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Brief recap of the last few days:

Apparently sleeping for 14 hours on Thursday was the trick to getting better, and now besides a few sniffles I'm pretty much good.

Nadia and Jen ran off to NH until tomorrow, so I'm on my own again. Sara has to study and Krys is in Dracut with his boyfriend, so aside from church tomorrow this weekend is probably going to be a mostly solo affair. Need to get my laundry done and get a head start on some reading, but that's about it.

I reorganized the kitchen a bit, or as much as is feasible with the limited space we have. I switched out our big white dish drainer for the smaller blue one I bought over the summer and found that I now have enough room for the cook book stand I bought last weekend with Mom, so it's a bit more organized. I can certainly see why all these home buying/selling shows that Sara got me addicted to put such an emphasis on counter and storage space, since not having them is a pain in the ASS!

I also cleaned the kitchen floor with our Swiffer since it was getting sticky and then did the other common areas while I was at it, and did a small grocery shop (getting what I needed to eat tonight, sugar for my coffee tomorrow and paper towels) and we'll have to do a more thorough one once Nadia gets back.

Now, I'm going to try a baking experiment later tonight with the leftover apples. We'll have to see how it works.


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