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What is up with the smoke alarms in this place?! This is like the fourth or fifth time they've gone off since I've been back, and I think it's the same people, since they get silenced pretty quickly and seem to come from the same place. Do they just burn everything they cook?!

Note that I haven't done that for quite a while (and no I'm not counting the backdraft in the fireplace back home), but seriously, every half day or so this seems to happen. They better not set the building on fire or I'll be mad, especially if I have to stand out in the cold. When I had Krys over once we had to stand out in the rain and it sucked, but now that it's only about 20 degrees out it will suck more. Geez.

Date: 2010-01-14 03:49 pm (UTC)
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Lol. Well in the apartment complex I live has about 3 smoke alarms + 1 carbon monoxide detector in about 700square feet of living space.

I bake Salmon in the oven. The smoke alarm goes off around 20minutes of baking time 350degrees. The salmon isn't burned or anything but it gives off allot of cooking fish smell. It travels to the hallway and boom it goes off.

The only way I have noticed that prevents this from happening is to turn on the fan exhaust during cooking. It actually helps filter out the smoke.

We had new neighbors move in (a week or so ago) and their alarm goes off like twice a day. I was mad too, I was like, you better not set this building on fire.!

Date: 2010-01-14 04:31 pm (UTC)
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I think the people upstairs may be new, or at least there are people around that I haven't seen before. I guess some people have that happen when they have to use an electric stove as opposed to a gas stove and visa versa (this apartment complex has both varieties).

Granted when this happened to me it was because our oven was legitimately broken (I set it at 350 degrees and it got hot enough to crack a casserole dish and fill the place with the remnants of the brownies I was making) but it hasn't happened since.

Date: 2010-01-14 10:50 pm (UTC)
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A very long time ago when I was pregnant, age 20; there was this neighbor that constantly had the smoke alarm going off ALL the time. She liked to cook late at night, around 12-2 am and that darn smoke alarm would go off. Well, I was the only one that would get up and check and each time there would be smoke coming out of her apartment and she would be waving a towel or magazine to air her apartment out. Well, I checked each time.. So, one time, like the 6th time it happened; when I checked, the door was opened and her very little boy was standing outside crying. So, I lumbered down the stairs all by myself, everyone was still asleep. I went into her apartment, calling out 'Hello' and saw that she had a grease fire happening and was ready to pour water on the pan. I grabbed her hand opened her cabinet for some salt or anything, found a 10lb bag of flour and threw it on the fire, putting it out. She had wrapped a wet towel around her burnt hand and fully intended on to fight this fire herself..% crazy.. Anyhow, the cabinets were black from the fire and I pulled her out of the apartment, grabbing her phone. I went back in and made sure the fire was out, so there was no need to call the fire department. It was 1:30 am in the MORNING. Now, talk about crazy.. this is all happening with her smoke alarm ringing off, the place is on fire, and no one has done a damn thing and I came from the building next door/upstairs and she was on the bottom floor surrounded by 4 other apartments. All of them would have died, she wasn't calling anyone, she could barely speak english and had already caught the cabinets on fire with one of her earlier fires; she didn't want to get into any more trouble with the landlord.

(Her husband worked strange hours and she was cooking him his dinner for when he got home. I think she was half asleep each time she caught the kitchen on fire. And, she liked to deep fry everything in grease.)

So, personally.. It is always good to be safe than sorry and I am always the one to wake up and find out what is happening...


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