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All my stuff is moved into the new apartment, and I'm so so so so glad I hired movers. They were extremely quick, and the time from when they showed up at my place until they left the new place was almost exactly 2 hours. I took a cab up since they couldn't put me in the cab of the truck due to insurance reasons, and by the time I got up to the North End they were done with moving my stuff upstairs! I was very impressed.

Unfortunately since I hadn't been there to instruct them they basically set the room up like a Tetris puzzle with stuff stacked on top of other stuff, and getting everything sorted out took the better part of two hours and resulted in me hurting myself. Oh well. Now it's pretty much set up and I mostly need to put up the pictures.

Yesterday there was also an impromptu film watching later that night where several people who live in the building came up and watched Paranormal Activity, a movie I hadn't seen. I didn't think it was all that scary. It was nice to have people up and a definite change from how isolating the last place was.

I woke up around 1 today (shut up) and have been meandering around since. Angelo's friend Coleman, who lives down near Dorchester, wound up staying over from last night on our futon, which is apparently a frequent occurrence. I don't mind and we watched Fringe for a bit. Angelo also made us scrambled eggs for breakfast/lunch. Today I need to go to the Everything Store nearby and get a few things so I can finish setting up.

Oh, and I also discovered that because this is an older building the floor is slanted. I dropped a battery at one point and watched it roll across the floor and under my bed. Oh well, that's what happens when you're in the oldest part of the city.

It was also a very good thing I took today off from work, so I'm glad I did that in advance.


Jan. 19th, 2009 07:29 pm
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Now I know why they say that Boston can be interesting when it's snowing, or rather in the aftermath of said snow. Going down Cambridge St. was a bit like a slalom trying to avoid the deep puddles to keep your shoes from getting soaked.

Meanwhile, I'm bored stiff up here. I didn't even leave the dorm yesterday, and I'm looking forward to school tomorrow. I can certainly see why some people complain about our campus life since in situations like this there's not much. I've mainly been playing Killer 7 and going to the gym, and in terms of that game it is weird, and I still jump every time an enemy pops out. *shivers* The way the enemies laugh will give you nightmares...

Earlier today I took a walk around the city just to do something, and besides dodging the puddles it turns out that the CVS that's literally right next store has closed. Not good, and I can just hear all of the students grumbling about having to go over to Summer St. in order to get stuff now. Roomie E has also gone to the inauguration with her family, so it's a bit deserted around here too.

I know that tomorrow they're holding a bash for the inauguration in one of the campus buildings starting at noon, so I'll probably go there after class with some of the Diversity Services people.
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Well, back at Suffolk again. We managed to dodge the storm and avoid the snow, but Boston was a mess when I got back. I managed to get my stuff put away, and one surprising thing was how some people back up just about everything and bring it back. I just had my suitcase, backpack, and a duffel bag.

I've also decided that I need to get exercising again, since I think I gained some weight at home since I wasn't walking everywhere. I went down to the gym earlier and did a bit of that. I can't wait to see the people at Diversity Services tomorrow and get my classes started again.

Here's just hoping that my roommates shut up at a semi reasonable hour tonight, since traveling really zaps the energy from me. Ah yes, the joys of dorm life: drafty rooms, loud roommates and no personal space.
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Officially done with finals. Boo yeah. Now I just have to killed 24 hours between now and when I get to go home. Phooey.

The last final wasn't too bad, though I had to roll my eyes at the antics of a specific sector of the class who remind me of the people I went to high school with in a bad way. University procedure is that we fill out an evaluation of the course and instructor anonymously without the professor in the room, and these folks were giggling the entire time and saying that they were giving him 1s for everything. Jerks.

I volunteered to take the envelope to the English department after class, which I did before coming to Diversity Services. I actually liked that teacher, and I had quite a few good conversations with him after class since we're from the same area of the state and I actually was interested in the course material, unlike the aforementioned jerks. Basically, as usual I turned into a teacher's pet without meaning to, but I really can't see that as a bad thing.

I managed to do something to my ankle last night, so I bandaged it up this morning in an attempt to reinforce it. Not sure how that happened, but I can't put too much weight on it right now without wincing. For some reason the skin on my forehead is flaking too, so that was pretty embarrassing this morning. I'll just wear a hat all day and moisturize again when I get home. It was also hard for me to get to sleep last night, and that was not at all helped by my roommates chatting with each other at two in the morning. I'm not usually very aggressive but I actually told them to shut up so I could get some sleep. I only have to put up with them for one more night before the break, which can't come soon enough.

Not sure what else I'll do today besides pack, especially since the weather is pretty crappy. My friend Jamie says that she has something for me (and incidentally I feel bad about having nothing for her, though I might make a stop to see if I can find something on the way back home) but that's just about it.



Dec. 7th, 2008 04:57 pm
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Good God, am I the only person at the University who's not stressed out about finals to the point of sequestering myself in my room to study or off in town/at home screwing around? I haven't seen any of my roommates in about two days since they went home, and while it's a bit nice to have the room to myself it makes me aware of how big this room is, and, believe it or not, it's a bit lonesome. Yes, this coming from me, a huge introvert.

Seriously, it's dull here. I spent some time prepping for my CrimJ final (mainly reading stuff over and brushing up on a few terms I was unsure about) but now I have nothing else to do. I went over to someone I know to knock on the door, and the exact words that came from the other side were:

"Can't talk. Must study. Finals will kill me!"

*tilts head* Ok. Everyone doing that, however, has the net effect of this place being incredibly boring. Not to mention the fact that the University mandates 24 hour "quiet hours" which cut down on the usual wacky occurrences under penalty of being written up. Not to sound dramatic, but it's too quiet.

I did go to the Arlington St. church today and help out in the kitchen again. John, one of the guys there and an all around nice person, made very good lentil soup, and with the suggested donation basket we took in about $80 for the church. I was talking to John's wife Wendy as we were serving hot dogs and soup and I mentioned my major, and she pointed out that my major and minor (sociology and philosophy respectively) are very very UU. I hadn't thought of that, but she's exactly right!

Meanwhile, I will find someone and rope them into a Guitar Hero tournament (borrowing roommate B's game and controllers using my PS2) before I go batshit insane.
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We do not in fact have bedbugs. I went to health services and had them look at my leg, and apparently they think I was having an allergic reaction to something (which backs up my dust mite theory) and not due to being bitten by bedbugs.

That's good, since it means we don't have to fumigate. Whew.

Oh Christ

Oct. 3rd, 2008 09:43 am
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We may have a bedbug problem in our dorm room. I've been noticing red bumps on one leg for a little while, and when I told Kris about them he said that it may be bedbugs. I've never had to deal with them before, so I had no idea what was might have been causing them.

After class today I'll go to residence life and tell them about it and show them my leg. Hopefully this'll turn out to be a minor thing that doesn't require the dorm to be fumigated, and it might be solved by using that vinyl mattress cover I have (which I haven't used yet).

In light of this I'm starting to miss my mattress at home that's designed to repel dust mites and stuff like this.
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We just succeeded in successfully hooking up our dorm room cable to both my TV and roommate B's, through switching out several cords, creative use of paperclips, and having a tall person on hand. It is now possible to watch the cable from mine or hers (though not both on different stations, since there's only one cable box). The hookup involved a lot of descriptions like "hook up the thing to the other thing" and crawling under things to reach plugs. Overall a very interesting experience.

We also moved some stuff around and freed up some space, since for some reason they won't let us take the extra furniture out. I guess on paper this is a quad but in practice is a triple, so we have four sets of furniture with one for a nonexistent person. We've been trying to get it moved out, but apparently we have to keep it in here. It's a pain, but we've figured out a decent way to deal with the extra stuff.

Incidentally, since the cable from the box to B's TV is on the ceiling (hence the paper clips) I'm tempted to do something like get a bunch of peppers to hang on them, just to be silly. As roommate E said when I suggested that "as long as it doesn't catch on fire."
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So it looks like one roommate is fully moved in now, and the other will come in sometime tomorrow. The second one's stuff is actually here, but she's not physically moving in until tomorrow.

As I was helping her move in I was also doing some plant surgery, since the coleus that I brought from home hasn't been doing well and has been dropping despite giving it sunlight and water. I realized that the things roots were just too tight for the pot and were choking it, so made cuttings of several pieces and put it in water to make news plants ala plants' cool way of asexual reproduction (this technique was taught to me by my dad).

I had taken a few pieces and put them in water earlier this week after I accidentally knocked off a piece of the plant, and they're luckily starting to put down roots, so in a few weeks I should have new coleus plants to put in soil, and maybe give to my friends if they want any plants for their rooms. Maybe I can give them as a holiday gift if they catch on.

Meanwhile, I'm getting tired, and if they idiots next door do not turn down their bass by the time I want to go to bed I'm going over there with roommate E, since they now have 2 (soon to be 3) people who won't put up with this. I'll give them until 11:30 before I start to get mad.
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... In the form of the first of the two new roommates, B, arriving with her stuff. She won't actually move in until Sunday, as she's going back home for the weekend, but she and her mom just came in to drop her stuff off from the Holiday Inn.

B seems pretty nice, and she's apparently a rock fan since she has music decals she's going to put on the walls and was wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt. She and her mom left a few minutes ago after I showed them around the floor. Not too many people are here right now since many of them are out and/or went home for the weekend, but B seems to like it.

The other new one, E, came in this morning to check out the room, but I happened to be asleep at the time and wasn't exactly coherent. It looks like we'll be moving some stuff around like E's bed and one of the closets, but that should be easy enough to do. We are luckily getting a microwave, which we'll probably put on the fridge, and I also need to redo the answering machine message at some point, probably once all three of us are in here.

A fresh start. Feels nice, and I'm optimistic.
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Overall I don't have much to complain about when it comes to my dorm neighbors, but the guys next to me have an unfortunate tendency to decide to turn up their bass at the worst moments. Like, at 12 at night when I'm trying to sleep, or a few minutes ago when I'd laid down because of a headache, had been dozing nightly with Pandora Radio on in the background, and suddenly:


Why hello, headache, I thought I'd gotten rid of you.

I realize there's no way that they could have known I was lying down in here trying to relax, but still. They just turned it down, but their timing is often spectacularly bad over there.

In other news, I will be getting two new roommates here sometime over the weekend. The housing people seem to agree that despite being a quad, this room can only really comfortably fit three. It would be nice if they moved the extra furniture out, but there's apparently a rule about that.
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Alright, when we my three new roommates come out the woodwork (whenever that is) we are not going to have popcorn in here again unless the person who makes it brings in a vacuum and cleans it up themselves, because picking pieces of crushed days old popcorn off the floor =/= fun.

And now I'm the only one left to do it, since K moved out with her stuff today. I'm sort of glad to see her gone, but I'm also feeling a bit lonely in here. Odd, isn't it? I'm an only child my whole life and yet the first night my roommates are both gone I miss them. Huh. Oh well, K gets to go to the Holiday Inn (the thing with Eve's roommate apparently fell apart, though I had nothing to do with that) and now she gets the housekeeping done for her, and God knows she never did it herself, plus it means other people get housing now who were wait-listed.

I just wish they'd tell me who these new people are and when they'll arrive so I can help out. I hope it's soon, since it seems like it's too big in here with just my stuff and that it's a waste of space. We could comfortably fit three here before, and I imagine four can fit with a little negotiation and someone on the top bunk.

Incidentally, it's also odd to realize how big this place is. I'd guess that it's about double the square footage of my room at home, though I think the layout is better for my Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is one reason I'd like to stay here. Plus my plants like it. :)
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Apparently this whole "Eve" mess is because roommate K and Eve's roommate want to move in together. They deny writing the notes (which I've compared and they have nearly the exact same wording) but that aside they are basically manipulating the two of us (including one trying to bribe me) into moving in together when both of us have made clear that this is not something we are comfortable with. And further more, remember how I mentioned I hate being manipulated? They broke the rule, and now anything they say will be taken with a giant heap of salt.

Eve and I talked and came to the same conclusion, mainly that we think this stinks, so we are dragging at least one RA into this, and I'm keeping the evidence of the notes from "us", and have scanned them into my computer just in case I lose the originals.

Protip: Never try this shit on a Criminal Justice major. I can and will see through this. I also have a gut instinct that I trust, and unfortunately it once again turned out to be right about this whole mess.
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I think I solved the mystery of the note and the mysterious "Eve", and managed to confirm my instincts that. It wasn't the girl named Eve who wrote it, it was the roommate of the girl named Eve is who is trying to get her to stop playing WOW and meet people in the outside world.

That explains it. My main clue was when this other girl (the roommate of Eve) asked me to come up to her room to meet her roommate Eve. Then it got weird when Eve said that I'd left her a a note, when I've never even been up to the fifth floor where she lives. The roommate's behavior was also suspicious, since when she came into my room she went right for the note and said it had been written by her roommate, so why don't we come up and meet her? and she kept pushing me to talk to Eve once we got up there when it was obvious that Eve was perfectly happy playing WOW and ignoring everyone.

I smelled a rat, and sure enough a quick glance around the room told me that the roommate's handwriting matched that of the writing in the note.

Ah-hah. So, basically I was stereotyped into being a geek (I am, but not that kind of geek) and set up with someone. I sort of appreciate the gesture and can understand why the roommate did that, I don't appreciate being lied to and being manipulated. That's a surefire way to piss me off.

So, next time I see the well-meaning roommate I will make clear that while I understand what she was trying to do and that it had good intentions, do not do that again.

One reason this made me a bit angry is that while I know that I value privacy, and though I may appear to be the person who never comes out of their room (see several posts back when I was worried about that) since then I have managed to meet several people already and know when I need human company, and in fact Jen just called me back (she's lost somewhere in Cambridge and I helped her figure out where she was). However, you can't force someone to come out of their shell, and manipulating others to make someone do that is not cool.

Mystery solved, but I'm actually not as pissed as I could be. At least there was good intent behind an otherwise stupid plan.
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So far nothing has happened today other than going down to get breakfast, but so far it's nice. I woke up around 11:30, while the other two roommates and one's boyfriend are only up within the last half hour. Said boyfriend was actually very much a gentleman while he was here, and he's welcome to come back as far as I'm concerned.

I went down to get breakfast earlier and talked to Ingo, a kid from Germany who lives down the hall. The first day we were here I helped him hook up his internet, and we've chatted occasionally since then. One thing I'm constantly amused by is the fact that most of the other girls up here are head-over-heels ga-ga over him and have trouble talking to him, since he is pretty nice looking. Not me, for obvious reasons, but it's amusing to watch the other girls walk into doors whenever he's around. And the funniest part is that he seems to have no idea that he has that effect on the heterosexual female population.

Speaking of secret admirers, that person who wrote me the note the other day never showed up. I'm slightly ticked off, but I guess that's how it is sometimes. However, if one of my floormates indicates that they set me up with a fake person like that I'll break their arm. Okay, maybe just bruise it. My point is, don't do that to me. Brings back way too many bad memories. As I was waiting I talked with a few people, two of whom were swooning over Ingo to my amusement.

In a few minutes I'm going to see if Jen down the hall is awake, since we'd talked around going up to a Target near here. Even if it's not with her I might just want to go up to the North End or Cambridge today and just look around. As they say, the world is my oyster.
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I don't want to be the person at college who never comes out of their room, but it might just be in my nature. Later on I'm going to talk to my RA (who seems really nice) and basically say "Help! I suck at this social stuff! Only child! From a small town! Gay! Too mature! Where can I find people like me?"

Really, it's astounding to me how (the girls especially) just form these packs spontaneously. I need some time to get to know people, and unfortunately the person I connected most with during orientation is in Spain for a year. *headdesk* I did meet a nice girl at the bookstore, and I think she picked up the deer-in-headlights look of mine and invited me to come with the reception thing at the Ritz tonight. Nice kid. :)

Well, I have a rough idea, which I have a feeling the RA will help me with:

Read more... )

I think in all I just take more time at this than most people, and once classes and clubs start it'll be easier, though I want to scream "WHY CAN YOU PEOPLE MAKE FRIENDS SO QUICKLY?!" from time to time. But I guess it's just a matter of finding like-minded people.
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Currently there are two other roommates, with a third "theoretical roommate" or "Schrodinger's roommate" who may or may not join us at the end of the week. It's a decent room with a nice view, and I've more or less gotten my stuff set up. It has a view of the Boston Common that I'll get in the daylight. I still need some stuff at CVS, but unfortunately the local store closed before I got there, being Sunday and all.

However, if roommate K's two friends, including a guy who's been throwing rude innuendo around and is on the phone with someone whose party got busted up by the cops, do not leave after 11 I will start to get pissed off and force them out. I just moved a very long way today and I didn't get much sleep the other day. Plus, no offense men in general, but I don't want to go to sleep with this guy here. He can and will go back to his own room before I go to bed. I have a shinai and a bokken in the closet, just to enforce my point if need be and if reason doesn't work.

I wish roommate C was here to help with leverage. Her friends are the typical sort of girl who put "like" as every other word, but they seem nice enough. I really don't want to have to break out my bitchy side, but it may become necessary to crack some skulls if my needs are not being respected.

Ah yes, living with other people, the good and the bad. And the guy just left of his own volition, so that fear is alleviated. Good. I was hoping I wouldn't have to open a can of Whoop Ass for at least the first day. I may need to set down some ground rules, so the next post may be a draft of that just to get it in one place.
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I'd estimate we're about 80% as far as the packing goes. Through a few alterations in packing materials (what was originally in a second box is now in a duffel bag that can go into the rooftop storage container on the Prius) we have actually more than enough space for everything.

We also solved the TV problem, since I'd looked at retail price TVs and cringed. $230? I don't think so. But luckily it turns out that my dad was willing to switch his for the older one I wasn't sure about, and since I won't be here he probably won't need that TV much since he won't be competing with me. I'm also taking my PS2 with me so we can have both DVDs and games, though I have a feeling I'll be the only one playing, though you never know with three wild card roommates.

Our minister Alison also very nicely let us have a peek at the art she's going to be giving away (with a donation) from her old art gallery. I found a colorful fish poster and several things that I can use later on, maybe when I have my own apartment. She had some absolutely lovely stuff there, including of two pictures by the same artist titled "Solar Cat" (an awake cat sitting with a sun) and "Lunar Cat" (a sleeping cat with a moon) and I just had to take those. Maybe I'll get them framed at some point and hang them as a set. Alison also gave me a big poofy pillow for "stress relief" and a book called "Bird By Bird" about writing.

Hard to believe I'll be in Boston this time tomorrow. Eek. This is bound to be a terrifying yet exciting experience any way it goes.
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How many ways can you fit a sheet set, mattress pad, blanket and a towel set into one underbed container?

One, as I found out on the third try. They fit, but the container... bulges a bit. I might bungee cord it later just to make sure it stays. It really did feel like playing Tetris, and the theme from the game started playing in my head as I was doing that. XD

We're moving on (hah hah) in terms of getting stuff together for Sunday. I've also decided that if someone in the room is buying a TV, it's not going to be me. I checked out the retail prices on them and the cheapest one I found was $230. Eep. If someone else wants to buy one that's fine with me, but I'm not shelling out that much. I suggested to the other roommates that we wait to see what the situation is, and if we really need one perhaps my parents can send us a really old one we have here.

It also turns out that on Greater Boston (a local news show) they found a kid from UMASS at the DNC. That's interesting, though she still says "Amherst" with the H audible, while locals don't say the H. Today as I was looking around at TVs I stopped at a place called Manny's to see what they had, and though the prices made me wince the guy there called Old George was nice, and we ended up talking about the DNC and the stuff revolving around that. It was a bit odd, but he was a nice guy and he seemed smart.

One thing I have noticed about Joe Biden is that he (and his son) occasionally mangle turns of phrase a bit. His son said something about how "families can be sure that their best days are behind them -- ahead of them" and Joe himself said "this won't change if we elect George. I mean John McCain" making me think that it may be genetic. Seems like a nice guy, but he said a few things that made me do a double-take and go "Huh?" It's sort of funny, though.
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Yeah, it's ragweed season. I keep sneezing, my eyes hurt, and I'm stuffed up. Mom kindly got me some Zyrtec the other day to see if that helps, but it hasn't kicked in yet.

Meanwhile, only a week until I move in. Ahhh! It's a slightly overwhelming feeling to know that, and also to have to catch myself thinking about stuff I'll do after Sunday around here, only to correct myself that I won't be here to do it. Eek.

I have managed to contact 2 of the 3 roommates, but the one from India is still MIA. I'm wondering if the email I sent her disappeared into the "black hole" that my Russian teacher used to refer to when it came to overseas emails vanishing.

And speaking of my Russian teacher, later today she's having a retirement party that I'm going to go to. I haven't seen her for a while, and though she honestly still intimidates me slightly seeing her off is the right thing to do.

Eek! Only a week! *didn't mean to rhyme*


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