May. 4th, 2011


May. 4th, 2011 02:09 pm
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Good news: We have internet again.

Bad news: I need to go out and get a wifi router unless I want to go through the trouble of connecting my laptop to the modem directly with an ethernet cable. This isn't so bad since routers only run 30 or 40 bucks a piece and I have a Staples coupon anyway. It's also cheaper to just buy one than rent one from the company.

Good news: We have cable.

Bad news: They apparently gave us a shitty box that crapped out about an hour after it was installed. So they're sending another person out tonight to fix it. And I checked, they will not charge me for this since it's their fault. Otherwise I'd be pretty pissed.

Also I won't be doing a radio show today since it's too much trouble to run up to the school, since I'm now stuck here waiting for the tech.



May. 4th, 2011 06:07 pm
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Alright, wifi is up and it seems faster than it was before. I just have to remember to give D the WEP when she gets home so she can get on.

I went over to Staples, and the guy who was there when I fried my last laptop and had that issue with my MP3 player was there. When he saw me I assured him that nothing was broken this time, and bought a router. I could have rented one from Comcast, but it's cheaper to buy one and I can take it with me wherever I end up next.

Unfortunately a few things are broken, like the cable box, and continuing with my luck with ovens the oven is on the fritz and not getting hot enough inside again. Shit. It had been working, but right after it got really humid it seemed to decide it wasn't going to work again. I had Washington, our maintenance guy, come by again to look at it, and he's going to send over a specialist to look at the oven either late today or tomorrow. I honestly hope they just replace the whole blasted thing since it's caused us so much trouble. But Washington was very nice to me, and I'm continuing my habit of being nice to the maintenance guys since I offered him something to drink since it's sticky and humid outside. He turned it down, but he seems to like Thomas, the cat.

Ooh, speaking of the cat:


He's on my bed right now, and he seems to switch between me and D's bed. He's a remarkably well-behaved cat, and D's raised him since he was 7 weeks old so he's really well socialized, and considering some of the cats I've seen at the MSPCA I think I can make a pretty good judgment about that. I swear that I don't look for black cats, they just seem to come to me. And even though he looks like Jesse in terms of coloring he's built more like Stella and is about the same size, and he has a very wide face that D says looks like a teddy bear.

So right now I'm waiting for another Comcast person to show up and hopefully give us a cable box that works, and their timetable was between 5 and 7. Let's hope it works this time. Why Comcast gave us a defective box in the first place is another question, but since I'm not being charged I'll let it slide, and they're still better than RCN.


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