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Even though I frequently talk with people from pharmacies on the phone I'm a little exasperated with my own pharmacy, because they apparently ran out of room on the label and so my name reads Rosemar. Even after I told them my name is actually Rosemary they still kept referring to me verbally as Rosemar. I had to avoid facepalming. At least I got my medicine. My insurance also decided to give me 3 months' worth at once (which they informed me of through a letter they sent to my parents' house even though I corrected that *sigh* but at least I got it) so I think my friends will be very confused if they come over and see 3 packs of birth control in the medicine cabinet. That's also why I refer to it as a "hormonal medication" since technically that is what it's doing since I don't need it for the other reason people use it. The fact that I actually do use it for the reason it frequently got prescribed to women who needed it but weren't able to get it back in the Bad Old Days is not lost on me, and kind of funny considering how my mom's family historically has supported Planned Parenthood.

Speaking of the medicine,Read more... )

Also I keep forgetting when Boston Pride is. I thought it was this week, but I was off by a week. I'll most likely only be able to attend the end of the Parade on Saturday, but I'll see what I can do during the week.
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Allergies have been kicking my ass, and no wonder since they're leaving a visible yellow layer on everything around here. And I can tell because I've been fucking up more than usual at work, and when you do you have to sign a form acknowledging the fuckup and all that. Between Memorial Day and today I had three of them. Oy. But I only have one more weekday of work this week at least.

I think I also impressed the people there because my lunch today was some leftover soba noodles with peanut sauce, but before I put them in the microwave it occurred to me that I should probably check that no one had a peanut allergy since it's a communal microwavev. I just suddenly imagined some of the sauce getting in there and some poor person who's allergic having a reaction if they put their own stuff in there, so I checked and no one did that we knew of. I still wiped the inside down just to be safe. Maybe that was overly paranoid, but I figured it was worth asking.
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Luckily I don't get too many outright nasty people at my job, but they do stand out when I do get them. Especially the guy yesterday who was pissed off about his wife's bill and seemed convinced that I was really somewhere in California so he asked where I was from. I replied that I was from Massachusetts, and he replied that I didn't sound like it.

I was sorely tempted to go Masshole on this guy, since despite lacking an accent due to being from the Western part of the state I sure as hell am. In fact, considering I have an ancestor (on my mom's side, no less) who was here nearly 400 years ago back when it was a colony and has a frickin' statue at the State House (yes really) my ties to Mass probably go back further than this jerk's. And my dad's family's been here since the mid 1800s.

But I resisted, since we're not supposed to sass the customers, no matter how much it's deserved. And by my rules, you just do not treat people the way that guy did, especially when they're trying to help you.
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I've noticed that my roommate can be a bit flaky when it comes to leaving food out, but the other day he horrified me when he left raw chicken in a containing to thaw on the counter and left for the night. I promptly stuck it in the refrigerator when I realized that and explained to him when he got home that doing that is a very good way to get food poisoning, especially since it's getting hotter outside and things spoil that much quicker. And to impress it on him I explained that restaurants can get shut down it they do that. You do not even want to chance contamination if you're cooking for someone else, and you shouldn't chance it with yourself since it can kill you. I personally use the "when in doubt, throw it out" rule on all the food I make.

And while I know it's not just guys who do this, the majority of cases I've experienced where someone does something like this have in fact been guys, including the one idiot friend who food poisoned himself with ice cream (and we're still not entirely sure how he did that). My conclusion is that we just plain do not teach guys this stuff, and that is a problem. If I ever have any male children you bet your ass they will have this drilled into their heads.
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So girl who won't stop using her cell phone at work has been replaced by guy who won't stop using his cell phone at work. I leaned over and whispered that he really does need to put that thing away since people get fired for that, and one person just got fired for that (among other things, but I was trying to make a point so forgive the slight hyperbole).

Five minutes later guess what he's doing. Again. At one point I was tempted to say something like "put that thing away or I swear to God I'll break it" but I decided to just drop it. Guess he doesn't value this job after all. *shrug* I tried, but you cannot save people from their own stupidity.

Also anecdotal evidence suggests that I have a calming effect on people, since I seem to get a lot less angry people, judging by me overhearing other people talking to them and how negative those interactions sound. I don't know if it's just luck, but that doesn't tend to happen. I noticed this at my last job too, maybe my tone of voice or something else just has a disarming effect, but whatever it is people seem to react less negatively to me. Maybe it's because I make an effort to sound pleasant and friendly, and I know people react to tone of voice and if the person you're talking to sounds bored and disinterested and you're already in a bad mood it doesn't help.
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I love how easily amused cats are.

I actually have those because after I finally got my missing paycheck replaced in addition to this week's regular one I went to get some new shoes since the elastic on my old sandals had worn out and they kept falling off my feet, and it turns out the Sketchers store was having a buy one get one 1/2 off so I went and got two pairs. And now Mari has two boxes.

And just the thought that I actually have at least a little money is kind of making my brain short circuit after so long with next to nothing coming in. Most of it either went to savings or got used to pay some things I've been behind on, and to my shock I still have some left! That's a pleasant change.


May. 14th, 2012 08:00 pm
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In case you didn't guess from the subject line, still no check. Tomorrow morning yours truly is going Godzilla on the staffing agency.

Though it did occur to me that this might not actually be their fault, since sometime this weekend someone sabotaged the mailbox of another person who lives here (meaning it's a broken hunk of metal on the ground now) and I wonder if that same person might've stolen my check if it did arrive on Friday. If so they only took the check and not some junkmail that arrived. Either way, I need a replacement, NOW, and I found out that they do have direct deposit through some other people who work through the same agency so I'll set that up so this doesn't happen again.
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Today was interesting because in the same day I had a (very nice) nun call in and have me pass a message to her doctor, and then had to call two priests for one gentleman who was having a spiritual crisis prior to surgery (the first priest didn't get back to us so we contacted the backup priest, who did). We were joking about that later about how "Two priests and a nun" sounds like the setup of a joke.

This Saturday definitely went smoother than last week, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how fast I'm picking it up. I still sat next to a supervisor in case I had questions, and indeed I had many questions, but some of the answers are so esoteric that they didn't expect me to know them. They also keep telling me to not be so hard on myself when I do mess up, but I think of it as holding myself to the same standards I hold other people to, otherwise I'd be a hypocrite. Oh well. Philosophical difference I guess.


May. 12th, 2012 06:45 pm
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Still no check. It better show up Monday or heads are going to be cracked.

I'm especially unamused because I basically have no savings at the moment, so there is next to nothing to fall back on. I can subsist until maybe Monday but if it's any later than that... well, see the second sentence of this post.

ETA: Realized that I could ask K to give me his half of the utilities early (I usually ask around the 15th of each month) so that will hold me over.
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Today I'm being reminded of how nice having direct deposit on my last job was. Usually my paycheck shows up on Friday, so when it wasn't in the mail today I was naturally worried and called the staffing people. They confirmed that they did mail it on Thursday, so it'll probably show up Saturday. What was kind of funny is that when I called their line was busy for a good few minutes, suggesting that a bunch of other people were calling to ask what was up too.

I don't think it's anyone's fault per se, but it effectively derailed my plans for today and pushed them back until tomorrow. The good news is that when it does show up this check will be for more than enough to cover everything I need to do (and I'll probably put most of it into savings to begin trying to build that up again) it's just waiting for the damn thing to show up that's aggravating. If I hadn't been so frazzled when I  called I would've asked if they do direct deposit to prevent this in the future, which I actually had been meaning to ask before this happened. Luckily I can subsist until then, it's just annoying.

What happens to a check deferred?
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I wound up playing the stool pigeon at work the other day when on Tuesday night after all the supervisors had left one of the girls sitting next to me starting sneakily checking her cell phone under the desk. That is a big no-no, since not only is is unprofessional, but we have to comply with HIPAA and having one of those out is one of the fastest ways to run afoul of that law and get us in big trouble. It's the same reason all of our calls are recording and we're not allowed to take down information like SS numbers and medication names, though people are all too happy to tell them to us sometimes. So the next morning I pulled my supervisor aside and told her out of earshot of this girl about what I'd seen, and she said she'd "have words" with the girl. Quite frankly I didn't like this girl anyway since I met her, and I was kind of glad to see my first impression proved to be correct yet again. 

Other than that, it seems Thursday is now my Friday since I have Friday off for at least two weeks. Or maybe Saturday is actually my Friday. I'll have to think on that.
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The Avengers was great. My theaters was pretty much literally howling with laughter at several points. I know that at one point I was laughing so hard that I was having trouble breathing. Well played Joss Whedon, well played. I also really liked how the women in the film were treated, makes sense since this is the same guy who did Buffy. It was also hilarious hearing people in the hall talking after it was over and wondering about who the guy in the credits stinger was. My friend Sam and I pretty much figured it out instantly and were explaining it to others. Oh, and then the second after-credits scene I think was just Whedon trolling us.

We actually wound up going to a different showing than originally planned, since only some of us got tickets online and the showing we wanted was sold out, so the people who had tickets changed them to a different time while the rest of us got them at the theater. And then three separate friends of Sam actually wound up in different showings through a series of miscommunications, but we all met up after the end since it was only a 20 minute difference in start time.

Since we had some time to kill before it started we went to the McDonald's down the street, and later we were saying how having so many teenagers in there made us feel incredibly old. I'm the only one who's technically graduated so far, but they all agreed with me. Oh, and some random group was on the Common protesting something, we heard them shouting but didn't get close enough to really find out, nor did we really want to. All I know is they had a sign that I think included Jesus with Devil horns. There was also a couple guys drumming and we agreed that we preferred the drumming guys to the possibly crazy protesters.
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Apparently Saturday is when the weirdoes come out in regards to who calls my call center. While there are some legitimate emergencies (like one woman who kept insisting that I didn't need to page anyone even though she was in labor) there are also some confused people. Like one guy who ranted for five minutes about how the company we answer phones for had delivered a pool table to him and didn't assemble it... even though they're a delivery company, not an assembly place. Or something. My trainer took over that one about halfway through and I admit to zoning out in confusion.

Also ironically it looks like I'll actually be waking up earlier on Saturdays than during the rest of the week, given the schedule. It turns out the way they schedule you is that they look at the window of time you said you'd be available and then put you in where they need it. Mine's more or less consistent, and next week is mostly 12 to 8's. And I get Friday off, because it just worked out that way. So I do in fact have something like a weekend, it's just Friday and Sunday. Eh. I'll make it work.

And tomorrow I'm seeing The Avengers with some friends after church. Today I need to do laundry and get some other things for the week.
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I should fine out my work schedule tomorrow, which'll help me get a sense of the new few months scheduling wise. I also scared the hell out of myself yesterday since I thought I'd circled the wrong shift for my availability when I first gave it to them, but I wasn't that dumb. I was glad, since I had a horrible moment where I thought I'd signed up for the night shift. Thankfully, I did not. I'll likely be starting in the mornings and likely getting out mid/late afternoon, which I can do. I also found out that I do have to do one weekend shift, since everyone has to, but those are shorter shifts and hey, more money. As long as I have Sunday off it's fine with me, and I basically told myself to stop whining about it since I used to do a weekend shift at my job in school. If teenage me could handle it 20-something me can handle it too. Plus the weekend shifts are always pretty slow according to the folks there.

I also feel bad for the other young woman I was training with, since she had the bad luck to get called for jury duty and has been out all week as a result. Apparently this happens to people at this call center a lot, since they've had two different people get called for grand jury duty. She has a lot of catching up to do when she gets back.

I was also training with a guy who had a really, really thick Revere accent, which lead to a humorous moment where he answered the phone and the caller did not understand him at all because he sounded like he said "Senta" rather than "Center." He was a really nice guy, but sitting next to him was interesting since he's also, well, loud. As in, sitting-next-to-him-makes-it-hard-to-hear-my-caller loud. I think the fact that we were in a small room rather than out on the main floor, which is a big open space, made it worse. It probably won't be so bad when he's out there and not directly next to someone.

I also had a humorous moment where a woman called me and asked... for the phone number of "the shoe store" next to one of the hospital buildings. I'm rather impressed that I managed to not say out loud what I was thinking, which was "What?" We figured out later that she probably mean the specialized orthopedic clinic, which isn't exactly a shoe store but does sell them, but even the person who was training me had never heard that one before.
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I continue to be impressed at how much I'm both enjoying this new job and at how good I am at it. I was not expecting either of those things, but whaddhya know, that's how it's worked out. They gave me a brief evaluation of the last few days and told me some things I need to work on (most of which I already knew about) but they said overall I'm doing very well.

They've been having me be plugged in with various other people so they can listen to what I'm doing and help me out if I need it. Eventually I'll be on my own, but I do like feeling like I'm not completely on my own, and as I've said my last job basically threw me in feet first and told me to figure it out on my own. The guy today was very nice and we eventually got talking about nerdy stuff between calls. Near the end of the day we also had a few instances where he told me to do something and I then said what he just told me out loud to the caller, which I called an "I, [state your name]" error. Oh well. I can tell that I definitely like being in a faster-paced environment than my old job, it goes a lot quicker and I feel more challenged mentally.

It also means that, ironically, these days I'm probably using my higher pitched professional voice than my regular, talking to someone normally voice. I was explaining to the guy I was working with today that there is a difference, since even if it's not obvious to someone listening speaking with that voice just feels different. I know I sit up straighter, for one, and it's yet another area where the radio work unexpectedly comes in handy. I was even told in my evaluation that my projection and enunciation are very good, and that's why.

I'm also trying to get back into going to the gym, so I'm breaking myself back into that. I can definitely tell that I was a bit out of practice, but that'll go away once I get used to it again.
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I really hope whoever came up with the tent layout for the Japanese festival gets fired. Or at least gets a stern reprimand. Because it did not work. AT ALL.

I understand it's the first year they've done it, but really, it was impossible to get anywhere or see any of the booths, to the point that my group gave up and decided we'd just go get something to eat instead. And apparently they ran out of meal tickets, not that it would have done me any good because I couldn't even get to the food booths through the crowds. So the lesson I hope they learn seems to be threefold:

1. Don't hold it in Copley Square, and I really don't see why they couldn't have used the Common since as far as I know nothing was happening, and it works fine for the Greeks whenever they have their festival
2. Put the tents in rows or otherwise space them so people can actually get to them through the crowds rather than leave a big space in the middle
3. Have more meal tickets than you think you need

And it doesn't fit into the above, but their port-a-potties were absolutely disgusting. And not just in the usual way, I mean to the point that I ran out of it rather than use it. Ugh. Why do people use them as trashcans?

But I got to talk to some friends when we went to get food at Fire + Ice. And I wound up literally eating my words in some ways when one guy put what I think was curry and barbecue sauce on his and I commented "Holy heartburn Batman!" considering that I overdid it on the garlic and now have actual heartburn.
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Day four of the new job and I think it's something I can do. I actually found myself enjoying it more than I was expecting. There's definitely a much faster pace than at my old job, and one of the things I liked least about my old job was having too much downtime and not enough direction. That's not a problem here.

I also finally realized why this other young woman training with me annoyed me for some reason when she really hadn't don anything to warrant it, since it turns out that she sounds exactly like someone I used to live with who I did not like at all, so the sound of her voice triggers that memory. Luckily I've managed to stay professional, and I it's not her fault that she sounds like someone I've had bad experiences with.
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So I’ve been sitting here wondering why the hell I’m in such a funk today since I have no goddamn reason and should be celebrating finally getting a job.

Then I had a look at my new medication and “depression” is listed as a possible side effect.

Fuck. At least I know why now.
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Good news! The thing I interviewed for yesterday worked out in my favor, so I'm starting (paid) training on Tuesday. Right now it's classified as a summer assignment that runs until sometime in August, but if they like me enough they might extend it to perm. I'm also glad that they're giving me 2-3 weeks training first since, as much as I liked my previous job, they essentially tossed me in feet first and told me to figure it out on my own.
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Glad I installed that pedometer app on my phone, since it can help shed light on why I'm both so damn exhausted and why I've lost about 10 pounds since moving to Boston. For instance, I walked close to 3 miles today. Damn. I know I'm a bad judge of relative distance, but that surprised me. Also explains why when I got home I lay down for a minute and then proceeded to fall asleep for a few hours.

I think that interview went pretty well today. I very much overestimated how much time it would take on purpose since I'd never been to that area, so I just kind of fucked around and got some coffee before I went in. It's a call center that has several of the medical places in the area as its customers, and despite my apprehension about phones I know it's much easier for me to switch to "on" mode when I'm getting a call rather than making it. They also explained that while they're not a 911 line they do get cases that are pretty serious, so being able to work under pressure is a must. At one of my last interviews I actually said that I think I work better under a bit of pressure than not, since I know my own mind and that I can get distracted if there's not something keeping me focused. I was also cracked up by the informational movie they showed which was very, very 90s. The computers in particular were hilariously out of date, and when I asked about that they explained that the new computers actually make things slower in some ways since when it was just a DOS system you didn't have to deal with different windows or tabs and all that. I also asked if doctors still use pagers like in the video since it's been years since I've seen someone with a pager, and they explained that almost all of them do since other types of frequencies aren't as reliable, and hospitals use a special frequency. Learn something new every day! Hopefully we'll know by the end of the week if they're interested in me, and if they are I'll start a 2-3 week training course. This is temp-to-hire, so at the very least it'll hold me over if it works out.

Also one of the smoke detectors on another floor has been doing the "I have a low battery so I'm going to chirp every 30 seconds" thing all afternoon, and the people in that apartment are either not home or too dumb to know how to change it (hint: it involves a ladder or a chair and a fresh battery). Since this is the same apartment building where someone set off the building wide fire alarm last week and then booked it, both are distinct possibilities. And yes, I'm the type of person who will be kept awake by sounds like that. At my parents' house I sometimes get woken out of a dead sleep by things like the furnace turning on. It might be lessened if I close my window, since for now it's opened a crack, but I hope they fix that.


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