it. Once I figured it out I think I got all of them readded, but if I've missed anyone just let me know on this post.
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Otherwise I have no complaints about the new computer, though I was annoyed by a persistent hiss when the headphones were plugged in, especially with lower sounds. Cue an hour of playing around with the headphones, drivers, trying different mixers, and frustration.

Then in a moment of genius I decided to spray the headphone jack with the compressed air we got recently. Now, no hiss. It was dust in the jack. Duh.
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Transferring emails from one computer to another is a pain. More so when one doesn't have any working USB ports. But I figured it out after 3 or four tries, basically using every trick they recommended until one worked. It was aggravating to have uploads and downloads to my online server not work 3 times when the uploads alone took about an hour each, but I think I finally have it.

So we're more or less up and running, and Ambrose here is still amazing me with his speed. I was amazed when the restart took less than a minute to get fully booted, a world of difference from my old one. I still need to tweak some settings on Windows though most of the annoying parts were already disabled. I was also researching freeware virus programs since I'm not sure I want to shell out my (or more likely my dad's) money for something that I can get for free that's just as good and has the benefit of open source. I think I found a decent one that I cross referenced in a few different places, and so far it's working well.

I still keep hitting the Fn button when I mean to hit ctrl on the left side, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'm already getting used to the keyboard, but there was an adjustment period where I kept hitting the wrong things and could barely type. Now going back to Leto's keyboard feels a bit awkward. This keyboard is also unusual in that it also has a full number pad on the right hand side, but I have a few games that will come in handy with and save me from having to hook up a controller. Overall I like the keyboard, it's halfway between a regular keyboard like Leto's, which always has things getting stuck under the keys, and what's called an island keyboard that shows up on more expensive machines. I also seem to be making fewer mistakes while typing, though that may just be because I'm paying more attention to where my hands are.

The mouse is also a bit hard to get used to, and the main complaint I saw about this model was people saying that the touchpad was very sensitive. Apparently these people don't know that you can turn down the sensitivity, which I did as well as making the double click more sensitive, since that's how I tend to operate. Coloring with this mouse is probably going to be interesting, but one thing at a time. It also has what's called rolling scroll like on an iPod screen, meaning that if you want to go down you make a circle and go the other way to go up. It took a little bit to get used to but I like it.
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First impression of new computer:

Holy Christ this thing is fast! Stuff that makes mine chug along it does in a flash. Wow.

I'm mostly disabling the annoying Windows features at this point, and then I'll have to restart it to install things like Firefox again. It's also very, very pretty and has a nice pattern on the outer cover.

I think I found a name for it too. For some reason "Ambrose" popped to mind as I was setting it up. Ambrose means "immortal" (hence Ambrosia) and hopefully this thing will be with me for a long time.


Aug. 25th, 2009 01:43 pm
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*throws confetti*

WHOOT! I was getting worried there. Now to open this baby up and have a look, and now that I'm not waiting for it Mom and I can go into town. Maybe by then I'll have a name for it.


Aug. 24th, 2009 09:08 pm
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*stares at mailbox*

*stares a while longer*


So yeah, still waiting on the new laptop to show up. Not today, but hopefully tomorrow. Leto meanwhile is still chugging along, though it had major trouble earlier today and even ctrl+alt+del failed to fix it (failure to initialize security options, dead serious), so I had to leave it alone for a while until it worked itself out.

Oh the processor on this thing sucks, but the new one should work exponentially better. Sara's dad said that it might not be able to play next gen games, but guess what? I don't play next gen games (at least not on PC) so it's a moot point.

Now if it would just show up... and I should figure out how to transfer Firefox favorites, since favoriting everything again is a pain. Edit: And I figured it out. Turns out that when you click "Organize Bookmarks" on the Bookmarks menu you can choose to export them in a file, which I chucked up on my internet storage. I knew the Firefox developers would have thought of something like that.
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I am in fact still alive, but the last few days have left me with the usual late summer/early fall headache that won't go away and hasn't helped in my attempts to wake up at a reasonable hour (read: before noon), and I blame the pollen for that part at least.

Still prepping stuff for the move, and I'm at the point where half of me is excited and the other half wants to grab onto Jesse-cat and not let go. There's more or less the adult saying "Yay! Independence and responsibility!" while the kid is going "No! Scary new thing!" The adult is obviously going to win by sheer strength alone, but I will acknowledge that the kid makes a convincing argument at times.

New computer will hopefully show up tomorrow or Tuesday, and then I can finally scan a sketch I'm quite proud of (shading techniques for the win). I could scan it on another computer and email it to myself, but the compression required to do that makes the quality purist in me foam at the mouth. It'll be soon enough that it'll show up with any luck.
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The new computer is on the way, and in theory should be here by late this week/early next week. I decided on the slightly more expensive model since it did better in "abuse tests" and is slightly lighter.

Leto meanwhile is chugging along, though it seems that the CPU is acting clunkier. It's actually bit sad to compare the specs of the new one to this one, for instance this one came with 512mb of RAM (I later upgraded it to 1.5gb) but this one comes with 4gb right out of the box, not to mention more hard disc space than I really know what to do with at 320gb.

I also figured out how to get my files where I can put them on the new computer and get around the dead USBs: "cloud computing", which is essentially putting stuff on a server I can pull down later. Handy way around things and a good way to back it up.
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Stupid sinuses. I had enough of a headache this morning that it was hard to wake up, so my planned start at 9:30 didn't exactly work. More like 12. Urgh.

And yesterday I did something I haven't done for years and busted out my painting supplies. The last time I seriously painted was in about sixth grade, which was not a happy time in my life. I was mostly seeing how much I remembered about the techniques, and though they're not exactly Matisses, and I still can't draw people worth shit. Though that's my fault for never bothering to take an anatomy class. But I like drawing animals and plants better anyway.

Speaking of plants, I bought some sweet pea seeds to try and grow. It was actually the picture of the plant on the package that inspired me to take out my canvas, since the colors of the flower reminded me of something I wanted to paint. I'd been meaning to get back into painting, I just needed a good reason.

It took much longer to write this post than normal since FireFox kept crashing because of one website. The site was just down, so the must be having problems with it. That's what happens when I try to multitask.
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Ugh, I did not need that. Earlier today after I got back from lunch into Diversity Services I saw that my computer, which I'd left unplugged, was shut down. Figuring we'd had a power surge or something I started it back up, and after a few minutes it suddenly shut down on me again without warning. I eventually figured out that the male power input on the back of the computer was bent, almost at a 30 degree angle, and that the computer would start and then shut down because it wasn't getting enough power to start the hard disk.

This whole thing pissed me off because it means that someone must have tripped over the cord and pulled it while I was gone, even though I've explicitly warned the people in that office about it multiple times and put my computer out of the way precisely so this didn't happen. Someone missed the memo and was not paying attention so I almost lost everything. It worked out and I don't have to kill anyone, but still.

So as soon as I realized what was wrong I took it to the computer service people, and eventually I just used my swiss army knife to bend the input back into place. The computer is working fine now, it's getting enough power, and the input seems to be back to normal and it apparently didn't take any damage, though I'm going to keep an eye on it. This majorly stressed me out since I have that 15 page paper due tomorrow, so this could not have come at a worse time. Luckily it worked out, but my heart didn't need the stress over the possibility of having no computer and no way to start it and get it off onto another computer with that huge project due tomorrow. It's like something out of a nightmare.

I am, however, done with said paper, so I just need to print it out. Whew.


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