Jun. 1st, 2012

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Even though I frequently talk with people from pharmacies on the phone I'm a little exasperated with my own pharmacy, because they apparently ran out of room on the label and so my name reads Rosemar. Even after I told them my name is actually Rosemary they still kept referring to me verbally as Rosemar. I had to avoid facepalming. At least I got my medicine. My insurance also decided to give me 3 months' worth at once (which they informed me of through a letter they sent to my parents' house even though I corrected that *sigh* but at least I got it) so I think my friends will be very confused if they come over and see 3 packs of birth control in the medicine cabinet. That's also why I refer to it as a "hormonal medication" since technically that is what it's doing since I don't need it for the other reason people use it. The fact that I actually do use it for the reason it frequently got prescribed to women who needed it but weren't able to get it back in the Bad Old Days is not lost on me, and kind of funny considering how my mom's family historically has supported Planned Parenthood.

Speaking of the medicine,Read more... )

Also I keep forgetting when Boston Pride is. I thought it was this week, but I was off by a week. I'll most likely only be able to attend the end of the Parade on Saturday, but I'll see what I can do during the week.


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