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May. 8th, 2010 07:34 pm
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Remember the drunk guys last week who were knocking on my door past midnight demanding to be let in and insisting we were people we weren't? They were back last night, were probably the same exact people, and we were even more annoyed. They were too drunk to realize that the loud party upstairs was the one they wanted and kept calling us someone else's name. I refused to open the door this time, but they sounded like the were honestly trying to break it down. They woke up Nadia too, who was yelling through the door that we weren't those people and threatened to call the cops. I was seriously almost reaching for my bokken (which happens to be by the door) at that point.

The girl who lives across the hall from us also got involved and was talking with us about the crazy people upstairs, who are almost all exchange students here for only a few months and think it's okay to have loud parties until 3 in the morning. For some reason they always sound like they're moving furniture too at odd hours. As I was talking to this girl a guy from upstairs came down and was trying to convince us not to call the cops, or at least tell him before we did, and while he seemed harmless enough we weren't buying it, and I patently refused to go up there or give them any warning for my own safety. It was especially funny when the cat the girl across the hall owns came out and was staring at this guy, and the cat was obviously a good judge of character since she stayed far away from him. The cat actually likes me on the other hand. They did eventually knock it off, but since Nadia's finals are next week we were not amused at all.

I actually ran into that girl as two times today as I was leaving, and then later doing some laundry, and apparently Donny, the maintenance guy who lives here, went apeshit on the people responsible and is working with the realty company to change the lease terms for those apartments so doing stuff like that can get them fined or thrown out. Considering that this happens almost every weekend I'd say it's about time. These idiots also do stuff like dent the walls and leave trash in the stairwell, and I discovered on my way down that they've once again dented the wall by my bed. Donny has to fix all that, so he is far from amused that it keeps happening.

Then as we were talking Donny himself showed up and was talking to us, and I've always thought that he's a very nice guy. He predicts that tonight will be quiet considering the chewing out he gave them, and though I missed seeing it first hand I understand it was quite spectacular.

At least next year I'm going to be on the top floor of a building, so this brand of idiocy won't be as likely. Plus pulling this in the North End is likely to get you thrown in Boston Harbor, since they protect their own up there. Last year there was a guy who was going around assaulting women in the North End, and the consensus was that he had better hope that the police find him first, since otherwise he'd get well acquainted with the bottom of the Charles River.

Edit: When I just went down to throw my laundry in the dryer Donny turned on the machine for me to give me a free dry, to make up for last night. Aw! ♥
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