May. 3rd, 2012

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I should fine out my work schedule tomorrow, which'll help me get a sense of the new few months scheduling wise. I also scared the hell out of myself yesterday since I thought I'd circled the wrong shift for my availability when I first gave it to them, but I wasn't that dumb. I was glad, since I had a horrible moment where I thought I'd signed up for the night shift. Thankfully, I did not. I'll likely be starting in the mornings and likely getting out mid/late afternoon, which I can do. I also found out that I do have to do one weekend shift, since everyone has to, but those are shorter shifts and hey, more money. As long as I have Sunday off it's fine with me, and I basically told myself to stop whining about it since I used to do a weekend shift at my job in school. If teenage me could handle it 20-something me can handle it too. Plus the weekend shifts are always pretty slow according to the folks there.

I also feel bad for the other young woman I was training with, since she had the bad luck to get called for jury duty and has been out all week as a result. Apparently this happens to people at this call center a lot, since they've had two different people get called for grand jury duty. She has a lot of catching up to do when she gets back.

I was also training with a guy who had a really, really thick Revere accent, which lead to a humorous moment where he answered the phone and the caller did not understand him at all because he sounded like he said "Senta" rather than "Center." He was a really nice guy, but sitting next to him was interesting since he's also, well, loud. As in, sitting-next-to-him-makes-it-hard-to-hear-my-caller loud. I think the fact that we were in a small room rather than out on the main floor, which is a big open space, made it worse. It probably won't be so bad when he's out there and not directly next to someone.

I also had a humorous moment where a woman called me and asked... for the phone number of "the shoe store" next to one of the hospital buildings. I'm rather impressed that I managed to not say out loud what I was thinking, which was "What?" We figured out later that she probably mean the specialized orthopedic clinic, which isn't exactly a shoe store but does sell them, but even the person who was training me had never heard that one before.


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